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  1. Hi I'm wanting to get information from Blemain with regard to my loan. It's due to finish later this year and they claim the current balance is approx £4.5K which won't be cleared by the payments! I'm going to send a SAR but I'm not sure which template to use from the library. There's Full Subject Access Request or Debt or DCA Subject Access Request I was going to use the "Full" one, but then the "Debt" one looks better as it specifically mentions insurance and additional charges. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. BB
  2. Long winded explanation. Our mortgage of 25 years comes to an end towards the end of this year, when we will have to repay approx £100k 2 years ago our life endowment policy was ended by Phoenix Insurance (not originally with them but numerous acquisitions they ended up with it). The reason for ending it - they had had to use money from the pot to service the policy. We complained - they agreed that it had been mis-sold and they refund the difference between a standard life policy (life only) and the money we actually paid into the policy over 23 years with simple interest added. This came to just under £15k instead of the £80k we were expecting to receive at maturity. Not happy with that we complained to the FOS, who said we had a case. Their decision was an extra £435 on top of the original offer. They agreed that the policy had been mis-sold & mishandled (we had a riskier life policy rather then the standard endowment one), but that this was all we were entitled to. We said we were not happy with that as we were going to use that money to pay off the bulk of the mortgage. The ombudsman said he would refer it higher up the chain but the result was the same. He said we could go to court ourselves but the judge would take into account the FOS decision and the likelihood we would not win any substantial increase plus court/ legal costs - we would end up worse off. After taking free legal advice, we felt gambling and losing more money was too risky so, we decided not to pursue court action. now we have only £15k to pay towards the mortgage. We will have to put a credible plan to the bank to reassure them that we will be able to pay off the mortgage very soon. There is no delicate way of putting this, but I think you will need to know everything to be able to help me. I never thought I would be in this position. The only thing that will enable us to pay off the mortgage is that my wife and I will soon inherit a substantial amount from our 3 remaining parents (all in their 90's). I realise that this is described as a "potential asset" in the financial world and not an actual realised asset. When my father died 11 years ago I inherited 1/2 his share of the house, with my sister the other half, which by todays assessment of the value of the parental house (minimum of £600k quick sale) is approx £150k for my share. k This was frozen whilst my mother is alive or wants to continue living there. He did this because my father was worried that my mother would live a long life (she has) and would need to go into a nursing home (she hasn't) and all of the money, if he left it to her, would go in nursing costs leaving my sister and me nothing. After the turmoil of my fathers death, I was given a document from the family solicitor, stating the above, but over the years I don't know where it's gone. I recently contacted his office which has been taken over by a bigger solicitor's firm asking for a copy but they said my mother is the client, not me, so they would need her permission. In my mothers present condition I do not want to worry her and so getting a copy is going to prove impossible. My mother has a big house in the south coast. She has had heart failure for 5 years (along with 3 different types of cancer). Her heart failure was diagnosed in Oct. last year as end stage with 6 - 12 months left to live. My question is how should I approach the bank (HSBC) about the fact I cannot settle the mortgage straight away and I have an asset that is frozen at the moment? Thanks in anticipation
  3. The end of an era: RAF Tornado returns from operations for the last time READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/the-end-of-an-era-raf-tornado-returns-from-operations-for-the-last-time
  4. Hi All, long time no log in!! I've been battling with Vanquis since their email to me around July time of this year when they advised me that they were uping the minimum payment so that my balance 'can be paid off quicker'. Yeah, right!! Since this increase in the minimum payment, i've been sending them around £190.00 a month since August (my balance was over £3,500) and although i've seen the balance reduce, if you're clearing your balance quicker, surely the more it's reduced the less your minimum payments should be getting every month. Not with these theiving SOB's. I took a ROP payment holiday in September this year and they caused that up to the extent that they actually refunded me £160.00 which i thought was quite amusing, as their Customer Service people had to admit they cocked up!! With regard to the ROP payments i had been making as well - i thought this was only a one-off payment of £40 as that was the way it was explained to me at the time i signed up to it, but it transpires that this £40.00 was being charged EVERY month - quite a high price for a yearly 'payment holiday'. No wonder my balance never seemed to be going down before i had this removed from my account! Another email was received around mid-November time saying 'sorry' about the mis-selling of the ROP facility and they they could have explained it better etc, etc. Bottom line is that they have refunded me the interest AND the premiums over the amount of time i've had this and they credited my account with just over £1,270.00! My balance is now down to £1,700 and after my remortgage is finalised very soon, that remaining balance will be paid off and these people are getting kicked into touch..... after i've told them in no uncertain words what i think of this bunch of thieves. As others have said here - if you have a Vanquis Card, get shot of it as soon as you can. The best thing that can happen to this bunch of blatant Rip-Off merchants is for them to go the same way as Monument did.
