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  1. Just a quick update. I issued a dispute via Noddle. MyJar did not respond in time and the record was temporarily removed. I got an email yesterday from MyJar stating that they are changing the date to August 2011. Seems a fair outcome.
  2. Nothing negative since Jan 2012! Except this default.
  3. Thanks. I'll contact them both right away. Most defaults on my credit file will clear in 3 years time. I was hoping to buy a house - get on with my life - once they had disappeared. This 3/4 year late default from nowhere is very upsetting as it will stick around for 6 years. It just seems very unfair.
  4. That would be great if you could, fkofilee. I do not deny I owe them money, but a default dated 4 years after I was in breach of the agreement is annoying!
  5. Would this invalidate the default notice... The date of the notice from MYJAR is December 2014. The date of the letter of assignment of the loan from txtloan to MYJAR is Feb 2015. The default notice was issued by MYJAR prior to them owning the debt. They have separate consumer credit licenses however they are under the same ownership. Effectively however MyJAR sent me a default notice in December and I would have little idea who they are and it is prior to the notice of assignment that was issued by txtloan in Feb 2015..
  6. Thanks for your post Bazooka Boo. I do owe money (although £600 is much more than the loan agreement), and the date they gave to rectify was 14 days. They only sent the notice by email, not by post. Also they stopped claiming fees or interest back in 2011 - so it was in default back then. Why add a default dated March 2015 when the default happened in 2011.
  7. Hi, I was checking my Noddle report and noticed a default by MyJar dated March 2015. At first I was confused as I had never heard of this company. Anyway after a quick google search they were related to txt loans with who I did have a loan with back in August 2011. I checked my old email account that I no longer use and noticed that they had sent me a default notice December 2014. The amount was for over £600. The original loan was for £300. What really frustrates me is that I did have serious financial problems in 2010/2011 however they have since passed. I was
  8. I have never heard anything so outrageous. I wouldn't even waste postage on sending him a letter.
  9. As long as he doesn't use that route regularly he is probably in the clear.
  10. Hang in there! This almost sounds a bit cruel to keep having adjournments? At what point does a judge just say this has gotten ridiculous and orders the case dropped!?
  11. I would see your solicitor. This is outrageous. For a start they have trespassed as the Warrant was incorrectly issued. If the electricity contract was in the name of another company then that is between the liquidators and Eon. Did you inform Eon as soon as you moved back in that the former company is no longer at your premises? If so they had no right to disconnect.
  12. You may wish to speak to a right of light chartered surveyor. Also the Party Wall Act does not have to be applied, it is voluntary. However, the courts take a dim view if notifiable works are undertaken outside the Act and especially so if damage occurs. In this case the bit of the Party Wall Act that applies relates to excavations. If they are within 3m of the neighbours foundations and go to the same depth as their foundations or cross a 45 degree line from the bottom of the foundations. I believe courts can demand that the PW Act is complied with, and it may be worth
  13. From what I know as Landlords do not share data with the CRA they can only view public things like CCJs/Bankruptcy/Electoral records - things that are published or of a public record. I don't think they can see defaults or payment history of accounts.
  14. Are the upper parts occupied by the Landlord? Do you pay a service charge which includes building maintenance (if so have you seen the service charge accounts)? What are your responsibilities under the lease with regard to repair? What are the Landlords responsibilities under the lease with regard to repair? From what you have said it sounds like the problem is the Landlords responsibility. I would speak to your solicitor and request that they write to the Landlord requesting that they undertake repairs to parts of the building that they are responsible for. Es
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