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  1. my partner is looking to apply for a mortgage soon I've been helping him look into his credit files etc. I noticed in 2011 he has some AR markers from Vodaphone. He can't, to the best of his knowledge, remember any such arrangement. Account opened: Feb 2009 Account closed: Jan 2015 Account status: Settled/Closed Following dates marked with 'AR': 2011 - Jul, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 2012 - Jan Dates thereafter: Feb 2012 to closing of account in Jan 2015 all marked as 'OK'. We've wasted two afternoons trying to get clarification from these jokers. Firstly
  2. I've been getting inaccurate roaming data on my Vodafone bills since February. The charges are correct but the itemisation is wrong. The bill lists countries I never went to. I've complained to Vodafone and they said since bill amount is correct there is nothing they can do. They don't control the roaming itemisation (despite me roaming on a Vodafone overseas network). So I filed a complaint with the ombudsman and they agreed with Vodafone. I have been offered £60 as compensation for the inconvenience and the fact I was not informed I had the option to go to the ombudsman but, on the subs
  3. Hello everyone, I'm hoping that you can help me with a problem that my daughter now has with Vodaphone. In August 2012, she opened a new contract with Vodaphone, via their local store. This contract was then closed (in store) 2 days later as the sim card didn't work she was told by the staff, that there was an issue with that particular sim card and that they would have to close the account and open a new one with a new sim card and new phone number. She was never given a new contract paperwork with the new sim card. Her first bill arrived and it was £80.00 instead
  4. I joined Vodaphone taking a phone for myself and one for my wife. We both got the free spotify on a 24 month contract. My wife has been charged £9.99 for spotify every month since March 2015 despite this being a included free option. Basically Vodaphone shop where I got the phone investgated and advised that when the data inputter put the contract on their main system they did not tick the box for free spotify! They would arrange for a refund to be automatically made each month. The first month this worked, then it did not again. I complained around 6 months later when I notice
  5. Vodaphone sent me the wrong phone in January 2016 as an upgrade, they sent out the wrong phone so I sent it back. Unfortunately the phone got stolen in transit and this was proved with the weight recorded on the receipt that I sent to vodaphone. Everything was supposedly ok , until I noticed my bill were almost double than normal every month after this, I phoned vodaphone on May 2016 to find out why. The reason was that this upgrade they had sent had actually opened up a new account on the same name and address ect and were billing me double.
  6. My wife has had a long standing dispute with Vodaphone A few months ago during a long phone call a vodaphone rep agreed to cancel her contract and close the account with nothing further due to pay. We have now started getting letters from a DCA, claiming she owes Vodaphone just over £800. which is the remainder of the 2 year contract plus the cost of the handset involved. after talking to the DCA they claim the above call "never happened" and are now harassing her in the usual way for payment Can we force Vodafone to supply us with a copy of the recording of the phone call? m
  7. Vodafone have switched their customer service and billing platforms over to a new system which has resulted in numerous errors in customer's bills. One common problem, is that some people have seen payments being taken after they've cancelled their contracts, while others have been charged more than once for services. There's also been problems with direct debits, which have been set up incorrectly by staff, and customers being put on the wrong tariff. Credit agencies have also been wrongly told that customers have missed payments If you're a Vodafone customer, it is we
  8. Ok so this all started in January 2016 when i was looking for a new mobile phone contract, i found a great deal through mobiles.co.uk (operated by carphonewarehouse) and after a quick credit check i got accepted and ordered the phone. It was a great deal at only £29 a month. The issues arose when i tried to set up my phone to find the sim was not working i contacted vodaphone and they admitted it was a PAYG sim by mistake and to contact mobiles. After contacting mobiles i was subjected to a second credit check which i magically failed and was asked if i would be home to return the phone
  9. Hi, I've had problems with Vodaphone since starting contract with them, over 20 months, for this reason I left. But before doing this I rang them weekly thought out to try and sort the issue, but still they stay. Issues being I wasn't receiving phone calls even when the person was stood next to me and I had full signal, I wasn't receiving text even when the text was sent from upstairs whilst I was down stairs at the billing address (not the only occasion, may texts were missed). When I sent texts the recipient would receive the text over 100 times this happened on a regular basis.