  5. Hi all, question for the HR experts... I've ended my probation period with a large, benevolent organisation - the manager has sent me a formal invitation to a Performance Review meeting, in which he's explicitly stated that "Failure to meet company standards could result in termination.." etc, as well as reeling off a list of concerns. He also gave a couple of weeks notice of the meeting. So from an HR perspective he followed the Perf Review template exactly. Now, I've had a search around and haven't found any instances of people having formal invitations, AND HR were present, AND not being terminated. The letter makes no mention of performance improvements/plans etc. I've done nothing that you could call gross misconduct (or any misconduct), and oddly enough, I've fulfilled all bar one of my probation objectives (and the one I didn't, I've not had opportunity to). Two questions: 1) As HR will be there, and he's fulfilled all the legal/best practices for a termination, are such meetings typically just a formality for termination? 2) Probation objectives - this is confusing me, as I said above I fulfilled nearly all of them. Typically wouldn't most large organisations, in the above circumstances, simply extend the probation period with a demand the employee address and rectify the concerns raised? Thanks all !
  6. We've been in the property 12 months, and 10 months in the landlord has served us with a section 21. So we have two months to leave. An estate agent has been in touch regarding viewings and we have been as accommodating as we can. We have found another place to rent and have asked if the landlord is willing to end the tenancy early, and the answer was no. We can leave early but still need to pay until the end of the 12 months. The new landlord doesn't want to wait that long and if we cant move in earlier he will have to let it to someone else. So, in an attempt to persuade the current landlord I have pointed out that we have been very flexible with the viewings, but have no reason to do this. If he isn't willing to negotiate the leave date, we have no reason to be as flexible as we are, even to the point of not allowing viewings at all. Am I within my rights here?
  7. We recently had a neighbour park over the edge of our driveway - they were asked to move their car but refused, we called the local council who sent a parking warden on a scooter. When he arrived he confirmed the car (shown in the photo) was over the drive BUT I thought over the edge begins at the stone that tapers down to meet the road (Point A) where as he said only the last 10cm of the car was over which is more like Point B in the photo. Which is correct? Also 3 days later a Police Man came to our door about the incident - no idea where they got our details from we weren't expecting them and they were 3 days too late but I did ask the Policeman the same question and he didn't seem to know either. it would be good to get a concrete answer and have that well known.
  8. I was in a car crash in October with my husband and our children, the car was written off and we ended up having to pay the entire years premiums within 7 days. We weren't in the wrong, but the knock on effect of an open claim has left us having to pay higher insurance premiums and we were unable to replace our car for months. I've wrote this in depth, but I can't paste it from here, unless somebody else can. I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and if so, how long did it take until it came to an end? My husband, our children and I were in a car crash in October 2017 after a man decided it would be a good idea to turn his head 90 degrees to the left whilst driving at the national speed limit, going around a corner! We were travelling in the opposite direction to this man, when my husband noticed him. My husband drove us completely off the (county) road, to the left and stopped the car. The man then decided to look at the road he was driving on and noticed us, then his instincts told him to swerve his car, head on into us! We were off the road, there was no other traffic in either direction. The road was clear for him, but he ran his car into us on his right!! He started up his car and tried to drive away, but his car made a crunching sound and stopped him. The police just happened to drive by and it was (we thought) clear who was at fault, but his insurance company is big and ours are small, and someone on the drivers side is denying liability, even though the driver had previously accepted it. Our car was written off, car seats were rendered unsafe and we were faced with an insurance bill of almost £1k, to be paid in 7 days, because apparently, when your car is written off, you need to pay the remaining balance to your insurer and we were 2 weeks into our new insurance cycle. We live in an isolated rural area, a 2-hour drive away from our nearest family and my husband had a 2 hours drive to get to work and back each day. 