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  1. apparently not speaking to them, had we still been in receipt of TC and not moved to UC they could have dealt with it easier but they have nothing in place for this set of events as should never have happened... as there are numerous processes in place to prevent it.
  2. Well well we’ll. just got a letter .... they have only gone and sent another £766.87 EACH for my wife and I as DEBT to universal credit for the award period ending 04/2018 !! couldn’t make this up honestly!
  3. hi uncle bulgaria. I think you might have misunderstood what’s happened. luckily nothing has been deducted From UC as I got to debt management first and they zeroed the amount for 12 weeks. TC inform me that they have ‘recalled the debt’ and I have received a letter from them stating I owe nothing now. what TC are trying to work out is how to pay me the money they offset against the overpayment that was showing on their system that shouldn’t have been there. As I have moved over to UC this is more difficult as it could cause the TC system to throw a tantrum in x amount of months/years which will again go straight to UC for recovery.
  4. I did raise this with TC, as I can see this exact scenario happening. TC will be sending me a letter stating it’s owed money from June-July before UC was in payment so has nil effect. TC are looking more at a manual payment too as that system doesn’t talk to the UC system.
  5. just had a phone call from TC, they have agreed I was right and they should not have taken any payments and that they made multiple errors. they are now trying to work out how to pay the money back without the system throwing up more overpayments or sending recovery to UC. they are also going to pay redress and compensation. The man is hoping to have a final answer and figure on what they are paying next week.
  6. that’s all already been done. Formal complaint on 3/9 on phone which was escalated on 04/09 by hmrc due to seriousness of it. MR submitted online also on 04/09 and written letter sent and received by hmrc on 10/09. still nothing ......
  7. well today is when they should have responded by - no letter and no notes on TC system to say they have sorted it. More importantly no payment ! can I escalate this to tier 1 tribunal or do I have to keep waiting for them to drag their feet and pass me pillar to post.
  8. Just had a call from a complaints handler who is dealing with my mp’s contact. She said her view is ‘the overpayment has been recovered as it’s money I’ve already been historically paid so therefore in her eyes shouldn’t now be repaid to us’ I pointed out to her that the bankruptcy hadn’t been processed correctly their end, and had it been the overpayment wouldn’t have been there to recover in the first place. It took some explaining for her to acknowledge what I was saying but she is going back to the bankruptcy team to put my point to them. She kept saying that the recovery has been written off in the bankruptcy- but it hasn’t as they have in award recovered it.
  9. Got to wait up until the end of the month for them to get back to me. Absolutely ridiculous considering it’s their error ....! Meh fed up.
  10. Just running overpayments since 2012 roughly, which had built up and up. We have an official receiver who has confirmed hmrc debt is included and they have made a claim on the estate (there is no estate), she has confirmed that hmrc can only recover debts related to fraud which mine are not. She has also confirmed hmrc are being very underhand and she will be taking them to task too.
  11. Spoke to hmrc today and the normal advisor transferred me to a different team for overpayments etc. I ended up speaking to a team leader who said there is a complaint on the screen already and will be resolved in 15 working days. He Confirmed as we are bankrupt this should not have happened and it appears they have not followed their own processes to null the overpayments before the bankruptcy. I dont know if it’s worth following up with a written complaint too, just to make clear and force point by point.
  12. Will do, Ive taken HMRC to task before and will do it again. My OR isn’t interested in the money going to them and said the only time HMRC can take it (as in not wipe the debts) is fraud. Which this isn’t.
  13. UC have put hold on it, and will make UC aware it’s not recoverable to by sending them BK notices. HMRC are pushing their luck as they have already confirmed to the OR their interest and amount
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