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Found 20 results

  1. got a pcn on my windscreen yesterday at asda newton abbot . Iwas working on site and didnt think i needed parking ticket . my van is a lease van and iam wondering whats my next move . i have seen a couple of other posts about the same site . they have had sucsess with letters .any ideas
  2. Hoping someone can help me, i have made a genuine mistake but reading through other threads, believe i could escape fine as PE might be operating without correct compliance on site. 1 The date of infringement? 28 November 2018 2 Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? [Y/N?] No have you received a Notice To Keeper? (NTK) [must be received by you between 29-56 days] what date is on it Did the NTK provide photographic evidence? Not yet received 3 Did the NTK mention Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA) [Y/N?] Not yet received 4 If you appealed after receiving the NTK, did the parking company give you any information regarding the further appeals process? Not appealed 5 Who is the parking company? ParkingEye 6. where exactly [Carpark name and town] did you park? Newton Abbot ASDA It's early but i don't want to put a foot wrong. Note: I had a pretty crappy experience (phoned ASDA to enquire about a service they offer, was encouraged to travel there, they didn't have the proper staff to provide sufficient service, offered me product at half price (was a smeared cake) which i declined) So i am thinking of writing to ASDA's local store manager and Head Office to complain and get a pardon that way.
  3. Just thought people might like to know that the first time we used the Asda Scan & Go system we found that the total price on the scanner was less than the total price at the checkout ! The scanner had correctly deducted for a multi-buy offer but the checkout hadn't - so best to watch out for price discrepancies between the hand scanner and the checkout. Unfortunately both units do not show the price at the same time - so you have to remember what the scanner shows before the checkout process. Had quite a job getting staff to sort the mess out - and in fact they didn't - but we got the better of them ! Right, you can move this thread to wherever you want cos I've not got a bloody clue!
  4. Hi, never used these forums before so sorry if i go over something already covered. I've just received a PCN from Parkingeye for overstaying at an Asda store but it was a Sunday at 5.30 and the store closes at 4.30, i've read several times on various pages about 'loss of earnings' and that if the store is closed then there are no losses involved. Is this correct and can i appeal on this basis? Cheers Kev
  5. Hi Folks, I'm hoping someone could give me some advice on this matter. Today I recevied a parking charge notice for parking in the Asda carpark in Falkirk. I remember the day I was in the car park, there is no barrier present upon entry and on entry I never saw a ticket machine, likewise on the exit, no barrier or ticket machine, so I assumed it was perfectly fine to leave. On the letter it states ''We have issued a parking charge notice (PCN) ..... to your vehicle because it was parked in a manner whereby the driver became liable for a parking charge'' it then next states that the terms and conditions are clearly set out on signs (which once again I genuinely can't recall seeing) and thusly I am now bound to these terms and conditions. Now I'm no dummy, these idiots say I've got 14 days to pay £40 before it shoots up to £70. But, they haven't stated why I am being fined and second of all, I haven't signed any documentation or verbally agreed to any contract so am I liable or this? Any fast help would be appreciated guys, Thanks, Kyle.
  6. A mother, furious at waiting more than 48 hours for her online shopping, stormed into her local Asda and took it from the shelves herself. Danni Leadbeater, 30, ordered a £50 shop from the supermarket for herself and her two young children last week. However, it failed to turn up twice after her order was cancelled by the store and then re-booked. And after waiting more than two days, and being charged twice for it, she took matters into her own hands. She went into the Eastlands superstore, opposite Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium and began taking the items from the shelves and piling them into a trolley. After a stand-off with staff and security, and an intervention from the company’s HQ, she was eventually allowed to leave without paying for it again. However she has slammed the store for the way she was treated and has vowed never to shop with them again, reports Manchester Evening News. Full Story
  7. Hello , Recently received a ticket / invoice from smart parking requesting £40.00 etc , you all know how this works right ? on the "invoice" there was a picture of our car entering the car park ( free to use for customers ASDA ) at around 2pm and another picture of our car leaving around 10 pm ! Ok on the face of this evidence I was parked there for several hours and they issued their attempt to extort money from me. What concerns me is the fact that we visit the store regularly , sometimes 4 or five times a day ... its really our local shop. I remember visiting the store in Chorley , Lancashire several times on the day they have issued their invoice for and due to our frequency of visiting the staff know us quite well including security . I strongly suspect fraudulent activity on the part of Smart Parking, taking the picture of us entering on our first visit and our exit picture from our last visit several hours later. Has anyone else had anything similar where you KNOW your car was not parked for such a long period and you have visitad a monitored location several times in one day ? It has caused some distress with my partner who suffers from severe anxiety at the best of times . If I could afford justice I would sue the bleeders.. . but therein lies the problem . ..poor people have been priced out of justice
  8. In January I bought a perfect prep machine in the sales as it was around £60 iirc instead of the full £120. Fast forward to today and we have noticed the machine is giving water that is not the correct temperature. Far too hot or stone cold. Not ideal for 6 month old baby. I've called tommee tippee directly and they will replace after I send the item back to them and they receive it... A long drawn out process. They advised to call asda direct who would replace the item as its them I bought it from and it should be faster. So I called asda direct to be told that all they offer is a refund. No replacement at all. Now, under normal circumstances and this would be okay but as I explained at the start of my post, this was bought in a sale. So it's now double the price to go and buy another! Do I have any persuasion with this at all ? We don't want a refund, we want a working safe item.
