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  1. <br /> <br /> Thanks. NIP is issued by Road Safety Unit, Leicester and signed for: Chief Constable. Don't know whether this can be classified un-enforceable. By the way, my concern is I have been trouble free from any motoring offences for some 20+ years and wish to remain so.
  2. Ok. All points noted. I have to agree albeit, reluctantly that I have not constantly kept check on my speed and accept the Authorities claim that I exceeded this limit. I thank all who have contributed to this thread. First time experience on this forum. interesting.
  3. I'm saying I may have strayed over without realising but that means those in front and those behind me would probably be doing the same speeds.
  4. Thank You I have uploaded the amended document minus the personal details.
  5. Thank you for alerting me. I shall rectify this immediately. in the meantime how do I retrieve/withdraw/delete the original that I attached?
  6. Hello, I was travelling to London from Leicester on Saturday 7th June 2014. I went through several M1 southbound road works and mostly kept up with packs of motor cars and only checked my speed gauge at the beginning of the road works to ensure I complied. There were two occasions when I had to overtake, once when a driver was down to 40mph and created a huge gap ahead with a long line of tailback. The second time was when the driver ahead of me was texting on the mobile and at times quite erratic, the lanes being quite narrow and so choosing a moment of safety I rushed to overtake. Please
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