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  1. My mum lives on the first floor of a three storey building and is almost 80. The housing association she rents from have moved in a single mother with a child above her and she is going through hell with the noise and it's making her ill. The woman has had people coming in doing DIY at all hours - 7:45pm tonight - and her children are often up at 6am, and sometimes earlier, which wakes my mum (and sister, who lives with her) up and they are unable to get back to sleep due to the noise. They're often also running around late at night as well so mum has to wait until almost 10pm and later before she can go to bed. She's tried writing a very reasonable letter to the occupant upstairs about the noise but this has been ignored. I know that when children move in, everyone around them automatically loses their right to a reasonable quality of life because of this, but does my mum have any recourse ? Most nuisance neighbour policies i've looked in to, as well as the housing association's anti-social behaviour policy, all basically exempt children from any action being taken which I think is grossly unfair because at almost 80, my mum simply can't "just move". And she's lived there for nearly 20 years as well, so why should she give up her home because of some inconsiderate above her ? She'd be willing to go to mediation with the woman, but since the woman has ignored her letter, is there any other way to get this to happen ? Apologies if this is a bit of a mess of a post but i'm just getting quite concerned about my mum's health overall. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  2. My 82 year old mum hasn't been too well recently and her local Nat West Branch has closed down and the new one is a nightmare for parking and she doesn't walk too well. She also got caught out by a phone holiday spoof to the tune of a few hundred quid and became paranoid about the company knowing her account details so we decided that maybe a change to a new bank was a good option. Barclays is my and my sisters bank as well and as difficult as it is to talk about if something happens to mum before it happens to me we theorised that if we are all at the same bank things would be easier to deal with, but it has all become a bit of a disaster!! We had a meeting with an advisor who looked into it and after doing her bit on computer stated that mum qualified for a basic account which would not include an overdraft or the option to loan. To be fair mum has plenty of money in her account and gets very good pension and investment returns so the need for an overdraft or loan is highly unlikely as her balance stays pretty much the same each month and it's far higher than my balance is!!! The one thing the advisor forgot to mention though was that mum wouldn't get a cheque book and I wouldn't have know that anyway being a Barclays Current Account holder since I was in my teens!! This was only brought to our attention over a week later when I rang Barclays to ask because mum mentioned she hadn't received one, which we obviously thought was the norm, but was told that she couldn't get a cheque book for a basic account. We then went back for a meeting because this was baffling. It then became clear that mum had been declined a current account (hence the basic) but the reason for why she has been declined is unclear and apparently the advisors do not get told the reason so obviously the customer cannot argue against it. The advisor to be fair did apologise profusely for not explaining clearly and for forgetting to mention the cheque book and said the reason could be something to do with a credit score. I've however checked mums credit score on Experian and it was 999. She has no debts, mortgage paid off years ago, no loans taken out for years if ever as far as I know, plenty of cash in the account and has never had an issue getting credit cards, of which she pays off in full...… Could this be the problem?! The annoyance is that mum relies on her cheque book and is in a muddle and is having to either get me to send cheques for her or she has to withdraw large amounts of cash. The bank suggested waiting a couple of months and when they have seen how the account is managed and that Barclaycards have been paid off etc then they can reapply for a current account. If it is still declined then the only option is to go back to Nat West who have already said she can have a current account with cheque book like she did before, but it will obviously be a pain switching once again and I suspect all of the Direct Debit companies will be baffled as to what is happening!! Barclays have also made a mess up with statements as well with mum not receiving one statement in the two months since the account opened so I am chasing up that as well mum called Barclays Head Office last week and the guy on the phone couldn't understand why she hadn't been given a cheque book so we will wait and see if he gets any joy, although I would say probably not!!! So any ideas as to why this happens? Especially as I as an 18 years old got a current account without an issue and with probably no job at the time albeit 35 odd years ago!! It seems bizarre especially as they hide the reason. I am wondering in part if it's because she is a retired widow so upon first check they may not have known what monthly income she would be receiving but they would have seen from the account surely? Help massively appreciated.
