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  1. Thanks Andy! Just to confirm, were they cases where the debt had been sold or just passed to an in-house collection agency?
  2. Once I can prove with statements that over 60% of the alleged debt is charges and I didn't receive a default notice, what would you recommend for next steps? Have you ever heard of a DCA transferring a debt back to the OC?
  3. Hang on - just found a document from them from last year, which is maybe why they started chasing: I even wrote to Next when I was made redundant and offered a token payment and to stop interest, but it looks like they ignored that completely. Sorry missed your bit about account statements. How would I go about doing this? I don't want to restart the 'statute barred clock'.
  4. Okay thanks. It's just I had heard a few success stories of defaults being removed. I'd be interested to know what the additional debt that has been added on top is - any ideas? Took the cat out in 2009...
  5. They've been sending emails....asking for contact to be made and then recently something about a 'legal assessment'.... There was no contact before but it just started out of the blue late last year.
  6. Hmm, don't like those odds. It's a Next catalogue account. Does the DCA apply the default or the original creditor? All I know is that the amount owed before being passed to the DCA was around £50. Now it's shot up to £200!
  7. I suppose, yeah. Just not seen it done before with any other accounts. EDIT: It's an old Next catalogue account. If I settled this with them, considering it's over 3 years old and DCA fees make up most of the debt, what are the chances of the DCA removing the default(s) from my file? Any letters I can use?
  8. I've got a situation with an old debt that is now effectively on my credit report twice. The original debt was £50. The DCA have increased it to £200. But the weird thing is that there are two entries on my credit file for the same debt. One marked as closed and one open. Is there anything I can do about this as it kinda looks to any new creditors like the 2nd entry is a 'new' debt, which it isn't. The DCA is shown as "Debt Managers".
  9. I know, I know - big lesson learned! 2020 couldn't come sooner!
  10. I do apologise, I've just been searching my scanned documents and have found the Lowell Claim form - I must've filed it and not responded!!! It was signed Bryan Carter as their solicitor. Ah well, I will let it sit there as I've not heard anything since! So annoyed I didn't tackle these properly when they came in but at least I've learnt a lot since then.
  11. I don't recall informing o2 of the address change as I had written to them informing them of my position and not heard anything back from March 2013 to early 2014 when the address forwarding would have run out. Indeed, the BC one was IDR FINANCE UK II LIMITED / Link and I pay them £5 per month. I had zero knowledge at the time about CCJs or anything debt related so didn't even realise I could put in a defence, didn't know how to go about doing it and was going through a rough time with my business at the time that didn't help.
  12. I've recently decided to try and get my credit history back on track. I've requested my stat credit reports and notice that there is a CCJ on there from an old o2 account, which was obviously passed to Lowell and they have a default judgement against me. I didn't know anything about this and I wasn't even aware the mobile phone contract with o2 was a 'credit agreement'. I stopped being able to pay around March 2013, after my redundancy in 2012, when I just couldn't keep up the repayments. I let o2 know about this and offered to pay them a nominal amount but didn't hear
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