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  1. I was waiting for their ermmm giving up ? Lol Tbh though we have a good reason with babies being ill although the court wouldn’t adjourn
  2. They seem to mix a lot up lol, like allowing the claimants paying 3 days late and not striking the claim out like in the order
  3. Sorry for the delay, I had to go back to work. My boss let me take a few hours out to go to court with the partner On arrival at court we let the Usher know that my partner wanted me to be able to help her and talk on her behalf sometimes (aside from evidence). After agreeing with us that her phone could remain on in the court room due to the babies ill health, they gave us a 'McKenzie Friend' form to fill in, which the Judge accepted. I asked the usher if the other sides Solicitor had turned up, and she pointed to a lady and said she was a Solicitors Agent. So I queried her right to represent there and then. After a delay we were called in and the Judge acknowledged I was there as well as the two parties, The judge began straight away with Gladstones bundle of evidence - which he picked holes in, in agreement with the witness statement We wrote. Firstly the pictures were incorrect, not showing the correct location. The judge just shock his head. He then went onto the discrepancy in the NHS site and their own terms, The 'agent' tried to argue that, that should be something we as the defendant take up with the NHS and not their problem. The judge shot her down straight away, stating its his view that its down to Gemini to take up with the NHS being that their own information is at odds with their own T&c's therefore misleading. The 'Agent' then went to try and push the point about the small square signs on lampposts that state 'disbled badge holders must pay and display' or somthing along those lines, that this should override the nhs information as it makes it clear The Judge disagreed with this also, I made the point the signs are high up on the lampposts - therefore are difficult for disabled users to see, especially those in wheelchairs - which the Judge wholly agreed with. The 'agent' tried to slide in some evidence which the Judge remided her she was not allowed to give or submit, not being a solicitor !! LOL Case Dismissed. But we forgot to ask for costs ! although that was at the end of the WS ?
  4. The court have told my partner Today on the phone that I can’t taln on her behalf unless she fills in a form and gets the judges permission ?
  5. Printed to drop to the court tomorrow, also email to gladrags - even though on their email signature it says they dont accept documents by email ! yet see no problem sending them out by email !! As far as Im concerned its served.
  6. Im confused, Ive put in the paragraphs that relate to the exhibits 'see exhibit (ii) below' etc ? is that incorrect ? Hopefully if that dont, the fact the parking contract does not mention disabled badge holders having to pay and display - which their signage contradicts is enough hopefully.
  7. Thank yo for your reply. I think ive done what i needed to, be handy to email to someone to read over though ?
  8. Thank you, The problem I have now is its my partners name on the summons but shes really afraid to go to court and to behonest finding someone to care for the poorly babies isnt going to be easy either. Can I be allowed to speak for her ? from memory I dont think I am Also, I notice on their WS they go onto a Defense - Do I counter this 'Defense' with the WS ? as is pointed out, the cases they rely upon are not relevant and their description of POFA is incorrect. It also looks like the badge is set to 1545 and ticket was issued at 1601 - therefore, would it not be fair to argue as the vehicle is showing a disabled badge - if the occupant was having to go get change as their machines do not take notes - this could take a prolonged period as the only place is a shop within the hospital atrium; by the time walk there at a reduced rate, Q up to get the change and walk back - not much point getting a ticket once a PCN was issued ? How do I word expenses in the WS please ? Thanks you
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