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  1. But they will still chase us and can take court action .... not a solution to us ?
  2. We have over £2000 outgoing bills per month. I can only just afford the £160 Iva payment monthly ..... I can’t see how offering them a lower payment is going to help
  3. The creditor demanding these changes is refusing to ‘negotiate’ and causing the IVA to be rejected. This is now going to force me back onto beneifits as I’ll have to quit work - not enough hours to cover the bills. Can’t find other work - I’ve tried !
  4. The defaults are all recent, there are more historic ones. There is £6k of hmrc debt also for tax credits overpayments. Furniture finance of £4K numerous credit cards which all recent (last 2 years or so). I can’t list everything as I’m working and don’t have the info with me. Edit- to be honest we haven’t got the strength or time with our health and babies health to deal with them ourself, it would be too much.
  5. Yeah a lot are recent credit cards - debt combined is £47k. Ive started a thread for advice on changes they want to make to agree it
  6. Yeah credit cards and HMRC,
  7. Hi all. My wife and I are entering Into an IVA, due to my children’s health and this having an impact on my health and ability to work as much we are unable to meet our bills and live. The creditors meeting was held yesterday and the IVA people have come back to me with some changes which I think are totally unacceptable, my wife and I both have blue badges and receive PIP. We have 5 children, including 18 Month old poorly twins who are often in hospital or at hospital appointments. My wife and I also have regular appointments separately, the reason I am saying this is because one of the changes are in relation to our vehicle which is on finance and more is owed than the vehicle is worth. I will paste below what we have been sent - Now we can’t get careers allowance and if we were to apply again - both being in receipt of pip is likely to trigger assessments on us both again (happened last time we applied for this) plus I earn more than £123 per week. When we were going through the proposal I was assured the vehicle would be protected due to our health status and the need for the vehicle we have. Yet they want me to hand it back, add extra debt into the IVA and find another one for £250 per month - with 5 defaults and a trashed credit record. ? I have outright refused this so far. The car insurance one is laughable, who buys car insurance that isn’t the cheapest to meet their needs ! In any case it’s paid now for the year ..... I can’t agree to no variation meeting for 24 months as I’ve unstable health and ill children, I can’t predict what will happen during that time ! Is there a way to approach this to maintain the vehicle etc ?
  8. Nothing heard since ... going into IVA now so should be included
  9. Thank you for all the advice. I believe they have reached an ‘agreement’ of payment of xxx and they will close the claim. A letter was received for full and final settlement to this effect this morning and I believe the payment sent by PayPal. One question please. If the claimant does not close the claim, do we just submit the letter and proof of payment to the court and request strike out ? Or does that not apply as claim has not been acknowledged yet, the deadline is the 4th .... do we still acknowledge the claim ?
  10. Unfortunately it was my misjudged advice that I believed he had no liability in a private sale, of a used 20 year old engine - I also believed the lba was not in-fact a real lba but a ploy to obtain money back. I’ve only just recently seen the advert and correspondence, which isn’t in his favour due to the wording. My nephew does has autism though which makes him more gullible and easily led on - he takes people on what they tell him. In truth he wouldn’t be able to defend the claim on his own, he wouldn’t cope with it. You are are correct that he just sold it on as he was told it was, sadly not remembering the address of where he got it from. The only correspondence he has is messages from the seller who is now ignoring him - so I believe was fully aware it had not been done
  11. Hi again sorry my mistake, just spoken to my nephew and it was Feb this year. The reason I believed it was 2018 is because the letter is dated April 2018 and states in the text February 2018. Does this his have any bearing ?
  12. Thank you. so if my nephew is as to offer a full and final settlement, would it be headed ‘without prejudice save as to Costs’ ? Regards
  13. Thank you again for the reply the reason the letter was no replied is it only contained a email address which would provide no proof of receipt. No address no contact details. The letter also reads as unreasonable, he wants a refund and to keep the engine. Or removal costs, a refund and collection of the Engine If it’s wanted back. the alleged report he has is not impartial either, it’s stated it is from the same place that fitted the engine so would have a financial gain in finding ‘fault’. Some of the things alleged are not possible, e.g. metal in the oil. - the engine was drained and had no oil or other fluids.
  14. Also to add. Looking through the ‘messenger chat’ pages - the claimant sent a £104 payment through PayPal goods and services - why would they not claim through that before court, as I believe you have to exhaust all options before taking court action. I could be completely wrong as I’m rather rusty
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