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  1. Thanks. Not last time I looked, which was about 1 year - 18 months ago.
  2. is this on your CRA file still? Sorry, can you explain what you mean by this question please?
  3. Thanks for the replies. My CCA request did go to CapQuest and not to Arrow - does that matter? Yes it was a credit card. As they have now changed the debt collecting company can I still ignore the letters. (I have just had yet another letter , the 2nd from Wescot asking me to contact them.
  4. Debt from June 2002 £8,500 sold by Barclays to Arrow Global. I have been dealing with Capquest until Nov 2015, and paying £5 per month, when I asked for a copy of my agreement and had reply from Capquest in Feb 2016, saying account on hold whilst they request the documentation from Arrow. I heard nothing more until last week when I had a letter from Wescot asking if I was the person they referred to and to contact them. I did nothing. Then a letter today from Arrow saying that Westcot is now managing my debt and asking me to contact Wescot. Odd thing is I have always dealt via a friends address to avoid embarassment and the last two letters came to my address not my friends. What do i do?
  5. Can you answer another question please - should I be corresponding with Barclaycard or Drysdens or both? Or neither!
  6. Thanks Andy, the letter from Barclaycard says that the debt is not enforceable, but the letter from Drysdens says it is owing.
  7. This was a Barclaycard credit card account going back to about 2005. I have been paying a small monthly amount £1 - £6 since 2008 There is just over £400 owing
  8. I asked for a copy of a CCA agreement from Drysdens / Max Recovery recently. A letter dated March 2016 stated that they were unable to fulfill my request. A letter today from Drysden attached a "copy of the credit agreement conditions". It has none of my details on, nor my signature. The letter says " our client considers the debt due and owing" What do I do now?
  9. Just template blah stuff. I have posted off the CCA request and SAR today.
  10. Sorry, one last question, should I reply to Restons and tell them that I am requesting the CCA etc from HFC
  11. I have only been paying £5 a month. Can you just confirm who I send the SAR and CCA to please? Is it Restons, HFC or HSBC?
  12. Hi this was the only HFC loan. I have found a statement for 2008 to 2009 and then most of them up to 2015. Says you borrowed £5987 in April 2005 - personal loan I cannot find the agreement. Found a letter dated June 2013 which says it has been transferred from HFC Bank to HSBC bank,
  13. yes statements come from HSBC It says on the statements that my account is currently being collected by Restons
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