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  1. Hi All, Thought everything was finally sorted ! End of November Cabot wrote to say they had purchased debt from IDEM. IDEM could not provide CCA, therefore stopped payments and they stop chasing. Debt has now fallen of my credit file:smile: Searched forum not sure if I need to CCA Cabot for same debt ? Surely not ? They call 3-5 times a day. I haven't answered. How can I tell them where to go? many thanks
  2. Debt defaulted 23/10/10 so guess it will drop off credit file this October, although I'm sure these clowns will try a few more tricks yet. I have not made a payment since I closed my StepChange plan 6 months ago with the help from this forum (I am no longer a cash cow) I will keep everyone posted as to if they return and what happens.
  3. Thank you all for the quick reply. I was really thrown by this visit as just did not expect it. They haven't returned yet. I was sure I my approach was correct, but needed to check. This forum has help me get my finances and life (stress) back into shape. I feel in complete control and thought all this stuff was behind me. Thanks agains If they persist who can I report them to?
  4. Hi all, Really require urgent response in case they come back. Quick background: CCA requested all debtors sorted all debts apart from one with IDEM. They could not provide CCA, continued to chase debt £1400 and have sent loads of letters, which I have ignored with guidance from this site. Last week received a letter from Fidelity stating they have been instructed to collect debt on behalf of IDEM. If I didn't response, they may visit home. Thought this was their latest scare mongering statics, couldn't believe it today when someone actually turned up! I understand my rights and theirs (they haven't got any) Fortunately at time of home visit I was out and my husband dealt with them (said nothing). - My question is what shall I say or do if they appear again ? Do i have to engage them ? say nothing ? can they keep returning ? can I report them ?
  5. Hi all, Following advise from these forums I have now cleared the majority of my debts. I am now looking to remortgage sometime this year and would like help/guidance in this area. I currently have 1 CCJ outstanding on my credit report for £7000 dated 2012, from what I've read I am unsure if I would benefit: - From paying off to get marked as satisfied ? - Attempting a full & final offer, I understand this would be marked partially satisfied if accepted? - Leaving as 5 years old? I would have to borrow £7K from a family member to clear. If paid would I still have to wait until I apply ?? Many thanks
  6. Hi all, Well after following all the great advise on this forum CCA letters to creditors etc. I am now in the position where I would like to cancelling my DMP with StepChange, going alone ( only 2 creditor have relevant paperwork ). Ive had a look, but I can't find any template for termination of DMP any help would be great as I'm no letter writer. Do I just request termination or do I have to give reasons etc. Many thanks Helen
  7. Card was taken out in 2004 Debt shows on credit file twice under both MBNA & IMDEM looks like I have 2 defaults for same card, but entries have the same details, not sure if this is correct /normal practice? I Believe debt was sold on in 2012, can't find letter at mo but sure there was another DCA before IDEM
  8. Sorry typo IDEM defaulted in 2010. They are marking my credit file late, are they able to do this ? Yep I followed advise from this forum and managed to give all DCAs the finger Truly very happy, wish I had sorted myself out earlier knowledge is power and all that !
  9. -IDEM Services replied that debt is unenforceable as they are unable to provide CCA paperwork, but they refuse to release me from my financial obligations. (£2000) This debt does show my on credit file, defaulted 09/2001 Not sure what to do here, please any help info on next steps??? stop paying ? wait for it to fall off credit file? offer full & final???
  10. Quick overview of where I am at the moment regards debt. I have stopped paying my DMP with Stepchange and submitted CCA requests to all debtors, not 1 was with the original creditor, bit stuck as to what to do with IDEM CCA letters: - Capquest have written to explain they are unable to provide paperwork, they have now return my account back to HSBC (£9000) this debt does not show on my credit file. I have stopped making any payments:-) - PRA group replied that debt is unenforceable as they are unable to provide CCA paperwork (£1500) this debt does not show on my credit file.
  11. Hi Thanks for the info, just what I wanted to hear/ thought. Should I send a CCA failure follow up letter or not ? On another note, DX I really like your approach and from reading some of your others posts feel/believe I have been cash-cowed long enough !
  12. Hi all, I have been look around taking in all the information, but I could really do with some help/advise. I am currently on a DMP with step change (4-5 years). CCCS now StepChange have & were life savers, but I now feel advice contradict what I have read on theses and other forums I send off CCA request letters to some of my creditors. Long story short Capquest 1st reply stated they were waiting for HSBC, 2nd letter stated that HSBC could not provide CCA paperwork therefore the debt was unenforceable, but I was expected to continue to pay. 12+2+30 days has now pasted. I contacted StepChange as I do want my DMP payment to go towards this debt. StepChange said this was not possible and that I have to contact HSBC myself the gain clarification.. .They would not remove this debt from DMP either. the CapQuest debt is 9k outstanding already paid 4k, all other debt amount to roughly 3k. The debt is also so old if does not show on credit report. What should I do? - End DMP /stop payments to Capquest - Go it alone - Contact other creditors and pay direct (some are at f&f offer stage) Any help pointers would be great Many thanks Also forgot to ask , can I just ignore CapQuest now or is it good practice to send the failed CCA letter???
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