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Found 11 results

  1. Hi In 2005 I got the following: Together Mortgage £113000, Picture Loan £33000, Welcome Loan £21000, RBS Debt totaling £25000 credit card debt totaling £ 9,000. PAYDAY LOANS total £1200. I was in great despair as I was going through a divorce had an ectopic pregnancy and lived in a house half built. I was off work due to ectopic pregnancy and was losing money fast. On top of this my step daughter came to live with me and I was trying to help her through college etc. My ex husband was very nasty and he was due to leave the army and I got frightened in to not taking any of his pension that I deserved for giving up my career to bring his daughter up. He cashed in all our joint policies and left me with nothing but debt. I was in despair literally and had a breakdown turned to alcohol (not badly but enough). I then tried reading self help books to try and change my mind set. I wrote myself blank cheques to all the people I owed and had them on my wall so that I could visualize on attracting money. I won £3800 from a 10p bingo ticket then I got a windfall of £32000. I cleared the credit card debt, got the house finished and reduced the welcome loan to £9000. I still owe the rest, I got the RBS loan secured against the house to free up monthly spends. My house is now worth £136000. I was annoyed though as I have paid over £37000 to IDEM not realising that to settle I need to pay another £42000!! I was younger stupid and scared. I have now rented out my house and I am living in a room, I have started my own company using all the skills I have and have enlisted friends to help me with their trades (I take a small percentage from them as I get them work). [EDITED] It is about visualizing and felling the luck and wealth. It takes only 16 seconds to vibrate mentally and put good thoughts out. I do not ask to win the lottery e.t.c but I try to create ways that I can help myself out of the mess I got in with money. [EDITED]
  2. Hi, long story here, i will try to be brief but doubt it will happen! Northern Rock have been threatening repossession for 18 months, but never actually doing it. I think i have them by the b*lls and they know it, so they don't want to open the can of worms so to speak. I have petitioned for divorce last week (yey hey) from my husband of 13 years. He was a financial advisor of 25 years. After separating last year for good, I took over all the finances in my home which I share with my two young children. I have Bipolar disorder, which is a mental health disorder and I am in receipt of benefits only, DLA ESA Child benefit and child tax credits. I was struggling to keep on top of the bills etc as he had always dealt with everything.This is when things came to light. Long and short, i requested copies of all mortgage applications from Northern rock and things did not add up. It shows he was in massive debt when he bought his first house before he was with me, yet they gave him a mortgage, he re-mortgaged 3 times on this property. In 2004 we moved in to this property and obtained a joint mortgage. This was one he had on the old property with northern Rock and he ported it across to this property, into joint names which i was happy with. He controlled all the money, made out that his business was doing well etc, then in 2008 things became clear. I questioned how come money was so tight if business was doing well. He had asked to take money out of the kids savings, which was only around £700, my parents had the books and he wanted me to get them. When i questioned this and a few other things, he battered me. I had him immediately arrested. He had been mentally abusive before now but never physical. Two days later we sat and discussed everything./ The business was failing and the mortgage was in massive negative equity. I told him to close the business and get a paid job. He did. But things were tight.He had a load of credit card debt to the tune of around £85,000.00 on top of the mortgage. We bought the house in 2004 for £169,000.00, and now, 4 years later there is £285,000.00 on it in secured and unsecured loans. This amount was given by Northern Rock within 18 months of moving into the property. RIDICULOUS. I was not working and he was self certifying his income. There were minimum payments to the credit cards of £3000 per month on top of the minimum contractual INTEREST ONLY mortgage payment of £1400 per month. We could not cope. His employer made him go self employed within their company after one year, then let him go 5 months later. He had no job and we were going under. I have had 2 applications for charging orders through the post. One for £26,000.00 has been granted and another for £22,500.00 has been applied for, both for his business bank overdraft and the second a credit card debt. I rang Northern Rock and explained this to them , since November 2009 they have been accepting reduced monthly payments of almost half the contractual amount. Since Sept last year when i kicked him out (at last) they have been accepting SMI (support for mortgage) payments only of £480 per month, which is £750 per month short of the contractual amount. Ever month i receive a letter from Northern Rock saying that i have not contacted them nor paid the amount due and am in arrears of XXX amount etc. Yet every month I call them to explain and agree the amount for that month, being the SMI payment. I have been passed from pillar to post, from the 'sensitive' team due to my illness , back to the switchboard and so