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  1. I don't know what sort of company it is so I can't say. The problem is that I don't know how to find out the company ownership details. I understand that I can get that information about UK companies from companies house, but I don't know how to do so for international companies.
  2. Hi Everyone, I am having a dispute with a company in Portugal and I need to find out where I stand legally. Just over a year ago, I sought out the services of an addiction clinic in Spain called Iboga Tree Healing House, that treats addiction using a powerful anti addiction drug called ibogaine, but had a terrible experience there and was treated very badly by the owners who it later transpired had no real experience or expertise in working with ibogaine. I was planning on taking legal action against them in order to get my money back, but I left them scathing reviews all over the internet which ruined their reputation so badly that they ended up selling the business. However, it was bought by another ibogaine practitioner who I do know as we are both members of the same ibogaine discussion forums, and who was indeed aware of the unresolved dispute that I had with them because I've had conversations with him about it through facebook beforehand, and he was also completely aware that I was threatening legal action against Iboga Tree before buying it because I had stated it very clearly in the reviews I'd left. However, recently, the new owner had the barefaced cheek to send me a facebook message asking me to remove the negative reviews I'd left because it was damaging his business, and this was without offering me anything to compensate for the horrendous treatment I was subjected to. When I challenged him on this, he told me that he is not liable for anything the previous owners did because he simply bought the domain name and the trademark name, and not the actual organisation whose services I paid for. I'm prepared to bet he is lying through his teeth because when I challenged him about it, he became childishly defensive and when I hinted that I would be looking into it further, he did everything he could to persuade me to let it go and move on. He is currently running Iboga Tree Healing house in the identical way it was run by the previous owners. It has the identical name, the identical website design, domain name & email address, the identical logo and offering the identical services to the ones I paid for when I had my treatment, yet he is claiming that he is not responsible for anything that happened before. This is despite the fact that in buying the business off the previous owners, he has taken away any legal comeback I have with them. If anyone could please give me some advice on how I go about finding out where I stand legally on this I would be extremely grateful.
  3. Hi Everyone, About 3 weeks ago I bought some vitamins with a total value of £37 off Ebay from a US seller on the 1st November which was fully tracked to my door. A week ago I realised it hadn't turned up yet, so checked the online tracking only to find that it showed the item as being delivered on the 12th when it most certainly was not. I complained to the Ebay seller and got not reply, and when I lodged an Ebay dispute, they ruled in favour of the seller because the item was marked as delivered. I complained to Citipost about this who said they contacted Yodel who they subcontracted it out to who said that the item was delivered to my address at the time stated and that they have tracking location information from the driver to prove that, although I don't quite know what that proves, other than than he was at my location, especially as I live in a 21 storey tower block with 126 flats. Citipost are absolving themselves of responsiblity by saying: "you may or may not be aware that we are a mailing house only and as such have no control over any courier group your seller decides to utilize with his contractual partner." Yet I am a bit confused as to how they can claim this as the tracking information leads me to Citipost's tracking site, not Yodels, which on the tracking info is the subcontractor. I could swallow the £37 but it really is a matter of principle and I am absolutely furious about this, especially as Citipost scores a dismal 2.9/10 in their Trustpilot reviews. I would have no hesitation in taking them to the small claims court if I had a case, but I don't know if I do, because how do I prove that is was not delivered? But the fact that they are saying it was leaves me with no other comeback. The only thing I could use as proof that I don't go around making false claims is the fact that a few weeks ago, I lodged another missing claim for an item with another Ebay seller which turned up after the seller had sent a replacement, and the second it did, I contacted the seller to pay for it, proof of which is contained within my Ebay account. Does anyone have any advice on what I could do in this situation? Thanks.
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