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  1. Dear Forum members, I would like to ask you if you could kindly help me draft the best POPLA appeal that I can in regards to the NTK I received from UKPC? Appeal sent as the Keeper of the Vehicle on the following grounds and asked for further information: 1. Equalities Act 2010 compliance (have sent them proof of disability for an occupant of the vehicle) 2. Parking Charge amount claim grounds 3. Asking them to give a breakdown of their actual loss. Is the charge a true reflection of damages? 4. Their status – the creditor? 5. Ownership of premises?
  2. Hi there! I would like to ask for some advice. I found a similar case (same place, same issue) to mine in this forum and would like to know what was the outcome. Or I'm looking for some solution from someone more clever than me. I parked my car in the St Stephens car park in Trowbridge end of May. I purchased my free three hours ticket (still have the ticket) and put on the dashboard in a visible place. Shutting the door moved the ticket further down and fell under the windscreen wiper (not fully visible, but definitely there). I had an hour meeting at Nan
  3. If anyone could help I’d appreciate it, We went to Birmingham to collect a friend and driving down to the 30 minute free wait the car started to jerk and pull the engine management light came on. Which forced us to pull over as was not safe to continue. We clocked their sign saying no stopping to collect or drop off. We never did we in fact stopped for two minutes maximum. Enough time to switch the engine off an start it again. The engine management light stayed on but the car seemed a slight rough but wasnt pulling or jerking. We drove up an down for a while the
  4. this is the 3rd POPLA success from 3 challenges against Northern Parking Services. Mine was the first last year, a work colleagues was second late last year(he got the decision in february. This third is for a pensioner friend of mine. They were all from the same place ,Cross street retail park,Long Eaton,Nottingham,NG10.
  5. Guys, I have just had my parking fine appeal refused by POPLA. I believe I am in the right with this and was prepared to take it to the next level if Armtrac (the car park operator) wish to do so. The questions I was looking to get some response to are: 1) “should I lose the case, how much more expenses than the £100 fine could there be e.g. with legal costs etc of Armtrac, cost of hearing etc??? In a similar vein if I win the case can I claim against Armtrac? I am retired but work just a few days a year as a consultant for which my fees are substantial –
  6. We need your advice. In December 2016 my partner and I parked one evening at a Euro Car Park in Manchester, paid our £7 evening fee, went to the Christmas market, then left 2 hours after we arrived. At the end of January this year we received a demand for £100 for failing to pay for our parking ticket (it was £100 as we had failed to pay the original £60 charge within 14 days, despite never receiving an earlier purported letter; weirdly, this first letter then turned up two days after the day we received the second letter which was also the day we first contact
  7. Hi, I have had a POPLA PCN Smart Parking appeal rejected and would like any advice on what may happen now. Details My wife was driving my car, parked at Matalan and paid £1 for the correct amount of time. No overstay. Only thing was she put in the car reg of her own car, not mine. When she realised this she tried to contact them to get it changed, but she couldn't get through on the day and on the Monday she was told she'd have to appeal the PCN. (Yes, she should have bought another ticket at the time but it didn't cross her mind and thought it would be an easy thing to rectify.)
  8. I parked up at Cross street retail park, Long Eaton, and ended up with a pcn. I requested information from NPS, but they sent me nothing other than a reminder to pay the pcn, and a POPLA code to appeal. Fast forward evidence from Erewash Borough Council that NPS do not have planning permission for the erection and use of the signage and anpr cameras (2 of them). Fast forward again to yesterday when I noticed the anpr cameras were gone and a cctv camera put up in place. Today,I received my reply from POPLA. NPS, you lose. 55-0 to me against penalty charge
  9. I have been advised by a friend to post my problem here as a last attempt to perhaps find a solution to it. I moved into a property (flat) in February 2017. The parking area outside these flats are monitored by 'PCL'. A resident can apply for a parking permit (£15 fee) which resident has to display on windscreen. I attended concierge on the day I moved into property and filled out the application form and paid £15 via cheque. Receptionist said he has run out of the badges and I can collect the permit in two days. I think the shift changes and in the evening I found a p
  10. Summary : I had been to a Car park which is adjacent to Rail station to drop by wife. There were road construction, and for safety reason I decided to pull the car into a Car park, and left the site in less than a minute. Exactly, at the same time, I been again to the car park, and left the site in less than a minute. The Car park has issued a Parking charge notice by picking up images of entry on day1 and exit on day2, claiming that my car was parked for 23 hours and 59 minutes and did not pay the parking charges. Parking Charge Notice issued by private car park accordanc
  11. A work colleague received a pcn from ukpc ltd for parking on a kerb on private land where he lives. I drafted a letter of appeal for him to ukpc ltd, as if it was the colleague drafting it, stating that ,I have a parking permit and so am entitled to park up on the premises. The fact that all the parking bays were taken on a first come first served basis has no relevance. The fact that I live in an apartment ,on the land, allows me to park , and ukpc do not have sole rights to change the contract, lease, or covenant on the land. Needless to say, ukpc declined the ap
  12. Hi, I received a parking charge notice on the 4th August, about an over stay in a 'free' retail park called Rheidol Retail Park in Aberystwth. The date of the this happened was 22/07/16. I overstayed according to them by 23 minutes. It was pouring down, and i had the wife and my three young kids with me, so they stayed in the shop and i went and got the car, the whole thing took longer than expected, which helped us be late out! Its my wife car, but i was driving. I wrote back appealing, but from my wife as the registered owner, not the driver. They requested evidence of pur
