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Found 14 results

  1. Hello folks, I work for an engineering company and 2 years ago I had a works accident which damaged my back. I made a successful injury claim through the employment tribunal system and still suffer considerable pain at times. The company have a Physio service contracted to visit 2 days a week and I attend once every week. I have always had the same physio attending for the past 8 months who has helped greatly and a full log of treatment was kept up to date on their computer system. However a different physio attended 6 weeks ago and could not get access to my treatment log (company wifi fault). She was a little too zealous with her manoeuvring of my 59 year old body to such a degree that my back went into spasm and I was absent from work for 2 weeks. Here is my problem, I do not wish to pursue any claim or anything of that nature, but that absence has meant I have triggered the absence policy and would put me on a first stage warning. Surely as a representative/third party of the company they should treat it as a works accident, which would mean it is exempt as a trigger under our policy. Granted it is not an accident but it is an injury caused by a third party paid for by the company. After all I would not have had to have any physio work if it was not for their negligence in the first place. Am I just wasting my time with a grievance to argue the point out? Thanks for reading, any advice would be appreciated.
  2. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/better-care-package-for-severely-injured-veterans
  3. Around 20 people have been killed and 42 hospitalised after a suspected terrorist opened fire at a gay nightclub in the Florida city of Orlando. Officials confirmed the shooter had been killed by police and was carrying a “suspicious device”. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/orlando-shooting-florida-pulse-nightclub-attack_uk_575d23bde4b041514369cf54?fnu2428e7bc7bvs4i& Shooter inside the nightclub is dead The shooter behind an attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida is dead, police said Sunday, describing the scene as a "mass casualty situation. 4 videos. http://edition.cnn.com/videos/us/2016/06/12/florida-nightclub-shooting.cnn/video/playlists/orlando-nightclub-shooting/
  4. Just saw this on the news... An accident on the M9 was reported on Sunday 5th July - Police failed to investigate until yesterday, 8th July. They found two people, one dead, one critically injured (and who has since been placed in an induced coma). The couple had already been reported missing, so you would have thought the Police would have clicked when whoever reported the accident advised it was the same vehicle the missing couple had been using !!
  5. Hello I am trying to get some advice as I am getting contradictory information all over the place, especially from the police. Sorry if it is a long post. Yesterday 2 bailiffs attended my home in relation to a magistrates fine in the name of my daughter. I answered the door to two rather large chaps, and asked them what they wanted. They said they had a warrant of control and were going to enter the property to take goods. My response was, "no you're not". This went back and forth a little with one of them telling me that under schedule 4 of the Magistrates Court Act 1980 they had authority to force entry if need be. They also told me if I interfered they would call the police and I could be arrested. I asked to see the paperwork and warrant, which was initially refused, but eventually they let me view some of it, with them holding it in their folder. I got my wife to get my daughter out of bed as she was ill and she came downstairs. I left my daughter outside resolving it, as far as I was aware. I was then called by my daughter saying they were still saying they were coming in. My daughter had already spoken to them a week before, they confirmed this, but the person dealing with it on their end had not come back to my daughter about a proposed payment plan, instead they sent these people out. My daughter was in the process of clearing her car out and I was still telling the bailiffs they were not entering, my wife now was standing just outside the door on the doorstep and I was at the threshold. The more aggressive of the two men kept saying he was coming in and I said he wasn't. He said he would call the police and I invited him to do so. I explained that without confirming what power they had or if what they said was valid I was not letting them in to take my property. I did say that if they had to come in then they would only be able to take my daughters