on. I have been ill advised by them and when i query it they cannot seem to find the notes etc. I received a default notice at one point which upset me and i could not understand why. After I called them, it became apparant that NONE of my payment had been going toward the UNSECURED element. They never advised me to pay seperate amounts. I queried this and asked them to look into it. I was advised that it may be possible for me to go into a LOAN MODIFICATION, and after weeks of phone calls and income and expenditure forms, i was now told that they could NOT do this as I had recently gone into a £1 CCCS arrangement to pay £1 towards the unsecured!!!!!!!!!! Again, this was conflicting information. I asked for transcripts of ALL my recorded telephone conversations along with all the notes they had on my file so that I could look into this. It took months to get to this point and last week i received a full and final response letter stating that they 'cannot find the phone transcripts' and that they do not physically have the manpower not time to check each and every application form that comes throught to them , they have to trust that the truth is on there by the applicant!!!!!!...and that they would not be upholding my complaint!!!! I have made them clearly aware that on the mortgage applications, my ex has been fraudulent by playing the system and not completing the forms correctly. He has, for example, scored through the employment section on one and written 'please cross refer with previous application'...this would have put him as employed when he was in fact self employed at the time etc etc. If they had in fact took the time to cross refer they would have realised this. They would also have realised that the amount of debt he had shown on the previous applications could not possible have been paid of as shown on the following application. He stated he needed the extra funds to ' consolidate business debt!!!!!!!! I have made it clear to Northern Rock that he had fraudulently, without my knowledge, obtained further credit to the account. Every month when i call, if not twice a month, i tell them...stop threatening to repossess me, either do it so I can attend court and defend myself, or leave me the hell alone. I had a solicitor challenge them, i was going to sue them, the solicitor thought my case was good but legal aid was turned down from a prosecution point of view. They told me once i do receive a repossession order to get back in touch and legal aid will be granted for a defence. But it is 2 years, i cannot keep going every month wondering what is happening. I am £13000 in arrears, with charges adding on. I have been told i may be able to capitalise etc etc but nothing ever comes of it. As much as I want to stay in my home, as i will never be able to obtain another mortgage myself after this, ia m not sure how i could afford it as it stands on my benefits. It is interest only and there is no way at the end of the term that i could find the full amount. My 'plan' is , to sue them to the point where i am only responsible for the original mortgage amount, the interest is reduced to a monthly amount i can personally afford, and that the arrears are capitalised. I will fight tooth and nail for my home, if at the end of it i have no choice but to go into rented then so be it. But i feel that i have for 13 years, been lied to and cheated out of owning my own home which may at some point in the future have given me and my children some security. I dont think we should be punished because of my ex's lies nor the irresponsible lending and incompitence of Northern Rock. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLease!!
  3. I redeemed my Northern Rock mortgage some years ago now but I've had a letter through this morning enclosing a cheque. The letter says: 'NRAM is committed to providing our current and previous customers with a great level of service. To ensure we maintain these levels, we have reviewed our previous Mortgage Application process and have identified that whilst your account is now redeemed, it appears that we made an administrative error when your account was originally set up. Therefore a cheque of £XXX.XX is attached to rectify this error. Included in this amount is £XXX.XX representing 8% simple interest on the amount charged in error.' Now I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth but I can't help feeling really suspicious about this. No bank I've ever dealt with has voluntarily sent customers cheques for errors - I mean just look at PPI claims and bank charges refunds. I can't help wondering if there is some sort of reasoning behind it - such as the error actually potentially requiring them to pay out larger amounts. For that reason I was wondering - should I hang fire from banking the cheque? Anyone know what this is about - the letter doesn't even state what the charge was!
  4. Hi all, looking for some advice. Got mortgage with Northern Rock (NRAM). £135k secured on house and £25k unsecured loan to top up to value of house when it was bought. Bit is paid off by now (well, negative equity any way). Inherited some money from parents. What is better way now: pay off unsecured part of it or actual mortgage on house? If anything happens and i will not be able to pay instalments for both, only for house part, can they reposes house for pay off that unsecured loan or as it is unsecured they cant`t do anything? Just can`t get grip on that. I know I can go to solicitor, but trying to get some advice here first, as really value opinions here.
