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Found 12 results

  1. Hi can some people give me advice please I’m really scared today I went into primark and tag changed a pair of boots and my daughter out 2 things in the pram now as I walked out security stopped me and took me to a room where the manager came in he didn’t show me I’d, no cameras in the room, no recordings were taken, no copies of the incident report, no police was involved they took my provisional license and photocopied it and said that I would receive a fine I’m a single mum of 2 and worried I won’t be able to afford the fine what can I do???
  2. Apparently they can a bit of bad news for all that are claiming benefits especially those who are sick or disabled because Esther Mc vey is now Secretary of State for Work and Pensions – Rt Hon Esther McVey MP How is this even possible after what she and IDS did? for those who aren't familiar with the history, just some of the vile things http://blacktrianglecampaign.org/2018/01/11/backlash-over-terrible-insult-of-mcveys-dwp-appointment/
  3. Just popped in as i am wondering a few things. I got up this morning about 4 am i had had a lie in today.Seem to be getting up earlier and earlier. After letting the cat out and my two dogs had a look around the house. I have a small business,just getting by like many. Collecting Driftwood for the last 4 years and have a good pile of it. But i look at a piece and say,yes that is clearly a Shark,another oh yes that is a shelf,a bird,and it goes on and on. Now i have reverted to hiding my good pieces under the bed in rooms all over the place. And this has gone on for a while now.Trouble is when everything you pick up seems to have a use. I reckon one day i will move something and a chain reaction will happen and wood will appear from everywhere. Now do not get me wrong i have a tidy house,people say it is cosy. Driftwood Snakes,Trees,Birds always half finished are everywhere. Along with that i collect plants. Naturally they have their own room,like a rain forest in there. So i am just wondering if other people have strange collections in their houses. Another strange thing happening is i talk to a few people for ten minutes or so about certain things. I held court outside my house for ten minutes the other day rather loudly after about 6 workers shredding a dead tree asked me what Fracking was. Took great pleasure getting my wooden box out standing on it and going for it. But they slowly shrank away after the usual 10 minutes. Maybe they had to go to another job:lol: Wife and i were out walking to the local shops maybe 2 miles away and i was chatting away and after ten minutes or so asked a question about what i had been saying and she did not know. This resulted in a investigation and she said i often turn off and let you go on. So i have come to the conclusion that i am a hoarder and a right old boring grumpy old xxxx. Do you collect strange things and bore the pants off people. Is anyone there or are you asleep,it has been ten minutes now. The usual effect.
  4. Hi everyone, please be patient with me as i am new on this site. My partner divorced his ex wife a couple of years ago and it cost him over £1000 but at the time did not have more money to be able to resolve the financial side of things ie selling the property and a clean break order, so we spoke to a solicitor a couple weeks ago and she said that it can cost him between 3 and 5 thousand pounds to go back to court to sort out the financial side of things. we can't afford this kind of money as we dont have any savings etc, so we are going to attempt to do this ourselfs, the story is as follows and thankyou in advance for any help offered on here as we dont have a clue on what we are doing:-D... As mentioned he divorced her, she lived in the mortgage free property as they paid the mortgage off before he left her due to her drinking, her abusive and unresonable behaviour 8+years ago, he also did alterations and extension to the property before he left, they have a son together that also lived in the property with his ex wife up until over a year ago when she kicked out her 17yr old son and tried to get him done through the police for actual or grivious bodily harm, the police took the minor to court and she was basically laughed out of court by everyone as her allegations were unfounded and it turned out that she had smacked him and he tried moving her of him when she struck him but because she was severely drunk she fell and hurt herself, the child then went to live with my partner at the grandparents house, she has been harrassing with callls and messages for a number of months now wich has been reported to the police in the past and she got a telling off from them but she keeps doing it, anyway we just want her completely out of our lives now and my partner wants to sell the property that she is in still so that he can secure a home for himself and his son who is now 18yrs old . I went to the courts today and they gave me a CPR Part 8 claim for to fill in. My questions are: 1. Is this the correct form? 2. Are there any templates that i could follow to fill it in as there is not much space where it says details of claim. 3. The deeds of the property shows them as joint tenants and he is entitled to half of the house in theory, so how quickly and likely is it that he will get a house sale order? 4. We know that if the judge agrees to him having the property sold so he can receive his share we know that she will try to put prospective buyers off, so can something be added by the judge stipulating that she is not allowed to put prospective buyers off and can he be there when people go to view the property?. 5. Can we send a estate agent round to value the house as we dont have a clue how much its worth so we can add this to the claim. 6. We were also told that after this he has to apply for a clean break order so that she wont be entitled to any of his finances, pensions etc, any ideas on how we go about doing this? Any advice will be very welcomed as we cant carry on with this situation any longer she is making our lives a misery, we have even offered her mediation so that they can come to some form of agreement to sell the house but she point blank refused as in her eyes its her house and he is not entitled to any share of it!!!
  5. This is good, I never knew much about it. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-26527266
  6. Sometimes things go wrong with enforcement and it pays to complain to your LA see the attachment regarding how thing can go if the EA doesn't follow the correct procedure... Complaining to the LA and NOT by going to Court could change peoples views on how to complain about an EA... Any thoughts? Has anyone read this report from the LGO? John Kruse was quoted in this complaint.... 'Council Tax Mr D complains on behalf of Mr B and Mr C about the actions of a bailiff employed by Rossendales (a company of enforcement agents) instructed by the Council to collect council tax arrears owed by Mr B. In December 2013 the bailiff visited Mr B while he was staying with Mr C and threatened to remove and sell goods owned by Mr C to clear the debt. Mr C paid Mr B’s debt, but Mr D says this was only under duress'. Information gathered from here >> http://www.lgo.org.uk/downloads/CO%20Benefits%20and%20tax/2015-2016/2193-13-019-267-Bury-MBC-22-July-2015.pdf
  7. A/ Why are hover boards sold if you can't use them on the pavement or road. B/ why do people text while crossing the road. C/ Why do some young people wear there trousers half way down. D/ Why do some people shout at someone if they are next to them. Any ideas of the above would be welcome and perhaps some of your own..
