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  1. Letter received today dated 24th Feb 2020 Dear Mr xxxxx We recently responded to your request for information It is now important that you get in touch to agree how you'll repay your outstanding account. (option is then to set up a plan online or call them)
  2. No. nothing at all from them . They just said i had until 21st Feb
  3. Sorry @dx100uk i have been away working and I have realised i have until 21st Feb to respond to Lowells, Sorry but what do i need to do please. Add my defence part?
  4. just the parts already scanned and uploaded on here (was paper clipped with t and c)
  5. Yes apart from the the 6 pages of small print from Vanquis of terms and conditions
  6. Morning Dx I have this morning recieved a response from lowells and have provided a copy of the agreement with Vanquis. There's a second letter enclosed from Vanquis themselves. A full statement of the spending is enclosed as well as the digital signature form and the pre-contract credit information breakdown. It shows the accepted date of the application being 16th March 2012 at 0828am
  7. ill CCA i think....i don't have the other letters now tbh. Yes i should have paid more attention, I did not. I jumped as 'ive never been in such a great position as i am now.... i didn't or don't want anything to jeapordise that now......
  8. Sorry yes, there are 2 accounts. The one i have recieved a letter for and is for Vanquis and doesnt show on my file. The second screenshotted and posted is one they got in touch about in September 2019. Didnt think to question it and agreed the £25 which now shows on the file as updated October, but I have no idea what this debt is for tbh. There is nothing on my credit file i can match it up to
  9. Hello @dx100uk so pleased to see you are on here still Yes shows as payment in Oct. Prior to the months before blank..if that helps? Doesnt show any amount or reduction of balance I hear you i know i should have known better, but life has been better last few years and chose to just pay then realised i should not have done. I think now, of memory serves me right i should send a CCA?
  10. Hello bankfodder, Yes been here a while tbh and always got great help. I have not been on here a while now no need to really but my knowledge has lapsed I am afraid- sorry. The account was 2010. Last payment I was led to believe was 2017 sorry not 2015. And now showing to be updated for Oct for outstanding still? The Vanquis account I cannot find any info at all on my credit file. The letter says "we have still to agree repayment on your Vanquis account. This value is £451.21
  11. Hi all, I have received a letter from Lowells, saying they are assessing my account for legal action as they have not heard from me. I have now looked deeper into this and it is for an old Vanquis credit card. This I believe is way back as it is NOT showing on my Clearscore credit report. There is a message on Clearscore saying a new report is being added to my December Report ! I however think i may have done my self an injustice in honesty also. On my credit file is an account that was started in Jan 2010 I cant remember what this is for. No payments have been made since 2015. Lowells got in touch a few weeks back and I've paid £25 so far on the account as i panicked. A friend told me i may not now longer be liable as its out of date??? Since I have done that one payment they have updated the account date to October 2019 on Clearscore (see image) In terms of both of my issues, is there anything I can do at all please? Appreciate any help
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