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  1. thanks for the reply. I’m aware that once’s it’s defaulted that’s most damage it can do, but should they not reflect the account to £0 balance ?
  2. hi all I wonder if you wonderful people can clarify something. My wife and I went bankrupt in June 19 and was both discharged in June 2020. on checking our credit files there are a few inconsistencies- incorrect default dates post bankruptcy date that should be changed but Just need to write to them. but a lot are still reporting a balance in default ? I thought that once discharged the debt no longer exists? thanks in advance.
  3. Just had a phone call from a manager in the claims department, they are going to refund us £409 plus goodwill so total of £475 by cheque (the extra to buy food while cheque clears and have no cooker!) wouldnt get any better outcome I dont think with going small claims I dont think. Now just to find a cooker which has a proper fan oven !
  4. SAR is in, they say at the beginning of calls they they ‘Are recorded’ yet on email have said ‘may be recorded’ I smell a rat. We shall see. In any case I can show that the model changed from our original item and the replacement from the manuals. It’s just proving they (hotpoint) didn’t tell me that so miss sold/miss described the item.
  5. so the fact the item is sold as a fan oven when it only works as such a % of the time would be covered by this ?
  6. Hi bankfodder. the call discussing the change of cooker was made beginning of January this year. Shortly before the delivery. yes I intend to sue the manufacturer as they changed the cooker so as far as I know the contract is now with them. They have not supplied what was agreed. I also intend to refer to trading standards as I do not feel this cooker is as described for the whole market and is dangerous. It’s impossible to know how to cook food fully and at what temperature - as I say no food manufacturer give instructions on a part time fan oven.
  7. thank you for replying again. I specifically asked if anything had been changed or modified on the cooker, being customers have had the door glass breaking a lot and was told no changes. I will get a sar in Monday morning. all we want is a fan oven that works 100% of the time not for a small proportion of the time.
  8. I think you misunderstood what I’ve written. the cooker door was going to be replaced and we were happy wit that. Hotpoint decided not to do this and changed the cooker with what we were told was exactly the same. No changes. if you google HUD61PS not a real fan oven you will see lots of other customers with the same issues. The oven does not cook correctly ! someone please tell me what cooking instructions we follow ? Fan oven or conventional? This oven is neither .... we only accepted their ‘gesture of goodwill’ because we were told it was exactly the same. This is substantially different and not a genuine fan oven
  9. The only model we can find from their group of companies which seems to work the way our last one did is this https://ao.com/product/ch60dhwfs-cannon-by-hotpoint-harrogate-dual-fuel-cooker-white-26506-12.aspx?cmredirectionvalue=CH60DHwfs The reason ive not considered the warrenty with ao and taking action in that regard is because hotpoint agreed to fix free of charge with parts free of charge. They then decided to change the cooker like for like - with myself personally asking if there were any changes and I was told 'No just a newer build'. The item was delivered and we noticed that the main fan oven operates differently, as in the fan does not operate once the oven is up to temperature. Our old oven used to run all the time and cooked perfectly. The replacement does not cook evenly and takes longer to cook, as well as requiring a higher temperature. Hotpoint sent an engineer out on 20/02/2020 so states that the cooker is operating as designed so they are now stating they will not replace a cooker that is working as they designed. I am now looking at the prospect of issuing a small claim online as ,1) This cooker is substantially different to our previous model for which we were not advised. Hotpoint record all calls which they tell you on every telephone call they make to you, so I intend to request these phone calls to support a claim if I make one.
  10. appologies missed those bits Delivered 17/02/2017 We haven’t looked as yet to be honest, I’m sure there must be within their group
  11. hi again the original supplier was AO but was out of warranty with them so hotpoint took it up. the oven was replaced around January time, with us notifying them we was not happy fairly shortly after delivery. hotpoint said the exact same model, which was delivered HUD61PS - but is only the same on model number. (Which I think is naughty as they changed a major function)
  12. Hi all need some advice please a few month ago our fan oven door outside glass broke while no one was home. The cooker was a HUD61PS duel fuel model. hotpoint agreed to repair free of charge and ended up picking the old cooker up and changing it for what we were told was a ‘like for like’ exchange. I specifically asked if there were any changes to the newer build and was told no just built newer. on using the cooker we noticed that the fan in the fan oven turns off once the oven reaches temperature. So the fan oven is only a part time fan oven ! Hotpoint tell me this is to make the energy rating better. Yet food has to be cooked for longer at a higher temperature to ensure it is cooked fully !!! e.g potato waffles - 12/15 mins usually at 200° this oven they take at least 20 mins at 220° and still usually come out soggy ! a pie only come out half browned - keep in mind it’s meant to be a fan oven ! hotpoint are saying they will send an engineer out to see if it’s operating as intended .... but my argument is. It’s not the same oven we had or want ! We would never buy a fan oven that functioned like this. Or we can have a full refund for £389 which is curry’s current selling price ..... no chance finding a decent oven for that price. can we make hotpoint out us back in the position we was in prior e.g. with a cooker with a fan oven that works fully as a fan oven ?
  13. apparently not speaking to them, had we still been in receipt of TC and not moved to UC they could have dealt with it easier but they have nothing in place for this set of events as should never have happened... as there are numerous processes in place to prevent it.
  14. Well well we’ll. just got a letter .... they have only gone and sent another £766.87 EACH for my wife and I as DEBT to universal credit for the award period ending 04/2018 !! couldn’t make this up honestly!
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