  3. Hi, Just had a friend of mine on the phone in tears as a Bailiff has been to her address regarding Council Tax arrears. She did let them in her house, and they are saying they will be back tomorrow to remove items unless £250 is paid today. Her partner left her early this year with 2 children and she looks after her other child part time which receives DLA, she claims Housing and Council Tax benefits. This seems to be from last year. She had made an arrangement with the council to pay her arrears and was doing at £20 per month, but in the upheaval missed a couple of months. There are very few items of value in house, and she no longer has a car. Any advice on how to proceed who be very helpful. Thanks JJ
  4. My nephew is 17, has a learning disability and mental problem. My Mum claims carer's allowence for him, today she received a letter from the Job Centre asking for more information on my nephew. She thought she was claiming Income support for herself as she doesn't sign on. She's worried that she's commited benefit fraud without knowing. My nephew is on PIP for what is wrong with him. The information they are asking is if he's in full education, he's not because the college refused to take him. He went last Septemeber but was turned away. She thought the income support was for her. Can anyone help?
  5. Good morning A bailiff attended my mother in laws address to retrieve payment of near £1200. The debt is owed by her step son for driving offences. We only know this much because we read about it in the newspaper. The step son used to live at the property over 2 years ago - and hasn't since. The family no longer speaks to the son, and the bailiff visit came as a bit of a shock. The bailiff was rude, arrogant and happy to shout out repeatedly that he was going to take goods if she didn't pay - making a scene presumably for effect - he even threatened to ring the police... My step mum was frightened and didn't know her legal rights - and reluctantly paid £500. It was 7am and she had work and just wanted them to clear off. Just under 2 weeks previously, they had posted a leaflet with a contact number on - which father in law called and explained to the bailiff that the debtor was no longer associated to this address - and hadn't for some time. We have since contacted the courts - and they have told us that we shouldn't have paid. The court also told us the bailiff had a Warrant of Order - and should not have threatened to take stuff or call police once informed the debtor didn't live there. From what I have read up - this is the typical bullying behaviour that Marstons are seemingly licensed to employ. I have contacted Marstons and been fobbed off with an email address to complain to - interestingly they did tell me that their agents wore body cams - however I'm betting that this agents probably 'malfunctioned' during this visit as he certainly did not conduct himself appropriately. Where do I stand with this? The likelihood is now that they have had a payment - they will return for the rest. Is there a way I can challenge their initial visit and reclaim the money paid - purely because of their threats rather than culpability? Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  6. Morning Continuing to go through all my credit card/bank account files and checking the grand total of Late Payment Fees and other such charges. Finally got to Barclaycard today. I have had a Barclaycard credit card since 03. I have just collated all the Late Payment Fees B'Card added from 05 to date. Interestingly - from mid 2011 until start 2014 only - B'Card also added a charge titled "Interest on default Sum". Before and after these dates B'card never isolated and advised this charge. The total of charges from 05 = apx £650. The total of compound Interest @ 29.9% = apx £2100 The sum total = apx £2750 My current B'card balance is £5k. So should I now write a nice letter asking for them to reimburse these charges? And also asking them to stop adding them on to future statements ? Thanks for any response....
  7. Hi - I need some help quite badly. I had a bad mental breakdown around a year ago and didn't pay some private parking fines. They were for outside my mothers house whilst she was helping me. I didn't get letters as I was away from home getting help. I don't want to go into this further - but I'm not fully recovered. I got a call on Monday morning from my Mother in tears. Bailiffs had come and barged their way into her home. They asked her to get ID and then pushed in. They have then threatened to take all HER stuff. They have said if they cannot prove it's hers they can take it. But I don't even live there. I did use to live there when recovering - but wasn't even in the country when they came. They have left all MY paperwork with her. Which is humiliating enough - they have given it to my Mother rather than me. I'm a 30 year old man! They have also made her sign a "controlled goods agreement" - but it's not actually her that's the debtor. How can she sign for it when it's not her? If anyone has advice even in the form of a charity that can help I'd really appreciate it. I'm not a freeloader I'm just mentally not that well. I can't afford the £2k right now! Of which £632.17 is the debt and £879.92 is the fees! Please help.