  9. Basically we visitied ASDA done the weekly shop and had the elderly Mother-in-Law with us and my partner had to wait at the Pharmacy to have her flu jab done and we think this parking fine is not fair, where do we stand? thanks for removing attachment uploaded wrong one didn't realize, sorry.
  10. My son has received a PCN from SMART Parking in our local ASDA. He was parked there for a duration of 3 hours 25 minutes which is over the three hour limit. Should he pay the £40.00 fine or what is the best advice I can give him?
  11. This is POPLA's decision http://static.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/mad2.gif I think I should just let it go to court and cite the Equality Act 2010 and reasonable adjustments but your advice and comments would be helpful The Operator issued parking charge notice number ....... arising out of the presence at Asda, on 12 May 2015, of a vehicle with registration mark ....... for exceeding the maximum permitted stay of 2 hours. It is the Operator’s case that the Appellant parked their vehicle at the site in excess of the maximum permitted stay of 2 hours and this was a breach of the terms and conditions of parking as set out on signage at the site. It is the Appellant’s case that they overstayed as they were shopping with their 16 year old brother who is autistic and suffers from a muscular syndrome, which makes it difficult for him to walk and he therefore requires regular breaks. The Appellant states that the landowner has informed them that it is their policy to cancel parking charge notices issued in circumstances such as these. I note the Appellant’s submissions, however, these amount to mitigation. The Assessor is only able to decide an appeal by making findings of fact on the basis of the evidence produced by the parties and applying relevant law. As in the statutory schemes, the Assessor has no power to consider mitigating circumstances of any description. This discretion rests solely with the Operator who issued the parking charge notice. Having reviewed the evidence, I am satisfied that the terms and conditions of parking were clear on a number of signs at the site and would have been visible to the Appellant. The signs made it clear that the site has a maximum permitted stay of 2 hours. I find that the Appellant breached the terms and conditions of parking by parking at the site in excess of 2 hours. The onus is on the Appellant to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of parking as set out on signage at the site and on this occasion, they did not do so. Accordingly, this appeal must be refused.
  12. Ok, so we got sent one of these ANPR type tickets from Smart Parking the other month for overstaying at an ASDA car park. I wrote to them appealing ticket and they since have written back with photos of the signage and dismissing my claim. They gave me my POPLA number and so I have begun the appeal to POPLA. Not sure if im missing something here but nowhere on the POPLA website is their anywhere to state why you appealing just some tick boxes and personal data. How does POPLA know my grounds ?
  13. Hi everyone. Ordered asda groceries as always, they didn't turn up yesterday. 40 minutes later I rang up they said they said it had been cancelled reasons unknown. They promised the local store would ring me back to try and squeeze it in that day, as payment had gone through. Checked online banking and confirmed they had taken payment. Didn't ring me so I rang them, they apologised, said they would send shopping tomorrow. Got shopping today, however they have taken money a second time. Delivery driver said loads of orders got cancelled yesterday for same reason. Phoned asda, they said if I get the authorisation number and fax number of NatWest, they will fax them so I can get an instant refund. Otherwise the money is held temporarily for 7-10 days. NatWest gave me the authorisation code, but won't provide a fax number to the public and say their mechant provider (streamline) has the fax number. Phoned back asda, they demand fax number, I merge them on a new call with NatWest, who put me through to card errors deparment. Natwest now say they cannot even act on a fax, it is completely asda's fault and up to them to get me my money back. Asda will not do anything without this fax number. Their manager just went round and round in circles. They will not let me go into the store and have cash or do me a bank transfer. They say after 7-10 days I would have the money twice. At the end of the day, I am out of pocket by £76. It is a weekend we are supposed to be taking the kids out today. We are now stuck. This is absolutely unacceptable I have to wait for this long banking process to resolve itself. Asda will not provide any sort of goodwill gesture. Surely there must be something I can do to get these funds quicker. Why should we have to suffer? I have recorded the entire call (over an hour plus 6 other calls totalling another hour) its quite comical to here how this manager, asdas highest point of contact, is so simply minded. If I went into a shop and made the mistake of not paying for the shopping, then promise to pay them in 10 working days, they would insist this is stealing. How come it is acceptable the other way round? Sorry for the rant I am livid right now. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks so much
