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  1. Hi, I am a new member and this is my first post. There is something that is bugging me for few days. I am studying in London Middlesex University, and free parking is very limited. There are only 3 short streets half a mile away from the university, which are unmarked. As the parking space is limited, sometimes many park outside the pavement, on the grass and the platform I marked in the street view outputs below. 2 days ago when i was looking for a parking, I saw a guy with an unmarked vehicle writing ticket to all the vehicles in the platform and the grass. But ignored the vehicle parked on the pavement. Also I saw a no parking sign on the wall,which was not there before. I can understand that the platform can be a private land (which I doubt), but can a company issue a private ticket to vehicles parked on the grass. Isn't the grass a council land? Would you be able to advice me whether it is unlawful or not, as every day tens of students are getting ticket at this area. I have uploaded and marked the points in question. As i am a new member, I cannot upload links, but you can see the exact location on Google map by copying and pasting the following coordinates: 51°35'07.3N 0°13'21.0"W Thanks for your time spend. Kind Regards
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