  5. Hi all, I hope you can offer some advice on this, it's quite a long story but I'll try and keep it concise My friends property was repossesed on Monday and he only found out when he got home and the locks were changed. He immediately contacted Northern Rock who first of all said if he cleared the arrears (approximately £1,100, two months arrears) and paid three months in advance he could get the house back. They then changed their mind on the phone after speaking to a different department and said they wouldn't accept any payments and the house was repossesed. The reason they gave was that it was because it was the second time they had put a repossesion order on the house. The previous one was served in roughly August 2012 and with help managed to get the £4,500.00 of arrears cleared and the repossesion stopped without going to court. I have done lots of research and can see there is still some potential to get the property back but am struggling with what the next step should be. Everywhere I have read it says he should continue to make mortgage payments yet Northern Rock refused to take his money??!! He is seeking legal advice but finding solicitors are not calling him back, which is proving very frustrating. He was also under considerable stress with his finances as the house had had a significant fire (total loss of the roof and roof timbers) and he only found out after the fire his insurance had lapsed. He spent a considerable sum of money trying to get the property inhabitable again and then ran out of money. He wasn't living in the property again until around August 2012 due to the condition of the house and was hopping between friends homes and that in itself has taken it's toll. The fire was also the reason why he fell into arrears last year. Should he go to his doctor to have it put on file he is suffering with stress? Should he be looking to file an injunction to stop the sale of the house first? Thank you for your help
  6. Hi Please could someone help me, after much persuasion from friends about PPI claim I called my previous mortgage supplier (Santander) and found out that we had PPI on all 3 settled mortgages, I was totally gobsmacked as I had NO idea there was PPI on them at all. The claim is now being investigated, we also found out that there was PPI on a credit card that I also had with them, I had no knowledge what so ever! This has now encouraged me to check all previous lenders etc, however I had a personal loan with Northern Rock which I settled around about 2008 and also a EGG credit card, this was also settled around the same time. Does anyone have any contact numbers for Egg Cards prior to Barclaycard taking over? Would I need to contact NRAM with regards to the personal loan taken out with Northern Rock? Does anyone have the contact number? I will update you with regards to the claims that I have already made! Absolutely gobsmacked that there was PPI! Thank u
  7. Hello all, I have a mortgage with Northern Rock, there is also a secured loan on the property with First Plus and Red castle have had a temporary agreement in place for last 6 months. July payment is my final payment. I do not think that i can return to the full contractual arrangement as I am on a third of the wages that i used to be. Can anyone please advise as to the steps that i should take in order to come out of this mess a little less battered than i would be if I just allowed them to do what they want. Is it worth contacting council re - mortgage rescue scheme? applying for council housing? I have contacted Northern Rock to see about changing mortgage to interest only, but they are taking forever to get back to me. All help would be most appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
  8. Hi there, I have already posted about a few other debts my other half has on other threads, not sure I have done this correctly. He has a Northern Rock loan which I believe he took out in 2004 alongside his mortgage, it was before we were together. I got him to write and as for a copy of the original agreement which they have sent. I find it unbelievable the interest rate that he is paying. It looks like he took out an unsecured loan of £22,498.00 with an APR of 7.1%. He has since sold his flat and paid off the mortgage with the sale. But the loan states that if paid in full the rate of interest charged goes up to 5.00% above the current standard variable rate for mortgages. So since he paid it in 2008, he is now paying a 9.79% interest and hardly making a dent in the loan. Quite unfair considering he would benefit from a lower variable rate. With a loan outstanding at just above £20k he is paying £204.70 per month and yet about £170 a month, it's horrendous, is there anything we can do about this? He tells me that he got into a bit of trouble while back and ended up paying them a fortune in charges for his mortgage being in arrears along with the loan, can we claim that back? I'm trying my best to help him and if we can claim something somewhere it might help pya off other debts. He is paying Blair & Scott I think for three outstanding debts and being doing that every month for the past two years without a fault but I know that he had charges for all of these too, what a mess, in need of help?
