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  1. Hi ericsbrother, Thank you for your input and the notes, it is greatly appreciated and valued! I have attached the photo of the entrance to the estate and the sign they have there (it says in large letters "4 Hours Maximum parking" and then in smaller letters probably something to say to others to refer to conditions somewhere else, but I was not able to read it after zooming in on the photo taken from the car on my subsequent visit) PS. I did presume that whatever I do write to the parking company themselves in appeal will be rejected anyways. BUT as I can now try to fin
  2. Hi dear forum members, Any advice or input on this case please? It would be greatly appreciated and welcomed. Thank you
  3. Dear Forum members, I would like to ask you if you could kindly help me draft the best POPLA appeal that I can in regards to the NTK I received from UKPC? Appeal sent as the Keeper of the Vehicle on the following grounds and asked for further information: 1. Equalities Act 2010 compliance (have sent them proof of disability for an occupant of the vehicle) 2. Parking Charge amount claim grounds 3. Asking them to give a breakdown of their actual loss. Is the charge a true reflection of damages? 4. Their status – the creditor? 5. Ownership of premises?
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