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  1. I called the court the following day and I was all prepared to have the decision set aside if it didnt go my way. But the court receptionist told me they were about 30days behind with getting the files sent back up and to give it a couple of weeks and they would let me know the outcome. Went back to my house 3 weeks later (im practically living with my partner at hers and only use my house for receiving my mail), and this was sat on the mat waiting for me
  2. Well i evened it up abit and didnt turn up myself either..............Judge must of been in a good mood i guess
  3. yuDo I add this part to my statement before print? I do not remember entirely what happened, however i remember the service being atrocious, customer services were rude and I told them I wanted to cancel early after clearing all outstanding balances owed. I believe this was within the 3 or 4 weeks of opening my account or there abouts. Its hard to remember as it was 4yrs ago now and alots happened to me in that time. I then went and got sky broadband who I am still with to this day. Thank you once again Andy Oh and my Local county court is Cambridge or Huntingdon,
  4. Thank you Andy...........Im guessing its Peterborough court I send it too? I may of had a Notice of Alocation but ive not seen one. This isnt to say it isnt sat at my house.............. I have a pile of unopened bills/mail about a foot tall from this year alone and only open things that look super official/important. I was checking MCOL twice a week and as that hadnt updated i never sifted through the unopened bills/mail Should I add the bit about why im in the situation to my statement before printing and sending it off? Thank you once again, im just about to go and
  5. Well its finally happened, im in Court on Monday morning. I have been unwell for the past 2 weeks and staying at my partners house and returned to my property this evening and I have a pack from Moriarty Law with what i believe is everything they're relying on as it states that there representation will not be in attendance on the day. Do I have to attend or can I also submit all of my evidence by mail and let the judge make a decision? My illness is bi-polar disorder and I am currently in a 'manic' state which makes dealing with normal everyday life hard en
  6. nope ive had nothing in the post from anyone (court related) and as I typed above is exactly as it stands with MCOL this evening im awaiting for the request for my WS i presume?
  7. Just to update this thread MCOL 'Claim History' DQ was filed by claimant on the 30/11/2017 I filed my DQ on the 12/12/2017 My claim has been transferred to Peterborouigh on the 15/1/2018 Havnt heard anything since from anyone Will update again when there is some movement on the case RM
  8. Yes, I had seen thats my next step to take, thank you for clarifying for me though I will keep you updated when anything significant happens
  9. Hey DX, yes there has been some change. Filed my defence on 23/10/17 Letter from the courts stating my defence has been received and will be forwarded to the claimant dated 23/10/17 (giving them 28 days to respond) Letter from Moriarty dated 10/11/17 stating there client is proceeding with the claim (i see this is protocol for them) Letter from Moriarty dated 17/11/17 stating the contents of my defence have been duly noted, telling me to find enclosed the relevant documents pertaining to this case, they are happy to settle out of court payment arrangement or via small
  10. Just read through your post and Im sorry they ended up getting their own way and you didnt feel you could see it all the way to the end : ( I too have been diganosed with mental health issues and know where you are coming from with the pressure and strains of tackling something like this. I also have an ongoing battle with a different set of fleecers and am at the stage of waiting for the N180 to come through the door if it ever arrives. The money isnt much if your welbeing is at stake, I hope it ends up worth it for you and you can begin to try and move on with your life RM
  11. Thank you for your help last night DX, defence fiiled before bed (5am in the end) and CPR 31.14 sent today via recorded delivery. It was certainly a frantic 2hrs of reading and trying to take in what I was reading after realising id left it too late I will make sure to update this as and when I get any news
  12. Oh God, im ever so sorry...... I have 'issues' and dont deal with things and bury my head until its usually toolate What about the dates in section 2? Should I leave them as is when filing on MCOL despite the CPR being sent off tomorrow? 2.The claim is denied. I am unaware of what debt the claimant refers to.I have requested information pertaining to the claimants claim by way of a CPR 31.14 request sent on 06.10.2017 and wich the claimant received it on the 09.10.201 Defence has been sent with dates ommitted, I didnt want to have to prove that in court at a
  13. Name of the Claimant ? JC International Acquisition LLC Date of issue 20/09/2017 The particulars of claim state: 1,the claimants claim is for the balance due under an agreement with talk talk limited dated 26/02/2013 which was assigned to the claimant on 31/03/2015 and notice of which was given to the defendant on the 31/03/2015 and which is now all due and payable. 2. the defendant agreed to pay monthly instalments under account number ....but has failed to do so. and the claimant claims the sum of £194.33. 3. the claimant also claims interest thereon pursua
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