  8. Several weeks into the post-ESA struggle for existence and I received the oddest phone call today from my "benefits advisor". Essentially it amounted to her pleading with me not to close my ESA claim. It was so mind-boggling, given the current climate of attack on the benefits system, that I have to set it out here in some detail. The advisor was responding to my letter declining the appointment made between me and her by the powers that be. Essentially I'd said - if they've stopped my ESA to what end would I be attending the appointment. I assumed that the people who stopped my benefit forgot to tell those making the appointments about the stopping. We are all accustomed to government departments which lack joined up thinking or performance. The woman says she's received my letter but please, why don't I apply for income based ESA. I tell her that (a) I can't face going through the whole assessment procedure again because of the stress and negative impact on my health and (b) when my husband was forced into early retirement he got his lump sum which is just enough to put me out of the running for benefit At which point she plays another card. They'll still be paying my NI benefits so I can't get away with not attending the appointments. I then say fine, stop them. Surely you can't expect me to drag myself an hour's journey each way for the sake of a meagre NI payment? It knocks me back for a whole day. The same woman who gave me such uphill the few times I saw her then proceeds to plead with me to let her keep my claim open, register that she spoke to me so I don't have to keep the appointment, and thus buy myself time to rethink the issue. What's going on here? I don't for one minute imagine that she's concerned for my welfare. Or at least not beyond not wanting me to be another addition to the scandalous statistics of the despairing poor, ill and infirm who have died as a consequence of the attacks on the social health and welfare systems. I reckon she's merely acting on instructions to go through the motions of seeing that people who come off benefits are given "assistance" and "advice". Meantime, we all know that people like me, the walking wounded, are the targets whom Ossie Ostrich has in his budgetary sights. Someone in my situation would be declined for ESA were I to apply afresh today. An asthmatic epileptic with a history of biomechanical and mental health problems is considered perfectly fit for work. (Cross the floor of the job centre to the desks dealing with JSA and they would deny this but there you go...............) Then there's that pesky £16 000 my husband received after 30 years of public service. It makes us "wealthy retirees" - we can eke this out over the next few years. If we're careful and only use it to build his monthly pension to two thirds of the official poverty line, it will last three years or four years. By the time we run out of all our resources and have absolutely nothing, not even our ability to work, to depend on, state assistance of any kind will have disappeared. So why's this woman calling me? What's she after? .
  9. Has anyone else noticed the MOJ link to the 'new' National Standards cannot be found on the MOJ site anymore: http://aka.justice.gov.uk/downloads/courts/enforcement-officers/taking-control-of-goods-national-standards.pdf They can be found here (third link down): https://www.gov.uk/search?q=bailiffs Is there a reason for this, or is it just a technical blip?
  10. Good evening all. Ive not been on the forums for some time now due to a lot of personal reasons. I was however wondering if much has changed. When I was last on I had great help from a few people on here regarding agreements being enforceable. If I remember correctly there were certain criteria which had to be met to make an agreement enforceable and I had a battle on my hands with Halifax who, in response to a SAR, had sent me not an agreement but instead a copy of an applicationform which had been signed by me but not the Halifax. I had written to them to say the debt was in dispute and in the last couple of years the debt has been passed to 3 different debt agencies and each time I have written to say the debt is in dispute and it has on each occasion been passed back to the Halifax. A month ago I got a letter from yet another collector and I replied with the same response ( I also pointed out that the Halifax had no right to pass on a debt that is in dispute - Is this still correct?) Today I got a letter from them which states that the Halifax have 'no record of there being a dispute' and they have also sent another copy of the same application form. So now I need to respond, but need to be sure of my facts- Am I still correct about the terms and conditions in an agreement, has anything changed? I also wondered about the 6 year 'statute barred' rule. Does this still exist? I havnt had direct contact nor made a payment to the Halifax in 5 years 8 months since I first sent the dispute letter. Does the fact that I have had to respond to other companies regarding the debt negate this? I would appreciate any help on this please. Thank you
  11. In the middle of clearing out paperwork, just found some old catalogue invoices with "peace of mind insurance" listed on them, sounds like unwanted PPI to me. I feel a claim coming on!
  12. Hello Everyone After looking through the site for a long time and learning a lot I really wan to try and sort things out but get confused about the best action to take and which things i need to do and how so any help would be greatly appreciated, my credit file is a complete mess and i just want to get everything clear so i can try and get everything back in order. My file currently looks like this Candid Collections (Simply Be) Defaulted Current Balance £232 Credit Limit £125 Natwest Satisfactory Current Balance £496 Credit Limit £1000 Lowell Portfollio Ltd Defaulted Current Balance £578 Default Balance £446 Lowell Portfollio Ltd Defaulted Current Balance £497 Default Balance £318 Wonga Defaulted Current Balance £1071 Default Balance £1061 Origional Debt £436 JD Williams Defaulted Current Balance £200 Default Balance £215 Credit Limit £120 These are all the active accounts all others on the file are satisfied or settled. Oh and searches far to many to even worry about anymore:| Any help would be greatly appreciated even just talking about it on here takes such a weight off my mind Thanks alot
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