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  1. I don't think Parkingeye read letters sent to them, I have just received a further letter from them saying they have received my letter. Saying I have been processed for further action because POPLA found in their favour and it goes on to say all the costs I will incur should court proceedings be issued. I now think I am corresponding with a machine. I will wait for the machine to roll on into court.
  2. Yes in evidence to POPLA Wright Hassell, Parkingeye produced a photographic picture of a sign that was not there on the day and was not there up to July 2016. I have my own photographic picture evidence showing the sign was not there. The sign read ( PARKING for patients visiting this building only NO PARKING for breast care southern dental Brighton diagnostic centre,) this was on a post in front of a further sign that read Patients only which also had small print which read all medical centre patients must register at reception, this sign was there. Had
  3. its not a hospital but two NHS sites 175 and 177 London road Brighton 175 was the car park I parked in, the sign said patients only the sign that was missing would have told me I was in the wrong car park. when I returned to the car I read a sign that said register your car at reception, When I tried to do this I was told they could not as I was not their patient and they had a contract with Parkingeye to make no exceptions what so ever. Both sites had NHS signs, that's the confusion.
  4. I have very good photographic evidence taken and dated on the day I got the PCN. See letter sent to Parkingeye. Further to your letter dated 23rd August 2016. I have no intention of paying Parkingeye as my appeal to POPLA Wright Hassall did not take into account the confused signage and mitigating ambulatory nature of the appeal. I also believe Wright Hassall is not impartial having worked for multiple Parking firms in a Debt Collecting capacity and are only interested in the recent supreme court decision as a panacea. Parkingeye also gave false photo
  5. Parkingeye gave false photographic evidence on signs to POPLA Wright Hassell. My appeal to them was rejected.. I did not find this out until after the rejection letter having looked at PEs evidence in detail. I complained to BPA and ISPA but I don't think they want to get between the dog and his bone. I have now had the letter before county court claim and expect court claim to follow. I have written to PE informing them of the false evidence with copies of the photographic facts but nothing from them to date. What are my chances of defending and winning
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