  8. Yesterday my mother sadly passed away and I have no idea in the slightest what to do regarding benefits. Theres so much to do already. Firstly I understand I will have to contact the DWP asap to get mums DLA stopped? Next, what do I actually do about my funds? I was on carers allowance for a few years for looking after my mum. In November my mental health problems deteriorated and I had to come off carers allowance to allow me a month or so to work on my own health. It's a very slow process getting help for mental health problems but as the ball was rolling I re-applied for carers allowance at the start of January since I started doing 35+ hours of care a week again for my mum. Unfortunately about a week after submitting the claim online, mum's illness declined and around the middle of January she was taken to hospital. She spent over 2 weeks in hospital and then the other day was moved to a hospice and she passed away yesterday. What can I do? I have heard nothing regarding my claim being processed yet. From what I can remember she will be sent forms to sign confirming that I am her carer but she is no longer with us of course. What do I say to the DWP? I dont think people get paid carers allowance if the person is in hospital so do I just tell them I only want to claim it backdated for 1 week (The time between applying and mum going to hospital). I had income support with carers allowance but when I cancelled my carers allowance I was oddly still being paid £91 income support every 2 weeks... Citizens advice did say income support is paid in arrears so maybe it's that? Or could it be I need to cancel income support as well? (I assumed that because CA entitled me to IS, that is CA was cancelled, IS would be too). Then it's the question of what now? IS entitles me to full housing benefit and a fair bit of council tax reduction, without that I have no money to actually pay my rent. So what do the government expect me to do? Give up my home and live on a family members sofa? Or to sign up for JSA? Even though I am clearly unfit to work at the moment but cant claim any disability benefits as mental health problems are never seen as a reason to not have to work. I just cant see how at a time like this when there is so much to do (arrange funeral, register death, close mums bank accounts, mourn etc) how the government can expect me to phone them up to get all of my money stopped and then end up losing my home too. Thanks
  9. Hi I was going through my file of statements for a Store Card taken out in 03 and realise that there is a long list of Late Payment Fees added over the years. Creation has always been the company receiving my payments on behalf of the store. And has always been the company inundating me with calls when I miss a payment !! I do use the store card every now and again. I do pay monthly, sometimes clearing the balance in total, sometimes paying the minimum. sometimes a higher amount. There is currently £500 owing. I have added up all the Late Payment Fees. (Actually Creation changed the name to "Default Sum Fee - Arrears" in end 2008.) The fees have been £10, £12 & £22. From mid 2005 to date the sum total of charges is: apx £240. Compound Interest is apx £995 Total Charges + CI is apx £1235 So their statement says I owe £500. Yet I consider, given the above figures generated from a CI spreadsheet, that they owe £1235. So should I write to them a letter saying I want these charges + compound interest reimbursed to me??? In addition since Jan 2015 Creation has added "Interest on Purchases and Default Sums (if applicable). So 6 months of interest charges on their charges??!! This doesn't sound like fair practise....
  10. My Mum owns the freehold to her flat - one of 16. Most of the flats are owned as second homes (It is at the seaside) The management committee have a rule that the flats cannot be commercially let/ rented - they can only be occupied by the owners and their families. My question is: is such a rule enforceable ? Thank you for reading !
  11. A mother, furious at waiting more than 48 hours for her online shopping, stormed into her local Asda and took it from the shelves herself. Danni Leadbeater, 30, ordered a £50 shop from the supermarket for herself and her two young children last week. However, it failed to turn up twice after her order was cancelled by the store and then re-booked. And after waiting more than two days, and being charged twice for it, she took matters into her own hands. She went into the Eastlands superstore, opposite Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium and began taking the items from the shelves and piling them into a trolley. After a stand-off with staff and security, and an intervention from the company’s HQ, she was eventually allowed to leave without paying for it again. However she has slammed the store for the way she was treated and has vowed never to shop with them again, reports Manchester Evening News. Full Story
  12. Hi All, This is mostly for info - and comment Mum killed herself in July 2015 - dying on the 26th. On 19th Nov, we received a letter from a firm of solicitors claiming to have acted for Mum and hence seeking a payment from us of £573. The letter asks for our agreement to pay within 14 days ("accept our costs" ) or it'll take the matter to court. The first odd thing about this is that it's the first time I've come across solicitors doing work before getting their sticky fingers on money first. The second odd thing is that we're not aware of any solicitors doing work for Mum. Why should we 'accept their costs' ? we surely may accept Mum's costs, but not theirs!!! I just forwarded the letter to the SRA and stated that we're unaware of the firm and that no contract exists between them and our family. We have not heard from the solicitors again. Are we likely to ? Mike.