belongings and not ours. The more aggressive of the two disagreed, saying he could take everything. I responded saying "not if I provide receipts". He said that he would still take everything and we could argue the matter with the courts. Again I reiterated they were not allowed entry. At this point the quieter of the two forced his foot into the doorway, the more aggressive of the two then turned his back and charged into the doorway in an attempt to gain entry. During this "charge" my wife was thrown against the wall of the house and half dragged into the doorway where she was jammed between two huge men, I was both attempting to get them off my wife and stop them from entering the house. My wife was now screaming in pain, shouting "you're hurting me, I'm stuck", but they kept pushing. Somehow my wife got free and whilst I was still blocking them she called 999. At this point the pushing stopped.. and the bailiffs were now 2 or 3 foot into our hallway. Whilst waiting for the police I blocked the bailiffs further path into my home, believing they had committed an illegal forced entry to attempt a walk in possession. Unbeknown to myself or the bailiffs my wife had during this time gotten my phone and was recording the conversation. The bailiff admitted deliberately turning his back so that he did not touch us, saying that by doing so it did not constitute assault and quite a bit more. My wife was now covered in blood from lacerations caused by the outside wall / doorway to her arm. The police duly arrived and even after telling them what happened, they decided this was "reasonable" force. They were not interested in my partners injuries nor the fact we had a recording of the incident, not even the fact that the bailiffs own camera and recording equipment would have captured the whole thing. Obviously apart from when he deliberately turned his back. They even tried to say my less than 9 stone, 5ft 3 wife hurt herself trying to push two 18+ stone men out of the house. We eventually paid my daughters fine and the bailiffs and police left. A little while later, after the adrenalin wore off, my wifes pain level increased to the point I took her to A&E. After 4 hours and an x-ray for suspected dislocated shoulder and broke ribs we were let go having been told she was suffering from quite substantial soft tissue injuries and some nasty, deep lacerations to her arm, but nothing was broken. Her pain continued to worsen through the night until bedtime. When she removed her top it was found that the bailiff who came in backwards had elbowed her in the ribs as well. We visited the doctors this morning and she has been told it is a very serious injury and would need 6 - 8 weeks rest without any lifting etc... I have since contacted the police again and attempted to push them to further investigate but initially I was told it was not assault, they were doing their job and we prevented them from doing it, so this was "reasonable force". They are now going to "investigate", but my feeling is we are being humoured and there is no intention of any action. Any advice as to where we go next?
  6. About a week ago at work I called a lift to put some goods in and I received a nasty shock off it (it went through my wrist and out onto the trolly that I was holding with my other hand) Since then the wrist that I used to press the lift button hurts. I reported the incident to the duty manager (she isn't my normal manager but she is also a safety rep) the details were recorded in the accident book. On friday the manager I reported the incident to was covering for my managers day off and asked how I was etc and I told her it was still playing up and she made me promise to seek medical advice which I did. On saturday she then asked if I had and asked for the details (to update the accident book). I was then coming downstairs to start work when my managers manager asked to see me and took me into the office with a witness and they've said that they are not happy with the diagnosis given by the doctor I saw and that they would like me to seek a second opinion. They've agreed to support me at work until New Year.At this meeting I was also told that if I went home or took time off I would not be paid or receive any sickness pay. My two problems are that I have less than two years service and secondly because they haven't done the paper work I am still on probation. A third problem is the fact the company need to make savings in the new year. It's been a week since the incident and my wrist still hurts. I am due to go back to work again in two days time and I am now worried that they could use this recent injury as leverage to dismiss me.
