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  1. Cheers Andy - as long as some people can find it I've found the forum navigation particularly difficult to cope with - including the general reviews link to possibly be broken - is it being redirected to the source page ?
  2. Just thought people might like to know that the first time we used the Asda Scan & Go system we found that the total price on the scanner was less than the total price at the checkout ! The scanner had correctly deducted for a multi-buy offer but the checkout hadn't - so best to watch out for price discrepancies between the hand scanner and the checkout. Unfortunately both units do not show the price at the same time - so you have to remember what the scanner shows before the checkout process. Had quite a job getting staff to sort the mess out - and in fact they didn't - but we got the b
  3. OP's image just states obstruction. No reference to contravention of markings - so I guess those should be ignored. From description, it seems vehicle wasn't causing particular obstruction. A losing battle in court even if you're right.
  4. More likely the councils that's used the dangerous cladding will be fined !
  5. Or skirts. Why not, in this day & age ! Were the parents happy for them to continue wearing skirts? Was not the answer to turn up in shorts in any case ? If the bus co / school refused, they couldn't penalise the people as they'd turned up. Ultimatum - shorts or no work ! Phone rang at 5:30-ish pm - company asking me to attend job interview. I'd just put my meal on the table so I said 6:30? and they agreed. As I cycled to the interview, I attended the interview at 6:30 pm wearing Lycra cycling shorts. I got home at 4:30am after completing my first shift.
  6. In November? 2015 a solicitor sent us a letter telling us we owed them money. A bill arrived in March 2016 which contained no specific details. They were claiming that they'd done work for our family. We had not contacted them previously or engaged their services. There was no contract between them & us, verbally or in writing. So obviously, we've not paid the amount they claim we owe them. There is a little background to this. In 2012 the county council were involved in an incident with my mother in an attempt to frame me. They used this 'investigation' as an excuse to remo
  7. Is there not an organisation that'll help with making a complaint ? Some are listed here: http://www.gmc-uk.org/Getting_help_with_making_a_complaint_Wales.pdf_57839524.pdf
  8. Personally, I feel that discussion outcomes ought to end up on a page on the website rather than remain within the forum as a sticky.
  9. Indeed - if there's the slightest chance they will claim it was partly your fault then your insurance needs to know. From what I remember, no ! (Of course, things may have changed now.) A hire car may only serve the basic purpose and not have features you use - perhaps yours had a tow-ball and the hire car didn't - and what if it did - the reg on your trailer would be wrong - so the hire car cannot be assumed to be a complete alternative as it's so unlikely to be an exact match but more what an ins co gives you.
  10. My story... Driving home from work, ahead of me a significant hill with a side road on it. Getting speed up for the hill (I was in a Sherpa minibus - not great on hills!). Noticed car at the side road wanting to join main road. I was held up by car in front of me. Got to bottom of hill, car was still waiting to come out of side road. I was trying to go as fast as I could - and catching the car in front of me. By the time we got to the junction, I was almost on his bumper - as he turned off onto the side road. I looked up and the waiting car had just pulled out less than a car length in fr
  11. My story/ies later - but I got a solicitor involved - who got me a crap settlement offer - then I noticed the big ad on his wall was for the other's ins co ! The full entertaining story in a bit...
  12. Road to nowhere methinks. I think the govt likes ins cos [causing problems] us. All part of the whole financial structure of the country - in paying millionaires lots.
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