'Luckily' this happened on my husband's first day of our holiday week, so we had a bit of time to try and sort something out. We eventually got a courtesy car, but it wouldn't accommodate all our family and the cost of replacing the car seats was too high for us to cover. Just the cost of getting a courtesy car cost us a small fortune, having to go back and forth (40+ miles) to the hire company and garage by bus, over 4-5 days. We were foolish to think that this would be resolved easily. We were on the right side of the road, the other driver wasn't, simple right? We were faced with the reality that the £1k we'd just paid the insurers, to pay off our annual car insurance bill, was not going to be finding it's way back to us anytime soon and now Christmas and 2 of our kids' birthdays were here! Credit cards and overdrafts were now needed to do the shopping and we were unable to spend Christmas with our family, which had never happened before. It devastated my parents and the kids' missed spending the day surrounded by all their family, like they'd grown up with. I can't drive and buses don't run here very often, and the cost of getting to the nearest town with the kids is over £20 to get there. I wasn't able to leave the house until January, when we were able to buy another car. We have continued back and forth with the insurance company, but it's now June 2018 and all our money went into paying the insurance company and replacing our car. I can't believe that this is our reality! Our insurance company has told us it's now our word against theirs, and we've been advised to back down, but we weren't in the wrong, so we told them no and that we wanted to fight the decision, but that now means that there's no end in sight and that money we paid, will not be returned until the case is closed. We are unable to have a holiday this year, we haven't had one for years, but we'd saved for the previous few years and all that saving paid the insurers and replaced a previously decent car. The kids don't feel as safe as they did and I don't feel like I can keep them safe anymore. This man is still on the road, driving around our area and that's the worst thing. He's a danger to himself and everyone else. I would really appreciate any help anyone could offer and if anyone knows how long this is likely to go on, that would help greatly. I know there are so many more needy cause on here, we have a house and we have staple foods like pasta, so we're not in as much need as those with ill children, so I don't expect or want funds that could otherwise help those causes. I just wanted to share our story and perhaps make a change to the way these things are dealt with, because our problems are very real. Thank you for reading.
  9. Government action to end letting fees - England Only READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-action-to-end-letting-fees
  10. READ MORE HERE: https://www.thednrc.org.uk/whats-happening-on-now/we-are-fundraising/a-poem-to-remember.aspx
  11. Hi there, I am being asked by the passport office to provide start and end dates of my first two jobs (I don't have the P45s or payslips from these years, I do have P60s). I contacted the HMRC (SARS team) and was sent a letter with all my jobs listed but no dates to them. After another conversation with them they sent me a second letter with only few leave dates. Now, I used facebook messenger to chat with one of the HMRC people today and asked about this. I was told that HMRC may not hold any records regarding the start and end date of employments if the employer didn't provide them with such. I am trying to figure out how can I get this information (may I add that both employers are not in business anymore) and if HMRC can provide anything else that could show the required dates. I paid NI and Tax from the start and the letter shows that but it doesn't show from when I started or when I finished paying them. Could anyone shed some advise? Thanks in advance, Mad.
  12. Hi All, Please bear with me. I was made redundant over a year ago, and as a single Mum, I've just started my own business, but am still relying heavily on benefits while I find my feet - financially. Our landlady's told us she's selling the house in June and as we've been here for 5 years and are so happy and settled, I'd love to somehow be able to buy it. The house is expected to go on the market for 220K. My mum recently sold her house and has a 30K deposit she can give us and I'm now considering the following options: 1. My ex, who earns a good wage (100K) can 'Buy to let' for us? This sounds too good to be true - what are the issues surrounding this? 2. Would my 71 year old Mum be able to re-mortgage her house that she owns outright? It's value is 200K. Is she able to do this at her age - how much could she raise - again - what are the issues surrounding this? I'm pretty convinced that our dream's not achievable, but I thought I'd ask here first - I've heard great things about this forum. Here's hoping, Many thanks in advance.
