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  1. I actually requested the report which arrived Wednesday so will keep for future reference.
  2. Well decision arrived today. Enhanced for both until Feb 19. Over the moon. Thank you for all the help received.
  3. I think it went fine. Lady who conducted assessment was nice and pointed us in the right direction to get some extra support. ATOS conducted the assessment but I've no idea who'll be doing the ESA. Going to give it a few days before tackling those forms.
  4. Well it's over with. Just a waiting game now. Managed to record. Now to get started on the ESA forms.
  5. Thank you for all the advice. So far from his assessments things have been fine so hoping this one is no different. Just as I'm managing to stop him stressing about this PIP assessment a good old ESA questionnaire has arrived in the post.
  6. They recorded his ESA assessment and his last PIP assessment was done at home but I have to take him to the one tomorrow at a gym not to far from us.
  7. Hi My husband has another PIP assessment tomorrow the last one being 15 months ago but I've been told I must provide my own recording equipment and leave a copy with them. I must also have the permission of the person doing the assessment and ATOS themselves. I've googled about recording without permission which it says isn't illegal but it can only be used for personal reference and not shared with a 3rd party. Can anyone offer any advice.
  8. Hi Hubby had PIP assessment in Nov 2014. Awarded in Feb 2015 with renewal Dec 2016. Received renewal forms Dec 2015 and sent back. Text received 13th Jan to confirm receipt and now received a letter for another assessment next week. I've asked about recording but have been told I must provide my own recording equipment and must has permission from ATOS and the person doing the assessment. Does all this sound correct. The last assessment the lady came to our home but they have said he doesn't qualify this time due to recent changes.
  9. Hi Can someone point me in the right direction. We live in County Durham with our 3 daughters aged 16, 13 and 11. Can someone tell me what happens if my eldest who is currently at college goes on to university. Although it's over a year away I was wondering what happens if she goes off to uni but comes home during the holiday holidays. Am I allowed to still keep her bedroom and still receive housing benefit for a 3 bed house. I have tried on the Durham council website but it mentions nothing of keeping a room for s student to come home to. Many thanks
  10. Just a quick question. Sent PIP forms back in June 2014 for transfer from DLA. Husband had assessment in Nov 2014. He was awarded higher rate in care and mobility in Feb 2015 and was awarded it until Dec 2016 but today he has received forms saying we are looking again at your PIP. Is it normal to receive them this early. Many thanks
  11. Hi I've already sent and received the information as part of the SAR which is how I found out about the 1 valuation. I just wanted to know if 1 valuation was sufficient
  12. The sale has already gone through. We received letter for shortfall. Sent SAR which they've eventually responded to but they only got 1 valuation of the house. The house 6 doors down from us was sold for 92,500 in 2013. It was a 3 bed. Ours was a 3 bed plus attic and was sold for £60,000 in March 2015. I'll admit ours needed some work but not that much.
  13. Hi I recently allowed our home to be repossessed. The mortgage company got a valuation done before marketing the house but I was wondering is how many should the lender get. Many thanks
  14. Hi Well yesterday the rest of the SAR arrived. It includes 1 valuation report and the estate agent it was listed with who I turn listed it on Right Move and a company called chain free. Also it states 5 viewings took place even though an activity log they have included only lists 3 viewings. The house was put up for sale for £85,000 in Sept 14 and an offer accepted of £60,000 in Feb 15. Also the valuation report lists what they call 6 comparable properties in the area but these are only 2/3 bedrooms where my home was 3 bedrooms plus attic room. So can I ask have t
  15. Hi Could someone please advise me what to do next. 40 days has passed since sending the SAR but they have failed to send all the information requested. I have only received information I already have myself but they have sent nothing regarding the valuing, marketing or sale of the property. Thanks
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