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  1. Hi Bailiff Advice So I need to put in the reasons for both forms that she didn’t receive the forms due to her not having the right address on her V5? Sorry you’ve probably already said what I need to do but I’m crap with things like this and I’m just panicking because the clocks running out and I’ve still not rang the council or sent the letters because I don’t no if I can speak on my sister behalf or know exactly what to put in the reasons box. I just don’t want to send them wrong even if there probably going to be rejected. I just want the Bailiffs stopped so we can park are cars back on the drive and my sister can set up a repayment plan to get this behind her Thanks Andrew
  2. I’m on break at 2pm so I could ring the council then to explain the situation to them. Or if my sister has too do it and I couldn’t on her behalf she could do it now. She could also head to the court to get the documents witnessed today. I just need to send them to her but I’m not sure if what I posted above for the reasons will be enough or is right. Any help would be much appreciated. Andrew
  3. Hi dx100uk Thank you for clearing that up will I be able to ring the council for her or would she need to do it? Im going to get her to go to the county court today to get the pe2 and pe3 forms witnessed. I’ll put the following for the reasons on the forms Miss Victoria complains that the council failed to send correspondence relating to a Bus Lane Penalty charge notice. Miss Victoria has been disadvantaged by this in two ways. Firsty, she has been denied the opportunity to pay the penalty at the earlier 50% discounted rate, and secondly, she has lost the opportunity to appeal the ticket. Please let me know if anything needs to be changed. Thanks Andrew
  4. Hi everyone thank you for your replies I’m a bit confused now thou on what I need to do tomorrow. I’ve moved all the cars and anything of value from the front. I’m I using the pe2 and pe3 forms for her. And if so am I putting that she didn’t received any of the letters because she had moved address? Also can she go to any court to get it witnessed? Thanks Andrew
  5. Hi xd100uk jacobs was the first she knew about it. Her v5 had her old address on until Jan 2019 so I assume all the letters from the council went to her old address but since Jacobs letter is dated Feb 2019 that’s why it came here because they had the new address then. Thanks Andrew
  6. She’s happy to pay the ticket with what she can afford on a repayment plan with the council. But if it stays with the bailiffs she’s never pay it off with their fees. Andrew
  7. If she can’t appeal against the ticket can she not get the fine back to the council or will it now have to stay with the bailiffs? She hasn’t got any money to pay up front and I don’t want to put my car or my brothers car at risk from bailiffs Can she make an out of time for not receiving the correspondence? Thanks Andrew
  8. Thanks for the advice Bailiff Advice How should I word the reasons for the complaint on the TE7 and TE9 forms? Or do I just put didn’t receive any correspondence due to moving address? And on updating Jacobs to my sisters financial situation can I write them a letter with a income n outgoing or do I need to ring them? And if I do will I be able to speak on her behalf? Thanks Andrew
  9. Thanks for the advice brassnecked How far should we move the cars? And should we move them after Sunday morning or would they only start coming after the dead line at 4pm Sunday? Also I’m guessing not to answer the door and make sure the windows are locked and the side entrance is locked? Thanks Andrew
  10. Hi bailiff Advice Sorry I didn’t mean to put the bit about her representation she hasn’t appealed because she only received the letter from jacobs. Her v5 had her old address on until Jan 2019. And no it’s not parking related it’s driving in a bus lane. I’m sorry I hold my hands up I copied it from the other article that was posted. Is there any articles related to a bus line driving complaint I could see to get an idea for what to put. Thanks Andrew
  11. Hi Bailiff Advice My sister only gets housing, PIP and ESA after all bills are paid shes only left with £50 a week to live on. I think she would need to set up a payment plan because she doesn't have any saving so wouldn't be able to pay the fee in full. Will sending these forms off stop the bailiffs from coming because I'm worried about the cars on the front. Thanks Andrew
  12. Hi Ploddertom Thank you for the link i'm just filling out her forms now just not to sure how to word the complaint. So far I have the following Miss Victoria complains that the council failed to send correspondence relating to a Penalty Charge Notice to her address. She had recently moved house so she did not receive the notice rejecting her representation, and did not pursue her appeal rights. In May 2018, Miss Victoria was issued with a PCN because of an alledged parking infringement. She did not initially receive the document, having recently moved. Also not sure what to put on the pe3 form for the reasons as we don't have the camera footage for the parking infringement so don't know what I can argue for her. Any help would be much appreciated Andrew
  13. Hi how would I go about booking an appointment to get the docs witnessed? I’ve looked at the other post that was put up and it said you can do it at the court but not sure what court to go to or how to get an appointment set up for my sister before the 6pm Monday deadline. Thanks Andrew
  14. Hi bailiff advice How would she go about getting it witnessed by a solicitor? She doesn’t have any money for one and where could I find the forms she needs to fill out. Thank you very much for your advice Andrew
  15. how would I go about contacting bailiff advice or applying for and out of time app for my sister? I'm also thinking what to do about contacting Jacobs about the situation and stopping them coming round. Because me and my brother work and are out of the house most of the day so my sister would be by herself. Thanks Andrew
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