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  1. It says: Thank you for your recent enquiry about a possible breach of planning control. I regret that due to the high number of enforcement cases that we have under investigation or subject to enforcement actions we are currently unable to respond to all the enquiries we are receiving. In order to manage the incoming complaints and enquiries and at the same time progress essential enforcement actions against breaches of planning controls it has become necessary to temporarily put on hold those matters which are of a lower priority and where there is less urgency to undertake initial investigations. These include householder developments and other minor matters where development is already completed. Your enquiry has been recorded and we have considered the matters you have raised. We have decided to place your enquiry into the holding category and so we will not be able to undertake an investigation of the matter at the present time. We are reviewing the held enquiries on a four weekly basis and advising the enquirers of their status. However, if in the meantime the situation escalates in any way please contact us on the above number for further advice. As soon as we are able to investigate the matters you have raised we will send you an acknowledgement letter giving case officer contact details and a timescale for advising you of the outcome of those investigations. We are taking steps to adjust staff resources to deal with our current caseload and as soon as the staff are in post and trained we will be able to resume investigating all enquiries on receipt in accordance with our normal procedures. I hope that you will be able to bear with us during this period and I thank you for your patience. Yours sincerely Bev Hocking Senior Compliance Officer
  2. Here is the reply I got from Leeds city council ~$eds council.rtf
  3. I've sent an email to Leeds city council, thanks for your advice. I'll keep you updated on precedings
  4. This was the very core of my argument against PE. This is why I feel it is a bit of an injustice when it is not stated that I have 10 minutes grace.
  5. Nothing, It's a generic car park in the center of Leeds. Near to the train station but not of it
  6. What are my options now? I feel like this is an injustice
  7. Hi guys, Today I got the result of my POPLA appeal from an incident from October 2015. I've lost the appeal, here is what they have said: The site operates Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). The operator states that the appellant’s vehicle was captured by ANPR entering the site at 17.14.24, exiting at 17.27.00. The appellant was at the site for a period of 12 minutes and 36 seconds. The operator has provided a system generated print out which shows that the appellant’s vehicle registration number does not appear on the date of the event. The operator confirms that the site is a paid parking car park which is clearly stated on the signage at the site. The operator confirms that there are 15 signs, placed at the entrance, exit and throughout the site stating the terms and conditions. The signage at the site is in full compliance with Section 18 of the British Parking Association (BPA) Code of Practice with particular reference to Section 18.3 which states “signs must be conspicuous and legible and written in intelligible language so that they are easy to read and understand”. The signage on site states that, “By parking, waiting or otherwise remaining within this private car park, you agree to comply with this Parking Contract and are authorised to park, only if you follow these terms and conditions. If you fail to comply, you accept liability to pay the fee for unauthorised parking (the "Parking Charge").” Section 13.2 of the British Parking Association states “you should allow the driver a reasonable ‘grace period’ in which to decide if they are going to stay or go”. The operator confirms that it has a grace period on all sites, which gives the motorist time to enter a car park, park, and establish whether or not they wish to be bound by the terms and conditions of parking. These grace periods are sufficient for this purpose. The appellant states that he was dropping a relative at the train station and went across the road to get change for parking. He states that he wanted to stay for more than an hour but as it was a Saturday it was a fixed charge so decided to go and park at the train station car park instead. The appellant says that there was no indication on the signs about how long he could stay before a fine is implemented and the writing was too small. I acknowledge the comments from the appellant however, if you decide to remain at a car park site you must have the means to stay, a grace period is given in order to establish the terms and conditions at the site and should not be used to obtain the means to remain. By leaving the site to obtain the means is an acceptance of the terms and conditions of contract at the site. if the appellant had considered the terms and conditions prior to establishing if he had the means to remain there would have been sufficient time to leave prior entering into a contract with the operator. On this occasion the appellant has failed to follow the terms and conditions of the signage at the site and I conclude that the PCN was issued correctly. Accordingly this appeal should be refused.
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