  13. racy tracy

    help with mum

    Hello friends, Im looking for some help and advice regarding the possibility of my lovely mum going in a nursing home, not sure if im posting this in the right place so if not im sorry. My mum's memory is failing her and it seems to be getting that bit worse every day. She has deteriorated quite quickly over the past 6 months. I would say it started shortly after my dad died in Dec 2014, up until that point she was very much 'on the ball'.......my dad used to call her a walking diary because she could remember things so quickly. Anyway, as I say, she seems to have got worse in the past 6 months. She has become increasingly confused about where she is. She doesn't seem to understand that she is in her own home, and often rings me asking when can she go home. She moves things in her house and then doesn't remember doing it. As an example of this, she rang me the other day saying she couldn't find her purse and as expected she was very upset and distressed on the phone. So I drove down to her house with my 13yr old son. We spent an hour looking for this purse, until my son found it......it was under a foot stool in the front room, but when I asked her why she had put it there, she said she didn't ........another example is, she keeps putting things in her handbag and purse that I take out. The other day she had my dads birth certificate in her handbag. I took it out and said "you shouldn't be carrying this around in your bag mum because if it goes missing you will be upset"....so I took it out and put it on her dressing table in her bedroom (she was with me while I did this).....then when I went down again the following day, it was back in her purse, but when I asked her why has she put it back in her bag, she looks at me with a confused expression and says she hasn't, she says 'its always been in there', then when I try to explain to her that I took it out the other day and put it in her bedroom and she watched me while I did this, she has no memory of me doing it. I have had her at the doctors (much to her anger) and they did a memory test. She was very abrupt with the doctor whilst this was going on, and kept asking why does she need to do this.....at the end the doctor looked at me and said he was going to refer her to the memory clinic at the hospital.....at which point my mum hit the roof and said "oh no!!! your not getting me in not bloody hospital".......she also had her blood pressure checked and his was very high (191/98)......I am supposed to be taking her back tomorrow to have some bloods taken, but she is refusing to go ......... Anyway what I want to know is, if it comes to the day that she is no longing safe to be in her own home on her own, and she has to go into a nursing home, can she be made to sell her house to fund her care? She doesn't have much in savings, definitely less than £10,000.........her only income is her state pension and a small amount that is paid into her bank every month from my late fathers works pension.......I have Power of Attorney for her for both Property & Finance and Health & Welfare........and she has already made a will, which I have a copy of, stating that everything of hers will come to me on her passing.......I just dont want her to lose her house. Its the only home she has ever had.......I had looked into putting my mum's house into my name now before anything happens, but apparently if I do that and then she does end up going into a nursing home a few months later, they will think that it has been done for that reason, and apparently it isn't that simple to just change the name on the deeds from hers to mine......so, if anyone knows anything that I can do, I would be very very grateful
  14. Hi there, I am trying to help my mother reclaim PPI she paid some years ago, she sent in the complaint forms in december..she quite quickly received a letter responding just to say her complaint was received and they will look into it. on the 3rd jan 2014 she received a letter it said this.. "Dear mrs **** Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to you; however, our investigations are taking longer than anticipated. We will issue a response by 3/2/14" Then today this letter... Latter dated 20/jan/2014 "dear mrs **** Thank you for contacting us in relation to your complaint. I would appreciate it if you could please contact us within the next 7 days on ******** (phone number), this will allow us to progress your complaint If we do not hear from you in the next 7 days, we may provide you with a final response based on our findings from the information we hold Yours sincerely Tristen lynes" What i would like to ask is Should she phone back? Does she have the rights to phone them simply to acknowledge the letter but ask that all communications are done via letters so she has evidence and can build her case? or would it be better to send a letter first class recorded asking for all correspondence to be kept to letters not the phone?. does she HAVE to speak to them on the phone? Any advice would be appreciated:)
