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  1. I have recieved 2 letters from the court. The first one is called "Notice of Proposed Allocation to the small claims track" IT says that I must fill in a form they have enclosed N180 which is a Small Claims Directions Questionnaire nd I have until 18th SEptember to respond and failure to do so will mean either striking out the claim or making a judgement. The form asks if i agree to having small claims mediation service It asks if i agree that the smal claims track is the appropriate track for the case I assume i should be saying yes? I guess at that point i could point out the failure to show supporting documentation and then it says if mediation fails then it will go to court the claimant will have to pay a hearing fee (or the defendant if the matter proceeds on a counter- claim only)
  2. based on that and your infinite knowledge i will go to court and refuse their consent order.Fingers crossed.
  3. lol....take it then i go to court and argue then.....
  4. sorry....try again [ATTACH=CONFIG]52972[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]52973[/ATTACH]
  5. [ATTACH=CONFIG]52970[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]52971[/ATTACH] 2 more letters recieved......i think good news as they have said that they will agree to have a judgement put on me as long as i make payments. Now i have done some real hard thinking about this....i beleieve my last payment on this account was February/March 2009. If i agree a payment with these now, i take it then that this account will not be statute barred as i am resetting the clock as it were. Would i be a fool to still go to court or should i simply agree to pay??
  6. mmmmmso what does that mean? Do i contact them? wait for court date??
  7. Hi citizen, here you go hopefully better. I will read up on that mediation stuff....not sure what means for me tbh...is it their way of worming out of stuff as they not sent my requests etc etc etc [ATTACH=CONFIG]52921[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]52922[/ATTACH]
  8. I have recieved 2 letters today from Bryan Carter after submitting my defence on Monday evening. It says the claimant agrees in priniciple to mediation??? [ATTACH=CONFIG]52908[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]52909[/ATTACH]
  9. My defence is due by midnight tonight...... wondering if this is suffice or should i be adding anything else i.e. like i have recieved no correspondence in 6 years or anything?
  10. is there a particular way i need to write a defence?
  11. Well the CCA request was signed for on 25th July. I have not recieved anything at all. I believe my defence deadline is 19th August - i have no idea what to do next??
  12. okay thanks. So what do i need to do now.....wait for the cca to come to me???
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