  13. I was having difficulty with my debts which are around £12K. I am on benefit, and so I foned up Debt Free Direct to see what they could do. I am very upset that all they could offer me was an IVA - 7 years paying £130 a month. Naturally I had to sign up because I was getting constant harassment of one of my creditors Halifax who kept foning me up every day demanding money I didn't have. I am now wondering if the IVA really was the right solution; they didnt offer me a Debt Relief Order which is what I would have prefered. Is there anything I can do besides letting the IVA fail (which I dontwant to do because Halifax will harass me again). Very distressed by the whole thing; Debt Free Direct knew I was on benefits; I really cant see myself paying £130 a month for 7 years, especially as I could loose my benefits at any time anyway, they failed to take this into account. Because of being on an IVA no company would give me advice as I have rung around several this morning; they said the IVA would have to fail before anyone could help me!! NOT happy can anyone please help
  14. I guess there is always the telephone book? I have Yellow Pages and a local directory delivered every year. For the full story :- http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/great-118-rip-could-end-10410058
  15. Hello CAG Please give me some help and advice. My interest only mortgage will end next month . I have asked for a five year extension. I have been discussing this with my mortgage provider and it does not look good. I am pretty nervous and anxious. I am not quite sure how to go about negotiating with them. As its interest only they want the entire loan back. Due to illnesses over the last 10 years my plans to save to repay the mortgage at the end of term went out of the window. then went into arrears and it was touch and go for a year. I was able to make regular payments and caught up on my arrears. I was then able to make over payments which totted up to a small but a pretty good amount. But its like – that’s all academic now The lender now wants the full mortgage back, which is impossible for me. I have a small amount of lump sum but not a serious amount. This is where I need help and advice. 1. I can provide proof of income but the income in itself is not great. However its enough to enable me to meet the payments regularly and my outgoings are low. 2. The lender wants SA103 for the last three years from HMRC. I am arranging this. I am unsure how these documents will look and how the lender would use them to assess my capability to make repayments. 3. My intention is to take on a repayment mortgage for say another 5 years and then sell my property. I do not wish to sell it now 4. I can increase my repayments by taking on a tenant. (I can go really crazy by taking on more tenants but i do not know how the lender will react to this) 5. Will I be assessed as a new client or will they take my past good record into account.? 6. During my illness I took on a loan and picked up a CCJ and as a result, a second charge on my property which is still on my record. I am assuming that this will have an adverse effect on my application for an extension. i shall be most grateful for any advice on how to deal with this other then sell up and move on thank you very much Burmafriday
  16. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/02/01/end-rip-off-rail-fares-ticket-pricing-system-gets-overhaul/
  17. Good morning all, My ex and my three school age children are coming to the end of their rental lease on December 1 and want to stay in the property. I provide maintenance and she is on benefits including housing benefits although according to her these have been cut some months ago.(she has been on housing benefit for the last 18 months)...She made an arrangement with the landlords agents to pay a three month 'buffer' when she moved into the property 18 months ago...Unfortunately my income dried up three months ago and the buffer has been used over the those three months and the landlord will not issue a new lease unless we pay the buffer back up to three months. I have just received a job offer starting in January which will clear all of this up and allow us to move forward and smooth out all of the issues. I need to buy some time in the house while this is sorted and so my questions are.... What is the position of my ex and kids staying in the house beyond 1st December bearing in mind that there are no arrears and I have future earnings coming to pay the rent? Can housing benefit be cut just like that? (my relations/communications with the ex are strained to say the least and I can't be sure of what she's telling me) Thanks in advance for any advice you may have for me. GIB
  18. Hi everyone, I have never posted in a forum before, but I really need some advice. Apologies for the lengthy post, but I just don't know where to turn. In April 2013, we were unlawfully evicted from our rented property. Knowing that we were away for a few days, the landlord entered the property, changed the locks and emailed to tell us he had done this and if we tried to gain entry he would call the police. We were behind on our rent. The landlord kept everything that we owned, except the few clothes we had with us. He then proceeded to sell our possessions at a local car boot sale. Thankfully my partners parents were in a position to take us in otherwise we would have been on the streets. I sought advice at the time from Shelter/CAB and they advised that we should seek legal advice. Although reluctant, we approached a law firm and based on the details we had provided, evidence that we had, they agreed to take on the case on a no win, no fee basis. Naturally the landlord denied everything, made up some crazy lies and would not agree to settle. At first, the law firm were very proactive but after sometime when it became apparent that this was going to be a lengthy drawn out process, their interest waned. The Solicitor who was looking after our case changed no less than seven