  14. Hi there I'm posting on behalf of a relative who recently visited asda to buy some holiday clothes. On the 31st July she attended asda and bought 9 items 2 jeans @ £10 1 jeans @ £14 2 top @ £1.50 3 tops @ £5.00 1 top @ £8.00 She paid with her debit card and left the store on the 14th August the police knocked at her house and accused her of stealing £40.00 worth of goods she denied this and the police asked her to fetch down the clothes she bought she also showed them a copy of her debit card payment. The police contacted asda who said that she had failed to scan an item of clothing however she denies this as the self checkout would have stated unexpected item in baggage area. she also had to call someone over for assistance because a item of clothing would not scan and as a result needed help keying in the number. she attended asda to query this they told her that on the day she had looked suspicious when she left the store security followed her to her car and took down her registration details this is how the police were able to track her address. she went to asda never saw any footage or asked for a receipt but she paid 14.00 to asda and was banned nationwide from every store. Today after thinking about it she believes she has paid twice and will be writing to head office to clarify. She needs a copy of this till receipt and also footage of the cctv. she's a mum of 3 owns her own home works full time she does not need to steal a 14.00 pair of jeans. she received another letter today from a solicitor acting on behalf of asda who states she stole 60.00 worth of goods and must pay 110.00 immediately this is made up of 60.00 goods and 50 admin fee. what the he'll are asda playing at. Do asda keep receipt data what should her next course of action be. Although she paid the 14.00 to asda she still disputes she failed to scan anything and wants an apology from asda. She refuses to deal with asda in ha the future and as a result our family have moved supermarkets to support her cause. Any information appreciated.
  15. Hello all. Here's a topic that will get any 'gamer' hot under the collar. Regarding the online experience of any game, what are our rights? In my case, a few years ago I had an issue with a game on the Playstation 3 console, the game was battlefield 3, made by EA Games. I created a case with them and jumped through some hoops testing my system and connection, in the end they just let the case expire and I got nowhere. A couple of years later, I purchase a new console, the Playstation 4, at £350, plus £30 in order to access online content (which includes the Playstation Network that provides the service of connecting games online). I pay a further £47 for the game Battlefield 4, and then a further £40 to have a 'premium' account with EA games so that I can download extra digital content for this game. A month in and it is obvious that the game is under performing massively, lots of gamers complaining about the quality of the online experience and their subsequent choice to not play the game any more. This is very similar to the issues I had experienced with the previous game. I contacted EA and talk to advisors there who, again have me jumping through hoops, running connection tests and re-installing the digital data, concluding that all is as it should be. Since I am deeply dissatisfied, I request a refund. They tell me to take it up with the retailer (in this case, Asda). Asda have a 28 returns policy, we're 40 days down the road. EA are 'unable' to refund directly. I then ask about a refund for the premium account, and funnily enough, they can't refund that either, advising me to contact Sony (can you imagine?). So, I'm left with a game and a premium account that I can not enjoy because the service provided by the manufacturer is insufficient. The gaming industry is booming and thousands, many many thousands of consumers experience what I have explained above on many titles by all manner of manufacturers. But due to the complex supply chain and the inherent difficulty in proving that online experiences are substandard and not of sufficient quality, there is no support for the consumer..... or is there? Please, if you have any advice on this I am eager to learn. If there is nothing currently in place to support this, how do I start a 'movement' or petition and who do I direct it toward? Honestly, the publishers are getting away with daylight robbery and without any action this will never change.
