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  1. I finally managed to speak with TEC. They say I need to submit PE2 and PE3 via email for them to hold enforcement. I have both forms filled with the matter as discussed above. I have them witnessed by the local county council office. I am due to email them to TEC along with scanned copy of V5 and my Driving licence. Fingers crossed.
  2. oh I have no idea about TE7 and TE9. I will prepare whichever one you think is best. I only suggested PE2 and 3 as TEC sent them to me when I spoke with them before. I also understand that I cannot add or delete any words once they have been witnessed. Thank you for point it out.
  3. Thank you so much. I have been trying to get this done today as I am our of London tomorrow and day after and also I have an appointment at county court already. I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience here but if you are happy with the drafted matter. I can print and take it along with me to have it witnessed. I can always add (not delete) some more details to the reason later today or tomorrow before sending, just cautious of time and have it attested with court.
  4. I am now aware that my vehicle Y7XXXXX had been involved in a road traffic contravention on 28/11/2016 and that all notices from London Borough of Ealing had been sent to my previous address but that I had not received any of these notices as I had moved from that address 02/12/2016. All my documents, including DVLA, car reg, bank accounts and insurance documents were updated in January 2017. I only became aware of this penalty charge notice on 07/07/2017 when my previous landlord contacted me that a letter from task enforcement was delivered to my previous address. From enquiries that I
  5. No, they have not added any fee as yet. I asked them for it as was told that it is for both of the penalty charges so they have added them together 278+278 = 556 with compliance fee only. Are you happy with above explanation of OOT delay?, I have booked an appointment with county court at 1245 for witness to send these documents to TEC by 1330.
  6. I have spoken with Task and they are saying I need to pay £556 and nothing less. I did not provide them with my new address and said I need to seek some assistance first and will call them back shortly. I have filled up the both PE2 and PE3 forms, making an appointment with the court to have them attested and will send them out to TEC before 2 pm today. I have written the following please; I am now aware that my vehicle Y7XXXXXX had been involved in a road traffic contravention on 28/11/2016 and that all notices from London Borough of Ealing had been sent to my previous address but t
  7. Date of contravention: 11/10/2016 Ref: EAXXXXX440 Out of time application refused by court on 22/4/2017 Task enforcement date notice issued: 22/06/2017 to be paid by: 05/07/2017 @18:30 (ii) Date of Contravention: 28/11/2016 Ref: EAXXXXX355 Task enforcement notice issued: 30/06/2017 By: 13/07/2017 @18:30 no OOT application made for this PCN
  8. the date of contravention is 28/11/2016 for the reference number which I did not write to the court as yet. I have soft copy of PE2 and PE3 on my email. also in the meantime do you think I should contact Task and pay for the first one if they still accept on £278, even though it expired 05/07. But if I do make a payment via card, they will have my new address anyway or should I let them know that I am filling out OOT for the second one so please keep it on hold for another few days?
  9. Oh my dear god!!!! you could not have been more right. Everything is Identical but the reference number and dates, they are of two different dates and I never knew the other one.. I am losing words for my stupidity really.. How do I go about filling out OOT for the second one please help and what to include on it. Also, No I did not write council because when I got to know the other one It was with Northampton county court already and when I phoned them, they asked me to write to them and not to council. I did write to Northampton county council with my new address and they replied o
  10. absolutely sir, there were two notices the one dated 22/06/2017 has 05/07/2017 expiry date (at rear) and the one dated 30/06/2017 has 13/07/2017 expiry date. I will be calling their office first thing Monday morning 10/07, will make payment and close this matter. I feel helpless though (and I think you too) that despite being at no fault, have been forced to pay almost £200 additional by enforcement agents. or maybe I did make a mistake and should have sought help before writing to court as clearly I did not write enough as one of the gentlemen suggested above. thank you each one o
  11. understood.. so the best bet would now be to pay task enforcement. Last question please. do you think it would be any good writing to the Ealing council as to what had happened and that they may be able to consider taking any less?
  12. I will be taking action as advised by your good self as to what should I do. If you feel that best bet would be to contact task and make payment, I will immediately action it. I have gone through my email and found the following dates and information. * I picked up first correspondence from TEC dated 25/01/2017 and 23/02/2017, wrote them a letter on 26/02/2017 informing of the change of address and that this is the very first time I came to know about this PCN. * I also phoned them I think on 10/03/2017 requesting an update and was told to complete PE2 and PE3. * 20/03/2017 - I t
  13. I could not appreciate more, thank you all. I have been trying to find any paperwork of the notice, not having much luck the only few papers I found are 2 x notices from task enforcement ltd (which I collected from my previous residence) and HM Courts and tribunals service. 1) 2 x notices from Task enforcement dated 22/6/2017 and 30/6/2017 says this Who you owe money to: LB of Ealing The amount: £278 Ref: Penalty charge notice reference Enforcement details: CAR REG #, Connell Cresent, Ealing W5 (U); 28/11/2016 - Ignore No Entry Sign (MV) 15:11:25 2)
  14. Forgive me for my ignorance dx and for wasting your time. I have just checked the papers again and It is Task Enforcement Ltd and not target. The incident happend on Connell Crescent, Ealing E5 for ignoring no entry sign.
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