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  1. I cannot believe that I have now received this email! Dear Customer, Your order is still with DPD, DPD did attempt delivery. DPD are advising that the delivery was signed and refused by SHARM. As this is not your signature, please visit the DPD Website or you can use the app directly, to action what is suitable for you, using your DPD Reference number: ...... . Should you wish to contact Ikea directly please call on 0203 645 0000. Kind Regards, IKEA. Stefania Customer Services Team 07 IKEA Customer Service This email is from IKEA Ltd (Comp
  2. I bought a sofa bed from Ikea which was delivered to my son's address in Plymouth. Unfortunately the mattress had a hole in it, and they didn't have a replacement mattress in stock, so we had to wait 6 weeks for one to be delivered. Come the day of the expected delivery I received a notification from DPD that they were delivering it to my Redruth address rather than my son's address in Plymouth. After an hour of trying I managed to get hold of a customer service agent on web chat and asked him to re-direct the delivery to Plymouth and ensure that no-one turned up i
  3. FOOTNOTE: Checked the bill online - no credit has been applied at all
  4. My son was called by Vodafone and told that they would like to offer him a free gift as a valued customer, and said they would send him a new tablet. It was only when he received his next bill that he discovered he was now being charged £19.99pcm for a data plan for the tablet. We called them to complain and the lady apologised profusely and said she had removed the data plan from his account, and raised a credit for the amount already billed. My son duly returned the tablet in the envelope they provided. This was in Sept, he has been billed for the data plan every month since. On th
  5. Response from Mark Hopwood, which we have gratefully accepted - "I'm proposing therefore to offer Beth a free journey from Plymouth to Reading tomorrow or Monday as she prefers to sample the train and as an apology for the disruption experienced today." Thank you CAG, couldn't have done this without you!
  6. FGW quoted their T's&C's that stated they would not be liable for consequential losses, that's all I know at the moment. I have emailed a formal complaint to the Heads of FGW and Stagecoach as rebel11 suggested, just have to wait and see what they have to say for themselves I guess
  7. I am happy to keep her for a few extra days, but she has to get back for college ASAP
  8. Due to FGW trains running half an hour late today our guest has been left stranded. She needed to get from Truro up to Plymouth to catch a Megabus onward to London Victoria and from there to Bracknell. However, the 14:42 train was late by half an hour, meaning she would arrive in Plymouth just as the Megabus was leaving Plymouth. Catching the later train and Megabus would have left her stranded in London overnight, so that option is not viable. We contacted Megabus to see if we could transfer her ticket for today to Monday but they have refused as we have given less than 24hrs notice
  9. I tried to sign up for NowTV, but after registering , despite filling out all the forms and ticking all the right boxes, I was told I had the wrong password over and over again and had to reset it every time I tried to do anything. Then I had to fill in all the forms and reset my security password yet again, only to be told when I clicked ‘watch now’ on a movie that I had to subscribe to watch and was taken back to the subscription form/payment details screen for a 5th time!!! I tried firefox and chrome, same story every time. Just 2 days later, despite the 30 day free trial pr
  10. except they should not have tried to make this particular payment until 5th January 2013...
  11. Today I received an automated call to say that a standing order had bounced. My salary went into my account around 1am this morning, and over £1000 of standing orders were paid without any problem, however they have bounced 1 SO for £50 to my son's account. To add insult to injury, I changed the SO they have bounced using internet banking 2 weeks ago so that it would not be paid in December, but recommenced in January, so they should never have tried to make the payment today anyway! I know I definitely cancelled the original SO and set up a new one payable from 05/01/13 until 05/07/13. I
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