  16. Hi there guys, I wonder if you can point me in the right direction... I purchased a pram from Asda direct back in march 2013, over time it has developed a number of faults. I rang asda direct and explained the problems, I was given the choice of a refund or a direct replacement...due to the nature of the faults I chose a refund. We were told to package the pram up and we would receive an email with all the details and the arrangements for the manufacturer/courier to collect the pram. We never received the email. We rang again around 22nd January and we were told the adviser hadn't put it through properly, so again we would receive an email the next day. Guess what?? No email! So again we rang on Thursday 23rd January and we were told the previous adviser had again done it incorrectly. She managed to arrange the courier and said they would collect the pram on Friday 24th January between 8am - 8pm. So I arranged to be there all day....Guess what??? Nobody turned up...I'm sure you can see a pattern arising here! So obviously very annoyed and without a pram for my daughter for a whole week now I rang that evening asking for an explanation and they told me the adviser had forgotten to forward the reference number to the manufacturer so the courier could not be arranged! WOW 3 different advisers were unable to their jobs properly! She said that the manufacturer/courier was closed during the weekend so she would arrange for it to be collected on Monday 27th. I asked if they could confirm on Monday via email for peace of mind. Again I arranged to be there on Monday and waited in all day, I did not receive an email so I rang around midday to confirm that the courier was still coming...I'm sure you can guess what happened next...that's right, the adviser I had spoke to on Friday hadn't even put the request for the courier through! So another wasted day and even more time without a buggy! The adviser then said she would send the relevant email through to them to arrange the courier and it would take between 24-48 hours before I hear back from then. I told them this was unacceptable and this was going to be the last chance. I asked to log this as a complaint and she said she would. On Tuesday 28th I managed to email the courier/manufacturer...they are a company called Obaby, they emailed back the same day and said due to asda directs strict policies they were unable to arrange collection until they receive the correct details, she said she would send asda direct an email again requesting they send over the info they need. In the meantime I had rang Asda house and they explained they were unable to help with Asda direct problems...I also sent an email to the head office CEO of asda but they failed to even bother to reply. I rang Obaby again on Wednesday 29th to ask if they had received anything back from Asda and surprise surprise they hadn't! I explained to them that I will give Asda until Friday 31st and if I hadn't heard anything then I would be sending the pram to the manufacturer myself using a signed courier service and once they are in receipt of it I will give Asda direct 7 days to make the refund before I will be starting proceedings in the small claims court for refund + costs + compensation. I also rang asda direct making them aware of the same thing. I spoke to their legal team to collect the address for making such claim. I have made so many calls and wasted so much time on this...meanwhile our 8 month old has had no buggy at all and we have had to pay additional transport costs. I have just ordered a new pram today as we cannot do without any longer...needless to say we did not buy this from Asda! What I wanted to ask is am I well within my rights to do this? What sort of things can I claim for under the small claims court? Is there a template letter I can use to send Asda threat of legal action? I would appreciate any input anyone can give on this matter. Thanks for taking the time to read this!!
  17. Hi, i wanted some advice 3 days ago i was walking around my local supermarket when i got banged in my left hip when i turned round there stood a staff member with a big metal flatbed trolley, i was in alot of pain she apologised she said she had seen me but gathered i would of moved by the time she turned the flatbed trolley, i walked off and stood hoping the pain would subside which it didn't I sought a member of staff telling them what had happened, he advised me to go to customer services, i did while in alot of pain they got a a first aider which took a while to arrive who then took me to the first aid room and applied some ice on the area, a manager came in and took details when they were finished they said i could go, no offer of assitance with helping me with the rest of my shopping, i will also add i had my young son with me, when i got back i emailed asda to complain not just about the staff member who clearly was so much in a rush she took no regard for someone stood there but also the way i was ushered away after. Then this morning i get a letter saying sorry and a £10 gift card!! i went to the doctors who said i need to be on painkillers as its the muscle i have hurt, i am still in pain with this, it is causing me to hardly get any sleep! i can't drive as i am on co codamol, and i am a care giver for my dad so i am having to seek help with this also! Sorry for the rant i am trying to find a way forward, i have suffered enough but i was just glad it wasnt a younger child or elderly person who was in my position and them to send me £10 to be honest is more of an insult. Thanks in advance
  18. Hi guys, I just came back from an Asda store where I tried to refund some asda brand pizzas. They refused me on the grounds that "they don't take chilled products as they have to be chucked away", which contrasts as to what they say on the package. What can I do?
  19. At the beginning of July I ordered £260 worth of goods online from Asda, of which only £105 worth was delivered. I immediately called the store and spoke to the manager, who informed me he didn't know how to do a refund but would get someone to process it first thing in the morning. I duly went out to buy all the stuff that wasn't delivered from Tesco. At 3pm the following day I got a call at work from an Asda delivery driver who was trying to deliver the missing goods. I explained I had already been out and bought them elsewhere and had been promised a refund. 5 days later Asda took the full amount of my original order from my account. I called again and was put through to the manager again. She told me all she could do was take a message, but promised me 'someone' would call me the following day. No such call was received. I then complained via the main Asda Groceries contact us form and received an email promising they would 'look into it'. (It took some time to decipher the email as the grammar was appalling and there were numerous words missing from sentences). I am STILL waiting for my refund, or at least a call from someone to tell me what, if anything, is being done. I am a single parent and barely get by each month - I simply cannot afford to be out of pocket by £155, at this rate we'll be sitting in the dark with no gas or electric as the meters are nearly out of credit
  20. Hi I need some advice, my father fell over in asda car park and broke his elbow at Christmas, he was walking out with a trolley full of shopping and he hit an uneven pavement and the trolley went over taking him with it! He has written it in their accident book and been to hospital etc but now is fretting about the money he has lost from being out of work. The question is can anyone reccomend companies that deal with this successfully and so the client is not out of pocket or does my dad write to asda himself and defend himself??? Very confused and never done this before but his struggling for money and can't go back yet but will if I don't get an answer for this problem. Thanks for your time xx
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