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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, Brand new here so hi to everyone, I hope you are doing better than me right now. I am completely at fault doing 91 in a 70, I'm embarrassed and sincerely sorry but I doubt this will change anything. I have read that the fine is determined largely by my salary. I am currently on 85k and this is my first driving offence in over a decade, I've been driving for 15 years and am now 32. No criminal convictions. From a few other websites it appears I can be fined in the region of £2,000. For someone trying to save for a deposit on a house this is quite depressing. Should I expect the worst? Many thanks.
  2. I received an NIP for "speeding" on the motorway in a speed restricted area. The signage was very unclear and when I sped up it was because I thought the speed restricted zone had ended as there was no signage to suggest otherwise and other motorists sped up too making it unsafe for me to continue at the restricted speed. I was recorded as going 9 miles over the speed limit when I called to ask about this they told me that it was an average taken from when I entered the zone and when I left. Does anybody know anything about how they work this out? And how I could challenge this? The Police have sent me photographic evidence of my car but the photos do not show the context and thus you can't see that there were no signs around telling drivers to maintain the restricted speed. Is there a requirement to provide photographic evidence of the context? Can I do a freedom of information request? Many thanks!
  3. Received 2 NIPs from different police forces after being caught by speed cameras, one in one force area, the 2nd in another force area. Was continuing a journey on the same motorway in the middle of the night, temp roadworks - unmanned - speed not excessive but over the limit, but each one was within the speed thresholds. One force offered me a speed awareness course, but the other refused and instead issued me with the more severe *Conditional Offer Of Fixed Penalty*, i.e. £100 fine plus 3 points. I did the course, cost me £76. I contend that the other force should not have issued me with the conditional fixed penalty and that both offences were only seen as separate because - unknowingly to me - the 2 speed cameras were in different force areas, even although I was still on the same motorway. Seems excessive punishment and a technicality is being used in order to deny me another speed awareness course offer, i.e. that only one can be done every 3 years. I've checked all the guidelines and the force in question has apparently breached them. I now stand to get a court summons because I've refused to accept the *COOFP* and would claim that both offences should not be separate but ought to be seen as one only. Seems like they want two bites of the same cherry? A tricky one where it seems as if their guidelines can't cope with my circumstances, so instead of either treating them as a continuation of the first offence, or taking no action, they seem hell bent on prosecuting me. Any thoughts ??
  4. Hi guys, two quick questions really, just looking for some advise on both please. Firstly I pleaded guilty by post but now it has been adjourned so that I have to attend the second date. The letter is a bit confused, it says if you don't attend the court can hear the case in my absence and disqualify me, the disqualification will take place immediately so don't drive on the date of the hearing. However... it also says that if not attending an option is they can issue a warrant for my arrest! I plan to attend, although as the court is 250 miles away if given the choice I would prefer to be sentenced in my absence (even if this means the possibility of a bigger ban). So in short, does anyone have any knowledge of people having a warrant for their arrest due to not attending, or is this just for extreme circumstances? Secondly, the paper license I sent was a few years old and has on it a couple of previous speeding convictions expired from many years ago, can they bring this up at all in any way in court? Or is it assumed they will be completely unbiased and ignore this altogether? Cheers
  5. I have been caught speeding at 105mph on a motorway which is a 70mph by a laser gun. it was in a work vehicle if I lose my licence I have lost my job. Work said they will write me a letter to back this up. I have a clean licence and I am not proud of speeding and this has taught me a valuable lesson. Will I need a motor lawyer to back my case to get the lightest sentence possible or could I do this alone. I do around 40-50 thousand miles a year.
  6. Hello, I was travelling to London from Leicester on Saturday 7th June 2014. I went through several M1 southbound road works and mostly kept up with packs of motor cars and only checked my speed gauge at the beginning of the road works to ensure I complied. There were two occasions when I had to overtake, once when a driver was down to 40mph and created a huge gap ahead with a long line of tailback. The second time was when the driver ahead of me was texting on the mobile and at times quite erratic, the lanes being quite narrow and so choosing a moment of safety I rushed to overtake. Please see attached[ATTACH=CONFIG]52002[/ATTACH] "Notice of intended prosecution" dated 11th June 2014 but actually received 18th June 2014. I have not responded yet and seek advise as to what action I should take from hereon. I do not exceed speed limits. I have clean driving licence.