  15. There are many reports of debtors being arrested for obstructing a bailiff (Section 68.1 of Section 12 of the Tribunal Courts & Enforcement Act 2007) or more commonly; for removing a car clamp but it is rare to read a report about a debtor being injured during a bailiff visit. This particular press article featured on SCOOP yesterday. The background to the matter is that the debtor (a young mother) had been fined for using a TV without a valid licence. The balance of the court fine was £200. For reasons that are not known, she did not deal with the debt at the Compliance stage (when the fees were just £75) and accordingly, the debt was passed to an enforcement agent. It would seem from the article that bailiffs were attempting to apply a wheel clamp to her vehicle and upon witnessing this, the debtor admitted that she started 'running around' her car 'like a crazy woman in a panic'. Foolishly (in my opinion), she then picked up one half of the wheel clamp and flung it across the garden towards the gate. Following this, a struggle broke out between her and the bailiff and it was later discovered that she had suffered a broken bone in her wrist from the incident. Police are investigating and examining footage from the bailiff's body-worn camera. A neighbour volunteered to pay the debt of £525 to avoid her vehicle being taken. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/mum-claims-bailiff-broke-wrist-10008184
  16. Hello. My Mum lived all her life with her sister who bought their house under the right to buy scheme. Sadly, my aunt died prematurely last November leaving no will and an outstanding balance on the mortgage of 70k. House is worth about 120 approx. The mortgage company are Amber Homeloans and are notoriously dreadful. They have merely sent letters saying she has 12 months to sell. In the meantime she is paying the interest only. My Mum is sole executor and has been granted letters of administration. Under intestancy rules she is only entitled to a 6th of the estate as there are 6 siblings (all comfortably off, married, secure) but 3 of them think they are entitled to their share despite my Mum being left with hardly anything to secure her future. Just wondered if there was anything I've not thought of that would allow her to stay in her home
  17. MUM -KITCHEN-CONSUMER FORUM I was wondering if someone could help me? My mums bed ridden after a car accident and she recently needed a kitchen badly adapted a little for her needs in a wheel chair. But worried that she’s been messed about by people who have took advantage of her before she asked for help from the council and the care and repair team hoping they would help and also find some one reliable to do the contract. The Care and repair team came out approx 14th october 2014, shortly half hour latter the kitchen man turned up. But after talking to the company who promised her she would get what she needed and could do the job before xmas so she could enjoy xmas with a new kitchen. She was constantly messed about. She was sent a 3D image approx a week after the visit, but there were things on the document that wasent right, so she contacted them and told them. They promised her that they would alter the requests she had mentioned. She latter received a 2nd letter and 3D image with details the letter included details of what she would be having done but not broke down correctly, at the time my mum didn’t let this bother her thinking it was the norm but realised latter it has caused problems with them not explaining properly. My mum is unable to remember the exact time but round this time she mentioned in a phone call to the kitchen team that there were 2x sinks on the original plan and one had to be removed and also spoke to them regarding lights under the counter because she had forgot to mention that she would like them also in a disabled section/ under the plate rack that she was having built. After mentioning this to them they were happy to add this and said not to worry they would put these in for free. Around this time also I had spoke to a man from the kitchen team on a day he was there and tried to go over all her needs incase she had forgotten including anything, mentioning the lights under all the counters that she requested also. They promise her that the job would take no longer than 10 days and would be done well in time for xmas. She paid a deposit of £831.69 on the 31st october 2014. And they started work on the 1st December 2014. A man started work demolishing the old kitchen (some rubbish was not all taken away as promised still). Then one man started building the cupboards for the kitchen on his own. It was a little upsetting that they did not listen to my mum properly regarding some of the design of the kitchen and she found a section where she wanted to store her brushes ect was designed wrong and she is finding it difficult to do what she wanted. (yet she’s not bothered that much about this and has let it pass by). When the cupboard man was nearly finished his side of things an electrician came out none of us actually got to meet him nor talk to him and we were told that he came in to the house and said he needed to check the bedrooms because when he was doing the electrics in the kitchen all up stairs plugs etc needed to be checked for safety etc. ?? Yet when an electrician came latter on to do this he did not need to go up stairs at all??) We were told he took one look at the rooms (yet my daughter was living in one of these rooms and he did not come in to the room at all) and said to the other work man he would not do the job and walked out. My mums house has been in a mess for a while with boxes etc piled in the rooms waiting to be sorted but she is not able to get up the stairs and only has my self to help and I have a disability too so can only do so much to help. (but all the light fittings and plugs were assessable. We have still not had a proper explanation regarding this event, nor an apology. Only told that they would not use this man again. Due to this man walking out and not doing his job, the