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  1. Well If I pay British Gas £90 a month they’ll be paid off in about 17 months. That’s a long time but if it’s gunna effect my credit rating until November 2023 why bother paying it off early? Ive worked out too the PDL default will be 6 years old on the 22/01/2020 so is there a point even doing anything with it? If it gets removed after 6 years does that mean I won’t have to pay it back? Thanks Andrew
  2. No it was for a previous property I moved out of in November 2017
  3. Also I’ve just been looking at my bank and the default date for the British Gas is wrong. The last time I made a payment to them was the 03/04/2017 so the default should of happened on the 03/10/2017 not the 06/09/2018. Who do I need to complain to for this to be updated? Thanks Andrew
  4. Why them first? I’ve not heard anything from them for years and there not chasing me. I was thinking of paying them £90 a month so it says arrangement to pay on the report until it’s paid. Then If i pay of the credit cards I can get them back and get more points each month. Wouldn’t that be better for the credit rating. Thanks Andrew
  5. Right okay so I should just pay the credit cards off and set up a repayment plan with British Gas. So what do I do with the NatWest and PDL? I’m assuming I’ll need to make a complaint with them to sort this all out. Thanks Andrew
  6. I’m not sure who you mean by the OD and do you want me to see if the PDL is enforceable or not pay it at all? And what should I do about the NatWest? Surly there’s a case getting it wiped if the charges came from them charging me for a PBA that I had told them to close and they said they had. Also am I paying the credit cards back in full or trying to get a reduced settlement? Thanks Andrew
  7. Hi dx100uk He is the information you asked for. OC: Capital One Type of debt: Credit Card When taken out: 29/10/2017 Current owner: Capital One Defaulted date: Hasn’t Defaulted Outstanding sum: £156.52 ——————————————————————— OC: Vanquis Type of debt: Credit Card When taken out: 21/05/2018 Current owner: Vanquis Defaulted date: 31/05/2019 Outstanding sum: £355.00 ——————————————————————— OC: Ocean Type of debt: Credit Card When taken out: 09/09/2018 Current owner: Ocean Defaulted date: 07/06/2019 Outstanding sum: £318.00 ——————————————————————— OC: Instant Cash Loans T/A Payday Express Type of debt: Payday Loan When taken out: 22/01/2014 Current owner: Instant Cash Loans T/A Payday Express Defaulted date: 04/06/2014 Outstanding sum: £492.00 ——————————————————————— OC: NatWest Type of debt: Current Account When taken out: 05/08/2003 Current owner: NatWest Defaulted date: 30/04/2016 Outstanding sum: £468.00 ——————————————————————— OC: British Gas Type of debt: Utility Gas Account When taken out: 01/08/2015 Current owner: British Gas Defaulted date: 06/09/2018 Outstanding sum: £712.00 ——————————————————————— OC: British Gas Type of debt: Utility Electric Account When taken out: 01/08/2015 Current owner: British Gas Defaulted date: 06/09/2018 Outstanding sum: £819.00
  8. So what should I do I don’t think it’s fair to pay these charges but I don’t want it affecting my credit report. Thanks Andrew
  9. Hi dx100uk Im not sure what you mean by are they all PDL’s currently none of the debts are chasing me or sending letters. And are you saying that even if I settle the debts so no more new default are being added. That won’t improve my credit score? If it takes 6 years for a default to be removed isn’t it better to have no more added to it? Also how can I find out if the debts are enforceable. Do I need to write to the credits to find out what paperwork they have?
  10. Hi ericsbrother im struggling to find anything on what the parking people have to consider in the event of a breakdown or locking your keys in the car. All I can find it people being able to appeal if they can proof the breakdown. I didn’t have the RAC/AA come out to help with the breakdown just my friend to give me a jump. What proof will I need to give to have a chance of appeal if I didn’t call any company out? Thanks Andrew
  11. Hi everyone I’ve received two PCN’s in the post about 2 days ago about exceeding time limits. I will upload them both but I don’t think there really fair charges. The one that’s at the end of August was because I had locked my keys in my car at the time and had to wait 3 hours for my sister to get to me with my spare keys to unlock the car. And the the second one in September was when my cars battery was dead and again I had to wait until I could get my friend to come and jump start my car so I could get going. I don’t know if any of these reasons will be good enough to make an appeal but I would like to at least extend the time I have to pay them. Any help would be much appreciated Andrew Scanned Documents.pdf Scanned Documents 2.pdf
  12. All of them except the Capital One card I’ve been paying that off over the last 3 months so it just saying late payment 4 months not defaulted. I believe they all are enforceable except the NatWest since it was their fault the overdraft fees have been added that put me in the red with them. I want them to cancel the debt and remove it from the report since I never spent any money and they shouldn’t of been charging me for the PBA after they said they’ve cancelled it. And I know I can’t get rid of defaults but I don’t want anymore adding I just want to settle as much as I can as quick as I can so I can have a good credit rating again. I am right in thinking the credit report is a points base system where you are minus a point for each default you have each month and plus a point for each month your up to date? That’s why I just want to pay the debts of quick why I have the money so I can just get plus points each month and improve my credit score.
  13. Hi everyone I’ve come into a bit of money and have decided to pay off most of my debts from my credit report. I’m just after a bit of advice on how best to go about it. I’m hoping I can do a full and final payment offer with most of them. I’ll pay the full amount if I have to, but mainly want as much as I can paid off on the report so I can start building up my credit rating again. I checked credit karma and can find the following on my report. Capital One Credit Card £156.52 Vanquis Credit Card £355.00 Ocean Credit Card £318.00 Instant Cash Loans £492.00 NatWest Current Account £468.00 British Gas - Gas Account £712.00 British Gas - Electric Account £819.00 Now I can pay off the credit cards and payday loan happily. But the NatWest account is only overdrawn because of a package bank account fee. I told NatWest I didn’t want it anymore and they told me they will put me to a normal account. But they then charged me again the next month for the package account. I refused to pay because I didn’t want it and had already asked them to remove the account. But they kept charging me overdraft fees and that’s why it’s now £468.00. Surely I shouldn’t have to pay if it was there fault for putting me overdrawn. I can afford to give British Gas £90 a month to pay it off. But would that be enough to get an arrangement to pay on the credit report? And do you still get a bad point even if it’s an arrangement to pay? Any help would be much appreciated Andrew
  14. Hi dx100uk Would the following be okay for a short letter? Dear Sir/Madam, I purchased the above policy from you on [date] in connection with a finance agreement referenced above. I believe I was mis-sold this policy for the reasons given below and wish you to investigate my complaint according to your normal complaint procedures. I was not told that the insurance was optional and I was led to believe my application for credit would be rejected if I did not take out the finance. If my complaint is upheld, I require a refund of all premiums paid to the policy, plus any additional interest charged to me because of the PPI. I would also like to claim statutory compensation in view of the fact that I have been deprived of the use of this money. Please now investigate my complaint within the eight weeks allowed to you. Yours faithfully, Thanks Andrew
  15. Hi dx100uk ill get a letter sent off tomorrow, is there a standard template I should use or just say I want to claim on my dads policy? Sorry it’s been awhile since I did a PPI claim. Thanks Andrew
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