  13. Hi Just looking for some advice on below, if anyone can help? I have just recently received the below from appealing to POPLA, I still have the ticket with £2.70 printed on the ticket, the ticket only displays the arrival time, there was parking tariffs on the sign but believed that this would pro rata, ie additional 70p, would more than cover the additional 28mins over the £2 for 2 hours. The operator has provided me with photographic evidence of the appellant’s vehicle entering the Dovecot Street Car Park at 13:27 and exited at 15:55 for a stay totalling 2 hou
  14. Hi there, I recently was given a PCN, for £100, which I felt was unlawfully issued based on the following facts. The PCN was based on the following sign: Maximum 90 minutes free parking while the store is open. My argument was that the store (KFC) was shut when I parked there, for 25 minutes, and the words of the sign which they base their charge on literally means that there is a limit of 90 minutes, for parking while the store is open. They make no mention of any restrictions for parking while the aforementioned store was shut. I have made an unsuccessful internal app
  15. Hi After following all the steps advised on the forum, UKPC have finally issued the POPLA code, so I am now at the stage of drafting my appeal to submit to POPLA. To give some background, UKPC issued a windscreen ticket as the vehicle owner/driver left the site. The NTK to keeper was issued within the correct time period. So now my appeal has reached POPLA stage and I have drafted an appeal based on the following grounds: Evidence for leaving site The notice to keeper states that the vehicle owner/driver left the site. Therefore for this reason a parking charge of £100 is
  16. Hi everyone I sent a claim to POPLA and I got the decision on the 12th September. I will post the decision below, I just want to know if there's anything more I can do or should I just pay it. Thanks Andrew Decision: Assessor summary of operator case The operator’s case is that the driver has remained in excess of the free stay period, and failed to purchase time thereafter. Assessor summary of your case The app
  17. Parkingeye gave false photographic evidence on signs to POPLA Wright Hassell. My appeal to them was rejected.. I did not find this out until after the rejection letter having looked at PEs evidence in detail. I complained to BPA and ISPA but I don't think they want to get between the dog and his bone. I have now had the letter before county court claim and expect court claim to follow. I have written to PE informing them of the false evidence with copies of the photographic facts but nothing from them to date. What are my chances of defending and winning
  18. Hi all! POPLA decided my appeal against a "PCN" was successful. However they have just reviewed the case after the operator challenged the decision a have given a Refused Appeal. Had this happened to anyone else? And where does one stand with this?
  19. Received today; It seems that all outstanding London Councils POPLA appeals have been ' adjourned ' regardless of the appeal. My PE appeal was based on only one point- lack of standing. This has no connection with Beavis and as such I was expecting a decision... Five weeks after the hearing estimated date, I get the above email which has no relevance to my case. So who, when and if a decision is made is any ones guess....
  20. Hi guys, Today I got the result of my POPLA appeal from an incident from October 2015. I've lost the appeal, here is what they have said: The site operates Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). The operator states that the appellant’s vehicle was captured by ANPR entering the site at 17.14.24, exiting at 17.27.00. The appellant was at the site for a period of 12 minutes and 36 seconds. The operator has provided a system generated print out which shows that the appellant’s vehicle registration number does not appear on the date of the event. The operator confirms that
  21. Hello, Would be extremely grateful if I could get some feedback on the following please. Received 2 parking charge notices from Parking Eye back in November for non purchase of a parking ticket at a car park in Manchester. I appealed the charge for the following reasons. I believed I'd paid the charges online via 'Pay by Phone', however I'd actually paid for the wrong car park. 'Pay by phone' is a method I often use for the is car park when I have no change but the number which was stored on my app was for a SIP carpark (literally 100 metres further up the road)
  22. Hi Every one I had received a parking ticket for allegedly parking in a restricted area (client permit area) from High view parking. to further explain, we wanted some new carpets and went in a shop in hillsborough in sheffield which allows free customer parking. We parked in an area where there was a board of customer parking on the wall that i parked against, on the adjacent wall there was permit parking board. I genuinely thought it was customer parking, parked only to get a notice that i had parked in restricted area which was for clients only from
  23. As the registered keeper, a PCC was issued on July 2015 via post from ANPR controlled car park with pay and display. I sent an appeal to Parking Eye with help of the forum and was given a POPLA code. I attempted to appeal via POPLA, but this was during the period of change from London Council to Ombudsman Services. A letter was sent from POPLA stating I will be contacted to submit my evidence in due course. Despite this I received a Letter Before County Council Claim. To which I sent a reply, stating I was awaiting an opportunity to submit evid
  24. I would like some advise please? I am a landlord of a freehold property and was issued a parking charge for parking in the communal car park. I never received correspondence that UKPC was going to be managing the communal car park. My tenant later informed me he had not received any correspondence also about UKPC managing the car park and so had received parking charges for 3 consecutive days but was going to ignore the charges as he was a tenant and was within his rights to use the car park. I decided to appeal the parking charge unlike him, however POPLA ha
  25. Hi I wondered whether I could seek some advice for my appeal with POPLA against UKPC please? To summarise, UKPC issued a Parking charge ticket on a vehicle on 9/8/2015 for parking in a disabled persons space without displaying a badge. The vehicle owner was not the driver at the time. A NTK was then issued by UKPC to the vehicle owner on 8/9/15 and the following appeal was sent to UKPC by the keeper: As UK Parking Control Ltd (UKPC) have failed to contact the keeper of the above vehicle within the time stipulated in the provisions of the PoFA, then on this basis UK
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