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  1. I'm off on an outing now, so apologies if I don't respond until this evening
  2. Marvellous thank you, I've emailed the person and will let you know what transpires.
  3. Thanks unclebulgaria, the p&p was free and I can't access PayPal to find out who they are. I'd have thought the GPS monitoring of the poor driving slaves would be able to specify where they were at every precise moment on that day
  4. Thanks silverfox1961 I'm having trouble finding a way to contact PayPal.......... I've used their helpline, but when they realise who I am and what it's about the system tells me the case is closed. I've emailed the address that they used to notify me of the sale but no reply or acknowledgement. Do you have any other means of contacting this vast organisation? Lived in current house 15 years
  5. Hi, and thanks for your organisation! 6 weeks ago I ordered a PayPal card reader for use on the market (I'm a part-time trader). Here is the order info; Seller information PayPal Payments Pte Ltd +44 8003589448 Invoice ID 131723 Note to PayPal Payments Pte Ltd Order: 131723 Purchase details PayPal Chip card reader£37.50 Tax£7.50 Total£45.00 The number +44 8003589448 mentioned above is the one that tells me my claim has been dismissed. I didn't receive it, so I made a PayPal claim. They dismissed it, as the courier had delivered it. However, it was signed for by a J Kilsby at 11.50 on 15.15.2017. We were at home at that date and time, and nobody called j Kilsby lives here. I've tried to challenge the claim but get thrown out by the automated system. I've sent several emails but had no reply. Any advice on what to do next will be gratefully received!!!!
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