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  1. Quick update, since my son told the bailiff that he'd been in touch with the court, he has not been back as he said he would do. Thank you all for taking the time to give advice on this matter, I shall post again soon with another update on what happens next as soon as I know. Thank you again I am very appreciative.
  2. When he contacted the court they said they would get back to him within 3 working days about making the statutory declaration. He also told them that the bailiff had been yesterday, Monday and was coming back today at 8 am( of which he hasn't so far). He asked them where the letters etc were sent and it turns out that they were sent to no 16, our house is 16d. The road I live on has 6 houses that are all numbered 16, 16a, b, c, d and e, I have no clue why as none are flats but 3 bed houses. Thank you for your help
  3. My son of all the letters he has had, none have been from the courts or bailiffs and he was only aware of this debt on Monday when I told him the bailiff had been and showed him the notice left by them. The bailiff did ask me to pay the debt because my son wasn't at home, he also said that anybody was in a position to pay it as he couldn't leave my house without the money. My sons girlfriend is an estate agent and therefore not claiming any benefits and owns her own home. He has just started a job 4 weeks ago and did not claim benefits previous to this when he was unemployed for a short while, his gf supported him. Why would you automatically think that everyone's a benefit scrounged trying to break the law. If my son makes a SD then I would believe it to be true, if he says he didn't receive correspondence from the courts or bailiffs then I gave no reason to disbelieve him as he is not usually in the habit of lying. I would also like to make my own SD and would be grateful if someone could send me a link for a template or advise as to where I could find one. Thank you
  4. Not harsh but I did mention in my initial post that my son had contacted the court, that's how he found out about the SD. They say the notices were sent here and they may well have been but I don't open his post just put it to one side and give it to him if he's at his gfs at weekends when they drop they're daughter off for the 3 days she stays here or when he's staying here between arguments. He says that someone will call him about the SD within 3 working days, that was yesterday he said that after he'd rang the court. I know nothing about statutory declarations but am about to go over to my local magistrates court now to find out any information on them and about getting my own one to send to Marstons and show he bailiff when he comes back. Thank you I shall show him this, I was only going to pay because I didn't want them to break into my house, but decided not to until I could gather further info, thank you for your help
  5. As my son never registered at his gfs address this is his actual address although he doesn't live here on a regular basis due to going back and forth with her. they are entitled to look for him here as its his known address. They point blank refused payment option as they said it has gone way beyond that point my son or myself need to pay in full asap. I'm inclined to pay it to get them off my doorstep but it's not my debt so why should I really
  6. He s registered at this address but does not have his own room as he has lived with his gf on and off for the past 3 years. They are always splitting up with each other and he comes back here for days or weeks at a time so in effect this is his actual residence Can I get my own SD signed by a solicitor saying that all the goods in my house belong to me.
  7. Hi All, im looking for advice. On Monday 13th March a bailiff came to my door saying he had a warrant to enter and search my home with the intention of removing goods. I asked him why and was told that my son had an outstanding court fine for running a red light last summer some time and that it had not been paid so he was here to collect the debt in full or recover goods to the value of. He said he had a locksmith, removals van and the police on route but if I let him in peacefully and paid the outstanding amount he could cancel the police and locksmiths presence. I refused and said I would try to get hold of my son but he said it needed to be paid straight away and said if my son or myself could not the full amount of £561 within the next 10 minutes he would proceed with forced entry. After 15 minutes of trying to reason with him whilst also getting my granddaughter ready to go out and get my nephew from play school I said that if I found him in my house when I got back that I would call the police myself. Eventually he left leaving a card that said notice of intention to enter @ search your premises -removal notice and told me to ring him later that day to arrange payment. I told my son all about this later that evening and he says he knows nothing about any court fine and has not received any letters r notices in the past. On my return from the play group I did some research on line and found that he did have the right to force entry and remove my goods unless I could prove none of it was my sons, I tried to message him to find out which court the fine originated from and the exact date of it. He didn't reply. He came back yesterday morning with the same intention of removing goods, bringing a van, locksmith and police but this time he was able to get hold of my son on the phone and insist he pays the debt there and then or he would again proceed with entry. My son said that he had no knowledge of the debt, what it was for or when it was issued but to keep the bailiff away from my door he tried to negotiate a payment plan of half today (yesterday) and half next Thursday. This was refused he told the bailiff he would get back to him. The bailiff left after 10 minutes but said if the debt was not settled by 8pm he would be back before 9pm. Later my son told me that he had phoned the court and find out what he could do, he was informed that as he had no previous knowledge of the fine that he could apply for a statutory declaration and have the case reheard if he pleads guilty. What can I do in the mean time to stop the bailiff entering my home and taking my possessions whilst waiting to get the declaration and the court date. The bailiff as informed of my sons plan of action but insists he will be back today at some point to make an actual enforcement as he has already wasted 2 days here. What am I to do, im at my wits end, I have my 2 year old granddaughter here during the day and my 27 year old son who has a severe learning disability. Can some please advise thank you
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