kitchen was put on hold and we were told they could not get any one else to do the job until after new year. My mum had been having to survive before and during and after xmas with 3 small push along kitchen table squares with a kettle, and microwave to only cook with. The only way that another electric man was found was through the care and repair team in the new year. So the job only got finished 14th January 2015. Other issues were also happening, E.G. A hole was supposed to be blocked up, done badly and uneven. -Artex needed tidying up ( this was only touch up jobs were they damaged the original wall, not new stuff.) -Painting done badly over artex some one had to come back again due to us telling them, yet for the price we paid we feel it was still done badly. -Radiator was moved and the knob and items falling off it after the job was completed. -There is still a small hole in the wall. -Handle fell off the cupboard after it was completed. Towards completion of the electrics we realised that lights we asked for under the cupboards were not put in, after asking why we were told we never asked for light under there. Yet they had put light in an area built for the wheel chair under a plate rack were my mum would use the most. (when we had requested lights under all of it, and we had actually forgot to tell them in the beginning that we would like the lights under the plate rack and at a latter date told them could we please have them.) The man from the company via phone said yes of course and that he would throw these in for free. Yet in January my mum has now received a separate bill for the lights she has been told that this is extra to be paid. (Nothing was free as promised) The actual bill for the kitchen was £8,316.89 plus £105.97 for the extra lights. My mum has been put out an awful lot coping with no kitchen for far too long than promised and through xmas and new year which as well as being very upsetting was very difficult being in a wheel chair and in constant pain. This company have not listened to her a lot before or after all this and even demanded payment before the job was completed making her feel guilty and saying such things as the man who had done the cupboards needed paying and wants paying so he has his money for xmas. I Believe they have done a half hearted job with somethings and left my mum with stress upset and lack of facilities over a period of time that was far too much for anyone never mind a disabled person, they did not offer to knock any thing off for any inconvenience and instead demanded more money for the lights etc were some she was told would be free. She was also told she would have to pay for her own tiles and they would put them up. I bought them for her and they only put them up. (we paid) Approx a year ago she had been at her worst ill health wise after loosing her husband to liver disease she had her own disability issues and pain and she then got high blood pressure, suspected heart attack, stroke, diabetes and suspected blood clot there are trying to figure out at the moment. But she had gotten better in this last year and was controlling things. Due to all this recent stress she’s been knocked right back to last year again and nurses are having to come more often and they are talking about putting the blood measure machine back into the house along with other things because her health has deteriorated so badly again due to all the upset and stress. I feel my mum has been treated badly and should at least be offered to knock something off for the inconvenience and stress. Please can you help. I am also worried how long this kitchen will last and what quality it is after the handle falling off, and that the price they gave her was far too much for what they actually did. If any one can offer any advice I would be very grateful. Many thanks
  18. My mother is a pensioner her last years insurance direct debits for her house insurance were taken out of her bank account by a company called mypremiumcredit Her renewal came through 2 weeks ago and last week my mum received a letter from mypremiumcredit stating the company dont have her bank details on file in order to commence the direct debits for the new insurance cover (when she had cover the previous year with them already!) and if my mum does not pay within 2 weeks she will have to cough up the full amount which is almost £250 in one go!. They have also sent my mum a default letter - my mum is stressed out by the default when it is not even her own fault - she's never missed a direct debit with this company I rang the mypremiumcredit asking them why have they sent a default letter, the advisor said it their fault for not having my mums bank details on file, i replied the bank details have never changed, so why the default letter, the advisor said the default letter is a 'generic' letter thats sent out and it wont effect my mums credit rating - my mum is stressed out and worried - that the company even before her new renewal commences which is next week has alread received a default letter! What action can my mum take, where does she stand and can this complaint be pushed all the way to the Financial Ombusman?
  19. Hi, my mother had to sever all ties with her partner this weekend. Financially this could be difficult due to her only getting £400 a month pension. She is 63. How does she claim for anything extra if possible. She is techno phobe so doesn't use computers. She isn't married to him. And owns her house. He is no longer allowed in the house. So as a single pensioner, what can she claim please.