  10. Had 2 letters recently from Lowell's chasing an old Vodaphone bill back from 2008-9, the default was registered on my credit file on 03/10 so coming up to be statute barred, No contact or payment has been offered/made. Lowlife have dug it up and sent me a letter a couple of weeks ago giving me 15days to reply as they see no reason why its not been paid etc... today i get another letter from then, they do seem to struggle with counting because they gave me just 14days still maybe it's a newbie? if you don't pay etc we may take further action including court
  11. Hi, I need help with vodaphone. I paid them to cancel my contract a few months early - so i basically paid for the remaining months. They said they will cancel the contract. i started a new contract for a phone which i gave to my daughter. The direct debit was high, but i didnt think much of it - because my daughter was always on the phone. 2 years later i took out another contract, still the bills were a bit high. After checking with vodaphone, they said the original contract had not been cancelled, and i have been paying for 2 contracts for nearly 4 years. I know - my fault for not cancellin
  12. In December last year my partners mother decided to she didn't want her phone any more as she didn't use it that much so her son decided to take over the number this was done over the phone her account was cancelled and paid up as she had a new phone it was all paid off and received a letter saying the account was closed, partner received letter stating that he had taken over the number Since then he has been paying £48.50 a month seeing as he never uses the internet and has used his own phone not from vodaphone he rang up to get his bill reduced since then this is where it starts
  13. #10905185 Hi Looking for some advice. I previously had an account with vodaphone which I cancelled in January. After cancelling I then stopped the direct debit. I had no correspondence until an email on the 2nd of March from ardent credit services advising of an outstanding balance owing to vodaphone, which in hindsight I appreciate was my fault due to stopping the dd too soon. the amount now owing was around £75.00 but Phillip from ardent credit advised on the 9th that I could make a payment of £60.12 as a full and final settlement to close the account which I did on th
  14. Hi everyone, i'd welcome some advice please. I joined Vodafone 8 months ago and have had no internet access ever since on my IPhone 6 despite paying for 4G. I have spoken with Vodafone customer service countless times, wasted many many hours, and been promissed lots of call backs that never happen. I have raised the issue over the phone, their web forum, twitter and through their CEOs office. Still no joy. I've been told I can have my contract ended and be given compensation, but then when I try they tell me I can't and that the best compensation they can give me is £25. I've now
  15. Hi, my sister has received a bill from vodaphone for £471. Payment is due on Xmas Eve. This is for data useage on an IPAD. She is concerned as the bill covers when the ipad was at home on wifi, not cellular. And there are irregularities with the bill. Also there was a failure on Vodafones part to text prior to Data usage going over, even though there is a commitment to do this online. I've searched online and in the vodafone forums vodafon states problems with the texting service. The Ipad is used by my 7 year old autistic nephew e
  16. Got a E1 for christmas and had no end of problems with it since. I have one it is back at vodafone shop waiting for me to collect after being repaired allegedly. l am not the only one having problems u can establish this from the vodaphone reviews. It has deleted everything on my SD card. U cant set ringtones as when it had music on it nothing was recognised but the text tone could be recognised as jessie j pricetag. All photos deleted. It has also caused no end of problems with my sim card. I have not recieved text messages regarding things from vodaphon
  17. Hi, I know there is a Vodaphone rep that frequents these forums so if they or anyone else could clarify something for me please. My friend has an iPhone on contract with Vodaphone and has requested a code to make it sim free. He was told by an advisor that they cannot issue a code as he got the phone and contract through Phones4U. As they have gone bust what is he supposed to do now, surely it doesn't matter where he got the phone from, his contract is with Vodaphone and it is currently locked to their network. Any advice please. Thanks.
  18. Hi, Looking for advice, im having a nightmare with this company . I took out my first contract phone on the 4th of October 2014 and in the second week received bills from four other mobile networks billing me for phones i havent had ? I contacted them and had them stopped but Vodaphone have not been helpful at all , is it not their fault my data was released ? my credit score must be affected surely . Im also in the process of disputing my second bill as its gone from £27.00 which actually should be £22 but they said the first i
  19. Hi All I am being chased for a defaulted vodaphone bill from 2008 that defaulted in 2009 and is obviously affecting my credit score. I only had the phone for roughly 2 months before it was lost which I reported to Vodaphone. It seems that due to carelessness details of my account are no longer available or details are not appearing on my account. I am being chased for £464 which I would like to be written off and the default removed from my account. I have read some of the threads on here and have sent an email to Vodaphone with the subject line as suggested so hope
  20. Hi everyone I would like your views on this as I am not sure where I stand so here goes, I had a phone contract with Vodafone and I was coming to the end of my contract I received a letter of which I will add to this post and it states outstanding balance £90.66 and potential termination fee £13.20 and I quote from the letter "We need to make you aware that if you do not pay the outstanding balance within 7 days, we will end your agreement and no longer provide the services to you. You would still need to pay the line rental the line rental for the minimum period-the potentia
  21. hi all, my wife and daughter both have vodaphone contracts. daughter has about 10mths left, wife about 15mth. they have had nothing but trouble with signal and a numerous amounts of calls to vodaphone. they were constantly losing signals and being cut off mid call. daughter was losing wifi signal sitting 15 feet away from box and not always knowing it and a couple of times had 50 and 60 pounds added to her bill for internet use. when she phoned them they said they would sort out the signals for them both but nothing changed. phoned again and th
  22. Hi - Trying to help a friend out who is in financial difficulty. A number of years ago he separated from his partner, upon this separation left him with a large amount of debt from different sources. He took a mobile phone out with Vodafone for her and she ran up a bill of £100's. It then got passed to a debt recovery where he has been making minimum monthly payments ever since. Whilst helping him work through his finances we sent a CCA off to CapQuest thinking the debt was actually something else. They advised that it is not a credit agreement but a service agreement
  23. Several months ago my father-in-laws broken and no longer used mobile phone was stolen. As the sim was still active a large bill was ran up by the thief and his associates. The police were informed and an individual confessed to running up the bill. Despite the confession and this being an open police case Vodafone are still perusing my father-in-law for the bill and have passed the debt to a debt collection agency. Can anyone please offer advice or help with this issue?
  24. I rather foolishly swapped from O2 (who I have never had an issue with) to Vodaphone simply because I wanted to use there "sure signal" product, my existing number was ported over on the 21st of January and since then I have had no voice mail and since Saturday when a technical chap assured me had fixed i,t no incoming calls, well actually it rings once and cuts off. The time I've spent on the phone to Vodaphone can now be counted in hours. It's my work phone and I have my own business so you can imagine how frustrating this is, i've spent approx an hour again
  25. I recently spoke to Vodaphone about leaving them as my bills at £50 a month were too high for me. of course, their Retentions team were falling over themselves to help keep me. They offered me a new contract at £21 a month with free texts, free calls and alot more data to use. I also asked if they could replace my iphone 4s for an exact same model as part of the deal as I had dropped it in water awhile back and although still working, it occasionally turned itself off and lost sound etc. When my new phone came I was really pleased but it took just over a week to realise that I had ha
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