  7. My husband was given a fixed penalty notice this afternoon while stopped on the hard shoulder of the M602 in Manchester. He had pulled over as our two year old who is currently quite ill was coughing so much he was really worried he was choking on something. He had to undo his seat belt so he could turn round and and check on our little boy and make sure he was OK , while he was doing this a police car pulled up behind him and put on his lights. The police didn't get out of his vehicle he wait a couple of minutes and then beeped at my husband and gestured for him to get out of our car and go to the police car. At that point my husband was still trying to settle our boy down so waved at the police man and let him know he would be a minute. Once he went to the police car he was told to get in and the office told him he had stopped him (which he never the car was already parked up on the hard shoulder) as he shouldn't have stopped the car where he did as this was only for emergencies and in which case he should have been out of the vehicle and over the crash barrier. My husband tried to explain what had happened an that he had been worried our son was choking but the office wasn't interested and told him as he wasn't wearing a seatbelt at the time the police car pulled up behind our car he was going to issue a fixed penalty for not wearing one. I am sooooo angry how on earth can this be justified. Was my husband really expected to ignore the sick child in the back and not stop to ensure he was OK it's ridiculous and I do not understand at all why he has issued a penalty for not wearing his seat belt as the he wasn't driving at the time. I really want to appeal but feel that may that would be a waste of time as does anyone ever stand a change doing so and there is no way I could afford the fine to rise if we lost.
  8. Hi all, I recently had the misfortune of a stray dog jumping in front of my car, whilst the car was at 70 miles per hour, with no room or time, whatsoever, to maneuver to avoid it. The dog appeared from the crash barrier guards, literally about 3 meters in front of the car and jumped onto the path of the car. I looked to my left, there was a car, so I couldn't swerve left, to the right was the crash barrier so couldn't swerve right. I instinctively, slammed on the foot brake, but at 70 mph all you get is the ABS preventing wheel lock and you cannot stop within that distance. The inevitable happened, almighty bang, severe vibration as the dog was dragged under for a few seconds until it managed to pass under the car, I eventually came to stop as I was on emergency brake and looked at the rear view mirror and the dog was dead. Where I was stopped I saw cars swerving dangerously to avoid the dead dog and my car so I moved over onto the left lane then onto the hard shoulder where I stopped. I called the police. My car has serious damage, broken left head lamp/indicator unit, damaged bumper, leaking radiator, broken, hence, leaking power steering cooler, damaged aircon condenser(aircon radiator) and bent frame behind the bumper and registration plate damaged. I am without a car now as I managed to drive it home but now all power steering fluid and coolant has leaked and radiator fans won't turn as they are jammed against the radiator. The police managed to trace the dog's owner as the dog was chipped and the police gave me the dog's pet insurance details - direct line pet insurance. The police said I was lucky as it could have been worse and it was good I didn't swerve as that would caused a very bad accident on the motorway. Now, I called direct line pet insurance a few days ago to claim for the damage on my car and they are telling me that I cannot talk to them directly because I am not their customer, should they do that? They are saying that I should either, contact the dog's owner so that the dog's owner contacts them or claim from my insurance so that my insurance claims from them. The dog's owner is liable here as the dog shouldn't have been running astray on the motorway and I don't want to claim from my insurance as it is not my fault and if I do I will have to pay £600 excess. What should I do? Is direct line's pet insurance division trying to be difficult so that they don't pay?
  9. He also claims drivers over 55 years old arent safe !! http://news.sky.com/story/955334/damon-hill-speaks-out-against-80mph-limit
  10. Is there any legislation covering parking at motorway service stations and are any "tickets" issued enforceable? Is the land private or is it covered by motorway legislation?
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