  20. Hi, My mother has been unwell for a number of years and has recently been given help by a local charity to sort her debts out and they have recommended a Debt Relief Order through stepchange now I am wondering if many of these debt's are actually enforceable? as some are many years old and have since been passed to DCA's her largest by far is a debt stemming from a business overdraft with HSBC from about a decade ago (last payments was I think 3-4yrs ago) for around £6,000 many of which don't show up on her credit file. (experian shows she owes £400 in total!) what should she do? should she go with the DRO for peace of mind and simplicity?
  21. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/mum-undergoes-life-saving-kidney-transplant-4424880
  22. My mum has been in her Private Rented house for 13 years. Her landlord is a local company who has several managers covering different areas. The house is in a dire state and needs lots of work. The toilet in the bathroom is leaking (been reported but nothing done), the leaking toilet has caused some of the ceiling to fall down in the kitchen and the rest is sagging, the bathroom floorboards are rotten, the downstairs toilet doesn't flush, the back door is difficult to open and close (made of wood), most of the window frames (wooden) are completely rotten and my mum can't open several of them, My mum never wants to make a fuss so I contacted the Landlord Manager by email. He told me to get my mum to contact him which she has now done (although she is not happy with me. Manager told her that she is responsible for the leaking toilet and the kitchen ceiling which I don't think is right. He also said that he has sent someone out several times to measure up for new windows but there is never anyone home (this cannot be true as my disabled father never leaves the house) and that the bathroom is getting replaced (but he told me this last year) and still has not been done. Can anyone give me any advice on what I can do?
  23. Hi all, sorry if this all seems naive but I really don't have much knowledge about the ins and outs of debts/debt collect etc. In 2005 my brother persuaded my 70 year old mum to sign for a mobile phone contract as he has a very poor credit history and assured her he would be making all the payments. It has come to light in the last few days that my brother has been borrowing money from my mum - who is on a low income-pension and I have taken charge of the situation to prevent him taking any more money from her. Having gone through her bank statements with her I noticed a direct debit going out for £50 a month to LP1 collections. Having investigated further I have found out it is for debts somehow accrued since this 2005 contract was taken out and it relates to 3 mobile phone numbers in total. Total debt is around £2000! My mum is completely innocent in all this other than feeling pressured into signing for the contract in 2005 - and indeed my brother had made some payments but then defaulted. My mother has never had or used a mobile phone, is very distressed by all of this understandably. Whilst I understand legally she signed that contract - is there any way that we can get the debt put into my brothers name - Lowell have my brothers name on their accounts as well - but insist the debt is in my mums name. Any help or advice anyone can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  24. My friend has recently left her husband and they have two young children under 7. She's moved into a friend's empty house that's on the market, for the time being, until she's able to find somewhere more permanent. Her husband is staying in the family home where their kids were born, which is rented. She only works 12 hours a week and wants to know what benefits she'd be entitled to. She doesn't have a tenancy agreement for the house she's staying in for now as the owners are letting her stay there as a favour and not charging her a set rent. She's 41 and her children will be staying with her.
  25. My Mum passed away recently after a long battle with cancer. To cut a long story short, I had my suspicions that my sister and niece were helping themselves from my mothers bank account for a long time. My mum was never very good with technology and when she became ill she trusted them both with her debit card and pin number to get small amounts of money when she needed it. On her death there was no money left in her account. I went to the bank and as next of kin got statements dating back 24 months. They systemmatically pillaged her account over a period of 18 months resulting in the theft of at least £15,000. I have not confronted them yet as I didn't want to upset the funeral but with that now over I am preparing to take action and looking for advice. Obviously they are going to say that my Mum knew about it although my Mum confided in my brother just before Xmas and said she couldn't understand why there was no money in her account. He got a statement and could see that in that month money was being withdrawn from ATM's. He finally got a confession from my niece who said she was a bit hard up that month and had "borrowed" the money but would put it back. Also they made the mistake of drawing out money from a cash machine a week AFTER my mum had died. What would you advise my next course of action to be. Confront them first with the knowledge that i know or go straight to the police? What about the bank, should I inform them, and are the police likely to want to get involved? I'd appreciate any advice as they deserve to be punished for their despicable actions. Many thanks.
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