times. Large periods of time would pass without any contact from them and then suddenly we would receive an email from someone saying they were now handling our case and we would have to go over everything once again. On the 7th December 2015, having not heard from them for five months, we received an email from a Solicitor that we had not heard from before asking why we had not returned a 'disclosure' form. This was urgent apparently and need to be with the court in two days time. We did not receive the disclosure and after investigation it transpired that it had actually been sent to the house we had been evicted from. We were sent another copy and duly returned without actually having the time to read or understand what the document was. Around the 19th December, the Solicitor now dealing with our case contacted me and asked us to provide him with our witness statements. I explained that we had already provided and signed off the statements (on two separate occasions) and as nothing had changed, we would like him to proceed with statements we had already given. I also explained that on the 4th December my elderly mothers home was destroyed by the floods in Cumbria. It was an absolute nightmare (she's 86) and I really couldn't deal with the case for the moment, so I asked him to carry on and I will respond to his emails, sign off any documents etc. At this point he became very aggressive. As he hadn't handled the case from the beginning, hadn't put together the witness statements etc, it was necessary for us to go through the whole process with him again. Bearing in mind this was the seventh solicitor to handle us, I stuck to my guns and told him they had everything that they needed to proceed, we had nothing to add and considering the circumstances with my mother, I really needed his cooperation and understanding. Christmas came and went and on the 12th January, we had the opportunity to get my mother away for a week to my brothers place in the Highlands, whilst he came to Cumbria and helped deal with the aftermath of the flood. I emailed the Solicitor, informed him I would be back on the 19th and I would be able to answer any questions, sign off documents if needed on my return. What followed was a series of aggressive letters from the Solicitor (whilst we were away from home), culminating in a letter sent on the 18th January, dismissing us. He had contacted the court and asked to be removed from the case, which the court agreed to. We were devastated by his actions. In a panic, I contacted the court and they advised I should try to find another law firm or handle the case ourselves. I contacted several Solicitors but no-one was prepared to take the case on a no win, no fee basis. We had received our case files from the law firm, which the solicitors looked over and it transpires the whole thing was a disaster. The litigation was very weak, the vast majority of the documents were just a copy/paste of the information I had supplied by email (including errors) and with so may Solicitors handling the case opportunities had been missed and mistakes had been made. I contacted the court repeatedly, keeping them informed of the situation, but eventually we ran out of options. We couldn't afford the fee of £500.00 to continue the case ourselves and even if we could, neither of us had the confidence or knowledge to take it on ourselves. We had to withdraw from the case. In June 2016, we were informed by the court that the case had been dismissed and a hearing was to be held on the 1st November. Not knowing what to do, I wrote to the court prior to the hearing, explained why we were unable to proceed. We also responded to the financial claims made by the defendant. He claimed that he paid our outstanding utility bills, but provided no evidence to back this up. He claimed that he had to replace the carpets, but gave no proof of this. He claimed that he had to have the house treated for wood worm even though we had only been in the house for 10 months. There was no mention of the £1000.00 deposit that we had given him to secure the property, which he failed to protect and was part of our claim against him. Needless to say. nothing that we brought to the attention of the court was considered and on the 12th November we received a General Form of Judgement or Order dated 10th November informing us that we had to pay almost £13k by the 15th November. Three days to pay. We are poor people. We have a household income of less than £900.00 per month and we simply do not have the means to pay. We have no assets, our house is furnished from charity shops, we don't even own a car. We just about get by every month with the help of a credit card which we owe £2k on. I just don't know where to turn. I am quite frankly terrified. Can anyone give us some advice on what to do? Does this mean we now have a CCJ? It states that our property can be taken, but we don't have anything of value. Can our wages be taken? We would lose everything if this was the case. In April 2013, we lost everything and I just don't think I could handle losing everything again. Any assistance/advice you can give will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Ally
  19. Hi guys, would appreciate your help on this. I currently have 25K of debt which is being administered with Payplan. I defaulted on all accounts in 2012 during a separation. Next year I should be receiving early inheritance to the value of 25/30K So I would love to clear all outstanding debts and be debt free. However I would like to apply for a mortgage with my new partner in a couple of years and understand that companies like Halifax look at your credit file in fine detail. A - Should I clear all debts at 100% of value before the 6 year default period ends (a couple are offering settlement options now) B - Wait until the 6 years are up? Then ask for settlement figures Full/Partial I don't want to partially settle if it reflects badly with high street lenders in the future.. I really appreciate your help! Thanks Roj.
