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  1. Well, Ive just tried to get my credit report from the link but after entering all my details and card details it gives me a message saying there is not enough information to compile a credit report for me. God, there must be loads of info somewhere!
  2. That's not good. But did she leave the biscuits?
  3. Thank you for the reply, to answer your questions- I did get a default notice years ago. I haven't claimed any PPI or default charges as I thought that if I did that I was acknowledging the debt. The application form they have sent me does not appear to have all the prescribed terms and conditions. It was a credit card. I don't have all the paperwork with me now to look at but, in the latest letter from them it doesn't say if they are collecting on behalf of Halifax or if they have bought the debt. One thing I don't understand- The 6 year statute barred replies on you not ack
  4. Good evening all. Ive not been on the forums for some time now due to a lot of personal reasons. I was however wondering if much has changed. When I was last on I had great help from a few people on here regarding agreements being enforceable. If I remember correctly there were certain criteria which had to be met to make an agreement enforceable and I had a battle on my hands with Halifax who, in response to a SAR, had sent me not an agreement but instead a copy of an applicationform which had been signed by me but not the Halifax. I had written to them to say the debt was i
  5. Yes there is further action pending, however, as I tried to explain in my opening post this payment is from a union personal insurance scheme and is nothing to do with the pending court case. Thats why I was worried about the wording in case they try to use the fact that my wife has had this insurance payment (which she would have been entitled to, court case or no court case) to wriggle out of the liability/damages scenario.
  6. Good afternoon, thanks for reading. My wife has been retired on ill health ground from her employment and also has a case pending because she had an accident at work. Under the terms of a union insurance sheme she is going to recieve a payment because she is now registered diabled. She has recieved a letter stating that the payment has been authorised but I feel a bit wary of the wording. It states that 'The (Company name) authorise that sum of ===== is payable in full and final settlement to Mrs -------- through the personal accident scheme in relation to the accident dated
  7. If someone changes from weekly to monthly pay is there any help available as there will be nearly 5 weeks with no income, or is it a case of grin and bear it. He has asked at work if they can do an interim pay half way through the month but has been told its not possible.
  8. Bumping to update. My partner has now had an unsucessful operation and has since been told that his condition may be permanent. He is claiming Industrial Injuries Benefit and Employment Support Allowance and has it in writing that he is now considered 20% disabled. He hasa also been toild that due to the type of injury it is extremly unlikely that he wil ever be able to return to work. (Although he refuses to think like that). However we are no further forward with the solicitor. She still dosnt seem to think he has a case as neither the council or his ex employer will admit liabilit
  9. What they have written is---- We do not accept this is harrassment. We have provided time for you to contact the creditor and advise us of thier decision. Please be advised, W-----t is not the creditor and we do not hold the relevant document you require. You must therefore contact our client under s.78 of the C.C.Act 1974 for this information. (I have already told them that I have already done this and what they have provided is an unsigned application form and seperate terms and conditions and that it is not a compliant cca.) We have not ignored your dispute, however until you con
  10. Hi 42 man Been a while since Ive had to deal with this stuff but here we go again. They are collecting on behalf of.
  11. I have a debt that has been is dispute for the last 3 years because there is no valid CCA. It as been passed to 3 different debt collectors who have all in turn passed it back when I have written to tell them it is in dispute. Now I have W--cot on my back. I have written to them 3 times telling them thta the account is in dispute and also sent them the standard 'harassment' letters from the library on here. I have also told them I have contacted the FOS etc. Now they have written again to say that they have contacted the lender who says that the paperwork they sent is compliant (it i
  12. Update time. Got in touch with the court and was told they couldnt give me any legal advice and to consult a solicitor which I have since done. It seems that they CAN pass the debt to Fredericksons, they cannot sell it but they can pass it to them to deal with. They can als add interest if they so wish as long as the orig agreement says they can carry on adding interest if you default if it is stated on the court judgement or not. I also spoke to National dbtline who told me that a lot of people fall into the trap of thinking that once the CCJ is given that is the final sum owed.
  13. Thank you again. The charging order is not a concern as we are in rented property. One last thing regarding my second question in the last post. The charges I speak of have been added by Fredericksons since it was passed to them. They are in addition to the debt and solicitors charges which were on the CCJ so if I understand you correctly--- The Nationwide cannot legally pass the debt, it has to be dealt with by themselves or the orig solicitor acting for them. Fredericksons were quite specific that they had not bought the debt but were acting on behalf of the N/wide. Therefore
  14. Thank you harrassed senior. Its getting really silly, Shoosmiths deny recieving any payments since Nov, our bank shows they went out for 3 following months, its a joke. We will apply to the court to get the payments sorted out. I have some questions I would like speceifc answers to if anyone can please. 1. Can they legally pass the debt once a CCJ has been given? 2.What are thier rights as far as adding nearly 3000 to the debt, surely if the CCJ was based on owing 13,000 then that should be what we still owe? 3. Fredericks say they have not 'bought the debt but are 'actin
  15. Thank you for the replies. Sorry I havnt got back before now and I do have an update. Originally we had a letter from the court saying that there was 'summary judgement for the claimant as the defendant does not have a defence with real prospect of sucess'. There was no payment plan set in place. We then got a letter from Shoosmiths who were acting for them and set up a payment plan by direct debit. 2 weeks ago they we got the letter from |Fredericksons saying they were acting on behalf of N/wide and we must now pay them. We clarified this with Shoosmiths who told u
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