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  1. Hi All Just wanted to let you know that unfortunately I was unsuccessful with my appeal, but I would like to thank you all for your time and advice. I guess I have learned a few lessons and will definitely be avoiding any stores which operate these type of parking conditions in the future. Michael
  2. Hi all, Before I continue with my appeal I just wanted to check one last time, the content that I should use. Would the following posted by silverfox1961 be recommended: or does anyone have any other suggestions, additions to this? Thanks again.
  3. OK, that's great. Do I need to include anything specific when appealing, photo evidence of signs, anything in particular I should point out as evidence of no breach. I'm thinking back to a previous post on this thread by silverfox1961. Thanks again for your time in your analysis of CEL's response and signage.
  4. Hi ericsbrother The paragraph that explains their grounds is as follows: The further details are basically 2 pages of FAQ's really.
  5. Thanks for your reply silverfox1961, Certainly looks like a solid appeal statement, especially considering it's your first. I will take your advice and hang on for any further opinions. ericsbrother, I posted the content of the appeal email I sent to CEL, yesterday. it is as follows: That is the only correspondence i have sent so far.
  6. OK, I can hold on a while yet. I have 28 days to appeal from the 28/09/2016. Thanks.
  7. OK, here's my email text for starters; Dear Sir/Madam, I was issued with a parking ticket for parking at 258 London Road, Hazel Grove, Stockport, SK7 4DA on 16/08/2016. I believe this ticket was issued unfairly and that I don’t need to pay it because: My car was parked there only between 09:56:58 and 10:21:47. The signage indicated I was entitled to park at these times without charge, according to the terms and conditions clearly stated on the signage: Maximum 90 minutes free parking while the store is open According to the terms and conditions of this signage I was not in breach of the terms and conditions for the following 2 reasons: I was parked for no more than 25 minutes The store was actually not open. The are no further signs stating terms and conditions for when the store is not open Accordingly, there is no signage to suggest I had breached any terms and conditions. I understand that you’re obliged to provide evidence that the car was parked in breach of the rules. I will post the letter shortly
  8. OK, thanks for the advice. Am I OK to post a scanned copy of the PCN publicly? And again I can send you the wording of the email I sent to the appeal. thanks
  9. Hi ericsbrother Thank you very much for your detailed analysis. I'm 100% with you that the wording on the sign is open to interpretation. I have only received the initial Parking Charge Notice and of course their Response to Representation to tell me that my internal appeal was unsuccessful, no surprise there though. I can post details from either if you would like to pick more holes. I would like to thank everyone for your very positive support up to this point. it has certainly made me feel more confident in advancing the appeal process.
  10. Thanks for your positive feedback. I have already appealed internally to CEL and as you quite rightly assumed they have rejected my appeal so I will now have to appeal to POPLA. Would you suggest adding further comments, on top of the issue with the signage, or should that be enough? Again, thank you very much for your time and advice.
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