  9. Hi Apologies in advance if this is the wrong part of the forum to place this. Seemed most appropriate place. I took out a 5 year fixed rate mortgage in Feb 2007 with NR. It was a 5.69% 'Help with costs + fee remortgage fast track'. It reverts to an SVR in Feb. I owe approx £216,000. The property is in Belfast and although once 'worth £280,000', it would now struggle to sell for £160,000. Basically i am about £56,000 in negative equity, with further falls on the way, with no hope of remortgaging. At the moment i am paying around £1,050 per month. When i got the key facts document originally, i completely misunderstood it. At the time the BoE base rate was 5.25%. The key facts form said that after the 5 year term the mortgage would revert to a SVR: "a variable rate, currently 7.34% for 2 years. Thereafter, a variable rate, currently 7.34%, with a discount of 0.25% thereafter, giv ing a current rate payable of 7.09%" Stupidly i assumed that if the base rate was 5.25% at the time, then the mortgage was essentially reverting to base rate + 2.09%. I know many people with other mortgages, stuck on standard variable rates. They all seem to be paying base rate + 1.75% or thereabouts. Have i misunderstood something? why is the NR SVR so high? I recently rang up to enquire as none of their documents told me how they calculated the SVR, or how or why that would go up. I had assumed it was pegged to a certain % above base rate. The guy i spoke to said the SVR is 4.79%. When i pushed him he spoke to a manager and confirmed that the SVR is 4.29% above base rate. Basically, in Feb next year, i will temporarily go down to £862.20 pcm. I had assumed it would fall much lower than that. In a few years time, the base rate will go up. The Northern Rock guy confirmed to me that it would go up by Base Rate + 4.79%. Surely that can't be right? Do they use another way of determining their SVR? at 5% base rate i'll be paying 9.29%, nearly £1700pcm. Long way off but i'll be repossessed for sure... no hope of me every remortgaging in the next decade...
  10. Hello all. Hope someone can help me on the way forward in this case as time is running out. My mother has arrears on her mortgage with Northern Rock and went to court where Northern Rock secured a suspended repossesion order on the property. The agreement was that the arrear would be respread over the remaining 15 years of the mortgage agreement and payment would be £890.50. This was in February 2011. Payment has been maintain without a problem however my mother decided to be sure of no missed payments she would set up a standing order for the amount evry month. This was effected from April 2011. My mother subsequently had to fly to South Africa due to a family emergency at the end of April and is still there. She thought everything was in order. The problem is that I went to check the mail at the house and amongst the mail I found a Notice of eviction from Northern Rock and letters from their solicitors Wallers. The eviction notice is to be effected on 2 June 2011. After a marathon of international calls and emails I finally secured permission to access the account the the problem is that when my mother effected a standing order from April she mistakenly set it for £890.00 instead of £890.50 creating a shorfall of 50p per month. This happened for the April payment and May payment. I acknowledged the error and offered to pay the £1 but Northern Rock are refusing and have scrapped the court set agreement and are demanding 3 bank statements and 3 payslips and the total outsatnding arrear of £8811. I have explained that the mortgage holder is in South Africa and cannot provide all the information but they will not budge. My mother managed to log on and email the statements and I scanned and faxed her latest wageslip and sent it off to them. However they are just delaying now saying someone is looking into it nd will make a decision. Time is not on our side and it now appears these are just delying tactics. The worst thing is that the mortgage holder is not in the country to deal with the situation and the house will be repossessed in her absence. Northern Rock are not very helpful and seem bent on getting the house. While I accept that the mistake was my mother's, I however would have thought that a 50 pence error would not result in a repossession or a refusal to negotiate. No other payments have been missed since the court agreement. Im getting very stressed due to the delaying tactics and impending eviction date. What are my options? The notice of eviction mentions a N244 Form - can it be actioned on someones behalf as my mother has no chance of getting back her in time. Hope someone can help
  11. Young and free spending when I started working within London's financial sector led to the purchase of a house, a new car and eating out in restaurants at least a few times a week Life was good and within no time, I had a mortgage with Northern Rock, a second Mortgage with Northern Rock and a third Mortgage with Firstplus When the bubble burst in Finance, I lost my job and could no longer afford to keep the house. I had to sell the car and move into rented accomodation with my family. Since leaving my house in 2006, I have been chased by letters from Northern Rock, Firstplus and several DCAs for the remainder of the mortgages. I have no assets and have been burying my head in the sand waiting for it to go away. - Northern Rock (£55K Owed) - Recently, one of the DCAs has offered a one off settlement of £15K or repay the full amount at £250 per month. - Firstplus (£20K Owed) - No offers, but chasing letters every couple of months As I have no assets, I am considering Bankruptcy as I would prefer to start fresh rather than paying £250 for about 20 years, (and that is without even taking into account the Firstplus debt) - I have looked into bankruptcy for £450 Has anyone reading this had the same experiences with Northern Rock / Firstplus? I am wondering whether they would prefer a payment arrangement agreed now to cover a small amount of the loan rather than accepting what they are given when I'm declared Bankrupt - Please let me have your view on this Thks ScoobyDooby09 -- Nothing Claimed -- -- Nothing Reduced --
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