  7. Hi Folks, Someone who was meant to be employed doing office work, was on site doing manual work to help out as asked by employer as they can do both. Due to an accident, their hand was smashed and has had surgery and a finger has had to be removed and will be having more surgery etc. They company have asked what amount they are looking for? What is best practice in this situation please? They are receiving full wages whilst off and been advised will deff be in office on return thanks
  8. injured myself on day 5 of training (in company) for new job, hence no job offer the following monday as injury ( arch of foot/tendons ) can take up to 12 weeks to heal (average 6 weeks) so as I havent sent jsa booklet back as never signed a employment contract, what and how am i gonna explain this to job centre without getting sanctioned... i did 1 week of training of 40 hrs. got injured and then 'lost/never got job...' I'm self certified 1st week and doctors already got notes from hospital and a visit yesterday to issue my sick note on this coming friday. but im due to sign wednesday at j/c
  9. Hi, i wanted some advice 3 days ago i was walking around my local supermarket when i got banged in my left hip when i turned round there stood a staff member with a big metal flatbed trolley, i was in alot of pain she apologised she said she had seen me but gathered i would of moved by the time she turned the flatbed trolley, i walked off and stood hoping the pain would subside which it didn't I sought a member of staff telling them what had happened, he advised me to go to customer services, i did while in alot of pain they got a a first aider which took a while to arrive who then took me to the first aid room and applied some ice on the area, a manager came in and took details when they were finished they said i could go, no offer of assitance with helping me with the rest of my shopping, i will also add i had my young son with me, when i got back i emailed asda to complain not just about the staff member who clearly was so much in a rush she took no regard for someone stood there but also the way i was ushered away after. Then this morning i get a letter saying sorry and a £10 gift card!! i went to the doctors who said i need to be on painkillers as its the muscle i have hurt, i am still in pain with this, it is causing me to hardly get any sleep! i can't drive as i am on co codamol, and i am a care giver for my dad so i am having to seek help with this also! Sorry for the rant i am trying to find a way forward, i have suffered enough but i was just glad it wasnt a younger child or elderly person who was in my position and them to send me £10 to be honest is more of an insult. Thanks in advance
  10. Hey guys, While I was out at my local supermarket a week ago the trolley collector was struggling to keep control of a MASSIVE line of trolleys. He'd hit one car and as I walked towards him the trolleys vveered out of control and he yelled for help. They hit another car but not before I'd managed to slow them somewhat but bent my wrist back in the process and sprained it. The trolley pusher told me "this wouldn't happen if people collected trolleys more often"! and walked off. I thought ... or if you didnt take so many at once!!! My wife told me he'd also hit our car when i got back inand sure enough some new grazes (nothing major) had appeared. All in all lucky though as my 4 year old was with me and a few moments later and he could have been hit by the trolleys. I reported it (so they could tell this guy / retrain his poor attitude), and it went in the accident book, but theyve been pretty useless at dealing with it. The person i complained too told me to call back another day as he didnt know how to deal with it. So I rang HQ and they said they'd deal with it. Several days later I got a phone call from the manager at store who said it was being investigated and theyd call back....they never did. So a week later I call the store (time customer services answered the phone but didnt say anything and i could hear them arguing over who should answer it before hanging up on me!) and then I get through to the manager on the second call only to be told another manager should have called me. they said they'd be chasing them, but the outcome was that any action was at this managers discretion. So my car (and two others) were hit, I got injured and any action is at their "discretion"?! I have half a mind to sue them now they're being that bl**y useless! I know there is cctv footage and I've asked the landlord for how long the tapes are kept so i can get proof if needed. What am i entitled to / likely to be offered and what should i not accept (ie not sign any waivers) if they do offer anything? I'm certain that an injury caused by their staff is worth more than a discretionary gesture by the manager?! A formal apology would be nice Should i seek legal advice? I hate the sue britain culture, but i also hate the lack of customer service and respect and responsibility that is around these days. Sorry to rant. Any guidance gladly taken! ps...i didnt see a doctor...the wrist hurt on and off for the week while i took ibuprofen. It was annoying as i'd been off work with stress for 7 weeks and was due to go back to work in a couple of days so this really took the high i'd been feeling away.
