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  1. It’s just that I thought you always had to reply in legal terms, fight them with their own language. Not had any experience in this before. Happy to be forceful and show I’m not a pushover but wasn’t planning to antagonise them. Has anyone had any experience when you do respond forcibly like EB?
  2. Thanks for the replies. It’s encouraging to know that I can push back, although I still want to remain professional. I will dispute we owe any monies to them and will question the lba statement.
  3. Last page does say “Please note that this letter is to be considered a letter before claim for the purpose of the Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims. Please read this Pre-Action Protocol and the Practice Direction on Pre-Action Conduct which outlines the Court’s powers to impose sanctions for failing to comply with its provisions. Out client does not consider that this matter is suitable for Alternative Dispute Resolution. File attached of letter. Smart Parking SCS Letter 31-10-2017.pdf
  4. Hi again. After months of nothing, we've had another letter, this time from SCS Law saying "We act for Smart Parking and are instructed to recover the charges shown below incurred by you in relation to the parking of your vehicle." Total Outstanding: £170. Includes another reference to the Beavis case. "Unless a response to this letter is received within 30 days, we are instructed to issue court proceedings to recover the above sum and any of our client's legals costs, without further recourse to you." They then include a form in which to reply where you can
  5. Thanks folks. I won't take any further action and see what happens next.
  6. No, I didn't record the call. I purposefully didn't say anything about the debt itself or the payment. I assume my credit file has the correct address - although I've never seen it. I have read various parking forums but didn't get into debt collection as this was the first time they got involved. I wanted to contact them to ensure I got any letters and to not get my tenant involved. My car was registered at the correct (my current home) address as the time of the incident, not the one they subsequently wrote to. They have sent another letter today aski
  7. Hi again. So an update... After losing the POPLA appeal, we didn't hear anything. However, I have recently been forwarded a letter by the DRP (Debt Recovery Plus) "who were working on behalf of the creditor" that was sent to an address of a house I used to live in and still own but one I rent out. It said that as there was no response at my current address that they used a tracking service and found that my rental address was my my most current address (which obviously it isn't). Anyway, they said I had 2 weeks to pay the £155 charge otherwise "full recovery action will take place an
  8. Thanks both for your replies and guidance - that certainly makes me feel better. No news from them yet and I certainly won't do anything for the moment. If I hear back I'll post here. Cheers.
  9. Hi, I have had a POPLA PCN Smart Parking appeal rejected and would like any advice on what may happen now. Details My wife was driving my car, parked at Matalan and paid £1 for the correct amount of time. No overstay. Only thing was she put in the car reg of her own car, not mine. When she realised this she tried to contact them to get it changed, but she couldn't get through on the day and on the Monday she was told she'd have to appeal the PCN. (Yes, she should have bought another ticket at the time but it didn't cross her mind and thought it would be an easy thing to rectify.)
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