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  1. Hello, I have not told my current employer that Im 9 weeks pregnant. I and manager had a chat today and decided that frequent travel to other places may not suit me therefore I gave notice today to finish work on Friday. I started simultaneously to look for new work and have received interview invitation for Monday. I haven't told about my pregnancy to secure interview invitation. I'm highly likely to get selected . Im confused when to let any prospective employer know about my pregnancy. Any suggestion? Thanks
  2. All, I know that this is not the right forum to post this question but I did know where else to post. My sincere apology. Im 8 weeks pregnant and joined my new work on August. Im still under probation period until November. Im not sure when to announce pregnancy to work. Please can expert guide me here. Thanks
  3. Yes, I have. In my resignation letter I detailed the discrimination and harassment , I have to go through in the job and raised a grievance. It was in the grievance investigation meeting HR asked me why |I consider being sex discriminated. I gave the example of the comment passed also I informed that other people didnt get suspension when the issues about their conduct and capability is complained. She replied that it is not sex discrimination as I claimed. She also brought in new claim raised by my colleagues which I i didnt say. ta
  4. Infact when I applied for managerial position, I wasnt selected. Though I didnt have the relevant skill set what they were looking for , I informed if I was given relevant training , I will be able to take the job on board.
  5. it is a worth noting that some of my team members did cause disrepute or they weren't performing well. They weren't disciplined how I have been disciplined. Doesn't it shows sex discrimination?
  6. All, Im the only female in 6 member team and I have been told by one of my colleague last year that "If I ever become a manager , he will handover his notice immediately". During the recent disciplinary meeting ( http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?344579-Gross-Misconduct&p=3792085#post3792085 ) , I was told this is not Sex discrimination as I have claimed. It is personality conflict as I and individual had issues from the very first. Ta
  7. Guys, Just wanted to update you all that initial decision to give me "Final Warning" was upheld at my appeal. Ta
  8. Guys, Is it ok to let few of my pals in the subsidiary to know that I have left?
  9. I dont know about that. But I will accept any complement now . When Senior HR asked me whether you want re- instantiation or clear your name , I informed you are better person to judge that. I dont know what to say. I definitely didnt want the job back so I should have told that I need to clear my name... I got a poke from my partner by not telling that... oh!!! Ta
  10. Guys, Appeal meeting was two hour meeting and It was ok. Senior HR seems to be understanding and did listened very well. I made my points very clear that Im innocent and others are playing political games making me scapegoat for their own agendas. He asked me why I didnt consider mediation - I told it is not going to be useful as the trust and confidence with the team is already gone.I also reiterated how I felt lonely,how I was isolated, and how manager irrespective of my compelling defence made decision to give me "Final Warning". I also reiterated that manager had preconceived idea and that hearing is biased and all evidence and things I have raised in hearing were not properly investigated. I hope something comes out it good but Im prepared that there will be no change given the treatment I received. I will keep the post updated. Thanks
  11. hi there, Thanks for the advice. I have documented all the dates etc as per your suggestion. I will also read out the written statement in meeting. I did same for the hearing. Thanks
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