  11. Injured troops to receive £7,000-a-year for life to spare them extra medical tests under welfare reforms New Armed Forces Independence Payment to be paid to maimed forces veterans Disability minister Esther McVey reveals claimants will receive £6,988.80-a-year, more than £200 extra than expected http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2274429/Injured-troops-receive-7-000-year-life-spare-extra-medical-tests-welfare-reforms.html
  12. Hi caggers, been here a while got a few threads running and now trying to help/advise a friend with her work related problem/s She is a Police officer, has had injuries on duty x 2 resulting from a work based activity - the first one was an accident during compulsory training wher her back went during Physical Training The second injury a year later occurred when ordered to conduct the same physical activity despite telling supervisor she wanted confirmation or all clear from Dr prior to undertaking the activity She undertook the activity (as she felt compelled to do it) and her back went again. She has been diagnosed with disc prolapse with a tear; after the initial HR feeling was that she was swinging the lead, It was only after HR paid for an MRI scan that they changed tack and actually belived the injury was genuine. (my friends perception) HR are aware of the full condition and she is now in reciept if IIDB. My friend is overweight (although very very good at her job) and during the subsequent HR/Medical and management meetings regarding her condition her weight has been focussed on as opposed to the activity that caused the injury. My friend has had very limited sick leave as she is conscientious and hard working, she has suffered and is suffering with pain every day as it is her sense of duty to keep going. My friend is a 'specialist' and works mainly in office based and specialist investigations My friend loves her job, doesnt want to sue the force for causing the injury (second time) and after a lengthy period of supported and temporary restricted status returned to full duties after a modified fitness test and self defence The problem is that the injury is still very very troublesome and she is getting worse by the week however in a male dominated enviroment where it is macho to 'soldier on' she feels that if she was to go on the sick it may lead to her being pensioned off as she cannot fulfil the full duties of a Police officer. She is hiding the true extent of her injury from her colleagues and bosses as she does not want to be dispensed with or moved from her role. She is braving it up to keep going, but also deep down realises that if the wheel came off in a confrontation she may get more seriosuly injured and actually become more of a liability than an assett to her colleagues. If she is found out to actually be more seriously injured after telling them she is fine would this be classed as gross misconduct? She is very worried as the austerity measures are bringing a whole new way of dealing with injured officers, she has said they can make her retire under regualtions but wants to keep going, anybody know if this is preventable? Also she is worried that by hiding the injury and then becoming involved in confrontation or similar situation where she may get injured again, or cause an adverse effect on her colleagues dealing with that situation because of her inability to deal with it - would she be liable under health and safety legislation for injuries to her colleagues? My friend does not want to speak with anyone internal including her federation (union rep type) reps as there is a belief that the force will find out as there are different employment laws concerning police. Her immediate supervisors went through the motions as being supportive however she feels this is management action to 'tick the boxes' and they would rather her move to different department. As her condition is still their she has until June 2013 to undertake the physical training again or face disciplinary action. She was advised by supervisor and union rep to maybe take painkillers and 'do the test and physical activity' just to pass, she feels this is again more risky and damaging to her back. any suggestions for her to proceed as her doctor, physio can see no solution to her back problem at the moment
  13. This is probably in the wrong forum but not sure where it should go so apologies in advance. I had a back injury at work in 2003 and my condition worsened so that I needed major surgery in Feb 2006. After the surgery I immediately started one of these 'have you been injured' claims and was put in touch with a solicitor who quite frankly wasn't that interested and I was naive. I did get sent to a specialist at the time who agreed I had suffered injury, I was offered in July that same year 8k which the solicitor told me to accept as my employer wanted to settle out of court. As I said I was so naive and the solicitor seemed like I was a nuisance taking up his time so the figure was accepted. However later that year in October I went through a divorce moved area so left the company this had all happened with and as I had got a settlement out of the divorce I didn't bother for a couple of months looking for work. During all this time my back was getting far worse than it had been before the surgery. Moving to 2012 now I am unable to work because of my back injury this also brought on chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and arthritis. 8k has already gone along with the money I had from the divorce - what I am seething about now is. 1. Why didn't I wait a bit longer to see if the back surgery had worked after a period of convalescence, because in hindsight it was no good accepting money for the injury, I should have had money for all those working age years I have been left unable to work. 2. Because I left of my own free will and did not retire on medical grounds I have no redress to even benefit from the pension I have with them which is small and cannot have it until I am 54 and they wont budge on that one as I have asked, I am 50 now so from age 44 (female) til whatever the retirement age for me is presumably 66 now there are 22 years I should have had compensation for. Im sure that you cant go back and claim more money for lack of hindsight can you? It does however seem wrong when I worked full time since 16 - 44 years and this is what Im left with. Any advice please?
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