  20. Hi everyone - I have an interest only mortgage made up of several loans (totaling approx £225k) the largest of which (£90k) finished its term about 8months ago. Bradford and Bingley sold me to Engage credit about 18mts ago. The endowment was cashed in about 10 years ago as a bad performer I used the money to pay the mortgage during a difficult time. B&B were aware of this but were happy to allow me to sell the property to eventually redeem the mortgage. At the end of term, Engage allowed me 6 weeks to get the property on the market and it has been ever since. My estate agent has been diligent, we have priced the property carefully - we have had viewings but as yet no buyer. We are doing are very best to sell , we have no arrears and Engage have seamlessly been collecting the monthly interest. My wife and I are both pensioners in our 60s with no chance of remortgaging - we are desperate to sell at the reasonable price we want - to acquire another smaller property mortgage free. I understand that Engage could start repossession proceedings any time. I had a phone call yesterday telling me that they had been very patient (even though they were collecting the interest) and my case now needed to go before management for a further decision. What are the chances that, if it comes to it, the County Court will allow me an extension to sell the property? Can Engage really want to chuck a couple of pensioners out on the street -could that really be part of their corporate manifesto?
  21. Evening Can anyone offer any advice. My secured loan is due to end on the 4th July 2016, it was originally with GE money who sold to Prestige finance. Original loan was unregulated 30k, to date paid back 89k. There is still a balance of 10k made up of charges and additional interest. I will continue to make payments but wondered what will happen now, can they charge whatever interest rate they like because the original agreement has/will end? Any advice greatly appreciated before I ring them to negotiate. Thanks in advance
  22. Hello Everyone, I hope this has gone in the right thread Im really hoping for some great advice here, - Although i'm confident i will receive it, Im writing on behalf of my sister. Here is some background information which will help picture our crisis. My sister is 27, a qualified staff nurse, caring, loving and kind.She has fibromyalgia a chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain and fatigue disorder When she first started nursing she was put on HDU a high dependency ward, A highly stressful ward when first qualified. In time my sister became depressed and was put on anti-depressants, But also moved wards to somewhere she was happier.She was on these for 5 years, In between this she had a long term boyfriend, Whom she loved very much and was her one and only boyfriend so never knew any different. He cheated on her 3 times She found out and left him, Then when she was at a low ebb he wore her down and begged for forgiveness, This went on for a year until she finally gave in. Whilst they had been apart he had found another girlfriend who became pregnant, My sister accepted the child and they were ok for around a year or so, Until she read through his emails and found out he had been messaging and meeting tran-sexuals. This obviously devastated her, she questioned his sexuality and couldnt understand what was wrong with her. She had to go for all the sexual health tests, saying thats she felt dirty and that no one would ever want a relationship with her again as he had passed herepes on to her. In November 2014 she was signed off sickicon due to the fibromyalgia and trauma she had just suffered. She was put on Sertraline antidepressants. as well as this she was also take Amitriptyline, for pain( but is also used as an antidepressant) Zopiclone as she had trouble sleeping, gabapentin a painkiller used for the nervous system, and Diazepam. 2 months ago she came out in an angry rash on her face, She went up to A and E with my mum, Whilst waiting to be seen she fainted, and banged her head that hard she was knocked unconcious. Her mental state has since got gradually worse and we now have the crisis team coming out regular with a physiatrist who has now diagnosed her with hypomania, and was very close to being sectioned if it hadnt have been that my parents are both at home every day. Her mood fluctuates between aggressive, emotinal and manic, She often wanders off without telling anyone and is a danger to herself, She is very confused and cannot be left alone. You cannot have a conversation with her because they are so random you cannot make head nor tail of them. She is still off work now and it has been 7 months. She is too poorly to go back to work but The hospital are pushing and pushing and now has a final meeting on the 22nd june for a final outcome as to what it to happen, My parents have not told my sister this yet, but she wouldnt be well enough to attend this anyway. Her sick pay has now reduced to £81 a week and she cannot afford to live. She has a large amount of outgoings that need to be paid for, She is still living at home with my parents but they are both self employed with very little income coming in to this house. My parents outgoings are around £1,200 a month and my sisters the same. Here are my sisters outgoings Credit card with Barclaycard £160 a month-* Due at the end of June Credit card with halifaxicon - £130 a month Overdue by 2 weeks car finance payment £110 ( Due the next fortnight, Taken over 4 years with Black horse. 1 year owned. Gap insurance for the car and service plans £60 due around the next fortnight Phone bill 02 £40 month RCN ( royal college of nursing payment ) £20 monthly Due in the next fortnight Tesco bank Loan £300 Due in the next fortnight Halifax bank Loan £300 Due in the next fortnight Overdraft £1,200 Santandericon So in a nutshell If you could help with the below questions i would be so grateful, As i really want to help my parents and sister but im not sure where to start. 1: What rights does my sister have with regards to her job as a nurse? Can the NHS sack her? 2: What can be done about the incurring payments due to be paid with credit cards, loans, finance etc can be done? I really appreciate your time taking to read this and any help would be so gratefully received. If i have missed any information out that would be needed please ask.
