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  1. They sent me a screenshot of the new v5 in their name on 28 April, as my Son never received confirmation from DVLA . It shows clearly the new owner and address. But I will still do as advised thank you.
  2. Just woke up to this message Just letting you know was able to sell bike and got my money back. I've given them the old log book with your details on so if theres issues they contact you. As u wasn't in bothered helping me. Have a nice day
  3. Hi thanks for the reply. I failed to mention it was sold with the v5 and last mot certificate service history, but the buyers did it all on line outside whilst loading it onto their trailer. They sent me proof that they had transferred ownership as my son hadn't heard from dvla to confirm. Will send them the vin.
  4. My Son sold his moped back in mid April 2020. I helped him advertise it as a non runner and this was specified in the ad. It generated a lot of interest and promptly sold to a buyer who offered £120 less that original asking price. They were great, turned up to trailer it away on time. Did all the transfer of ownership on- line etc. All happy until a day ago when I got a call to say they had tried to sell it on but there was no VRN or VIN anywhere on it so the buyer said my son sold a dodgy bike and they contacting the police to report it.
  5. Good morning. Buyer now demanding a refund. Says it's not what we said it was. Hes had it for a week. Bike was working now he's telling me its cutting out. The first day he took it i asked him to bring it back as we had another buyer. He said no he would be happy for hubby to come sort it which he did. Hes driving me daft now phoning and messaging. I dont want to offer a refund as basically i think he's caused problems associated with the bike now.
  6. Hi and thank you. My husband has been and now sorted the bike and its working fine. Shortly after he left the buyer, I received a message stating it wouldn't go into gear. This was not mentioned during the time he was there. I have since had messages stating that it needs a new gear selector as its bent. I can only presume this has occurred during transit or he's been a bit heavy footed and caused it. He's been very pleasant about the whole thing but denys he's done anything to cause the damage. It worked ok the day before and during views and tests. Thank you for the
  7. Hi hoping someone can help please. My husband sold yesterday his quad bike. It's been laying in the garage for 18 months and due to ill health, was the main reason for selling. The quad was put through it's MOT the previous day and passed. I advertised it and it generated a lot of interest. The only problem it had I put in the ad. The speedo was not working. Viewings were yesterday and the potential buyer wanted to test it. Unfortunately the disc lock was on when he tried to reverse which resulted the disc brake coming off. My husba
  8. Hopefully it has been resolved. Have been informed that it will be reimbursed and the rest of the claim submitted originally will be looked at.
  9. Only 1 claim for having to cut short my holiday. They agree that the initial payment was incorrect. Have emailed to query it again.
  10. Can insurers take the excess twice for the 1 claim? I have queried a settled claim and the insurers have decided to pay me a 2nd payment but deducted the excess again. I thought they could only take it once.
  11. Just to update Submitted defence and acknowledged by the court on 20th June. Heard nothing until Thursday last week from BW who stated they are instructed to continue with the claim. Will be calling the court tomorrow to see how it's progressed their end.
  12. Just an update. Court papers arrived, I have acknowleged giving me bit of time for a defense statement to put together. [removed] are helping me through this process. Lots of paperwork to go through.
  13. Wrote letter to wh enclosing a copy of excel letter stating a ticket had been located which could match mine. The reply) please send us any proof to payment of the pcn and they will look into it.My account with them ( never had one) will be held until end of March. So excels letter isn't proof enough! The day I sent them the letter the 'debt' was passed to bw legal, sent them the same so a waiting game now.
  14. Left another message on my answering machine now,seems automated. I will now write to them, should I include a copy of the original letter from excel parking noting that they had located a ticket with the wrong reg?
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