  23. Hi, I'm unsure if I am posting this in the right place but I am looking for some advice or if anyone has been through anything similar and what happened. I applied for ESA, and after a health assessment I was denied ESA. So I appealed and won the tribunal and was placed into the WRAG group. I had an interview at my job centre and was told I'd be starting the work programme at Ingeus. 2 years later I am at the end of my work programme (ends 2nd October) and I have not managed to secure a job. I have been looking for jobs as a TA in a school, or as a last resort going back to work in a nursery. I have epilepsy and suffer from both grand mal seizures and absent seizures, so I didn't really want to go back to a stressful nursery. I also suffer from bad anxiety which can sometimes trigger my seizures. Up until about 6 weeks ago my advisor hadn't really been helping much on the job front. But she has then started pushing me to apply for jobs which are either miles away or are full time when I specified I wanted part time only. The other day she told me that my only option now was to sign off and start doing Avon so I could keep getting support from them at Ingeus, but that would mean I would lose my ESA and have to wait months (her words) for my working tax to start, so I'd be depending on an income from Avon. I also received a letter from the JC with an appointment to see a work coach and discuss my options. The letter says that the work coach will set me work related activities and help me prepare for a return to work when I am ready. My advisor told me that this was a meeting to get me ready to be put on jsa. Now I don't know what to do. I have heard people say she is pushing me to sign off because it benefits her. Do I sign off? Or do I refuse to do so and see what happens at the work coach appointment? Surely they can't just stop my ESA and put me onto jsa?? Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated. Rebecca.
  24. A few weeks ago I had a moment of madness and thought I could get away with shoplifting a £6 nail polish from Boots. I didn't even make it out of the store before a man in casual clothing calmly told me to follow him to the back room. From there I returned the product (in a sellable condition) and gave him my name and address. No picture, bank details, phone number etc was taken. Police were not involved either. I was told that I was banned from that particular store for a year and that I should be expecting a letter from RLP soon. I left the store and that was that. I received my first letter a week ago and from reading around this particular topic, I know not to be stupid enough to give RLP any money. However, I am curious to know when RLP eventually give up and stop sending letters. As I'm currently at uni (I'm 19) the letters are being sent to my mum's house and I won't be travelling back home soon for a few months anyway. Any help is appreicated!
  25. Hi can anyone help. Relative starts job on 8th February with 6 months probation which by her calculation takes her probationary period to 6th August. She assumed after 6th August she had successfully completed her probation. She was informed around 18th August that she had got it wrong and that her probation would conclude at the end of this month. Last week they advised her that they would like a further 1 month extension to assess her. No letter explaining what she needs to do to improve nothing. Her contract only states that she will have an increase in salary at the end of the successful 6 month period nothing about extending it. I think there is some kind of failure here but correct me if I am wrong She should have had a meeting around 6th August and not when they felt like it. She should receive a "extension of probation letter" explaining what she has to do. I know there is not much else she can do but it is galling to think that she thought as they had not contacted her around 6th August she had completed a successful probation. I think they dont now want to pay her the increased salary and that by extending her probation they dont have to pay and she will leave Any comments appreciated.
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