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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, My first post so I hope I have stuck to all rules. I received a PCN today from SIP in Manchester for not parking in marked bay. I returned from a court appointment in the family courts and had the PCN on my windscreen. I had paid the parking for the period via the app. The markings for the actual bays was almost none existent and also it was the end of an arm in the under rail parking on Harding Street in Salford. My thoughts are that due to the poor quality of the "marked bays" they have no case. i parked as you can see from the photos as close as I could t
  2. Hi guys, I've been advised by a friend to come on here after i received a parking charge notice this afternoon. I was parked incorrectly, however to get into that space i had to drive through a narrow gap & swing the car into the space. As you can see from the attached pictures, it is not possible for another car to park besides mine, due to the the vehicles parked across the front of the car park. Do i pay the the £35 fine within 24hours or appeal? If appeal gets rejected then its £60! Many thanks.
  3. Hi Just received my credit file and after getting into a bad financial situation I have a total of 19 defaults on my credit file!, 11 are due to drop of this year and 3 next year the rest are around 2022, for the latter do you think my credit file will improve If I pay them of so they are marked as satisfied? or should I just wait, none of them are chasing me for payment at the minute Just edited to add one is for a mobile phone debt that I was paying for 2 years at £35 per month, it says I owe £550.00 now
  4. Saturday 23rd June 2018 took a 14ft pool to the till marked up at £99.99 with the correct item being displayed on the price tag, when we got to the till they entered the code from the price tag clearly stating £99.99 to be told it was £199.99 after disputing they had to sell it at the marked price which was on the tag they called the manager to be told she was the deputy manager and that they didn’t have to sell it at the marked price as it was incorrectly priced, there was another 3 marked up at the same price also in the shop, they said there was nothing they could do and the best they could
  5. 1. The date of infringement? 20th March, 2018 at 20:04:43 2. Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? No 2.1. Have you received a Notice To Keeper? Not yet 2.2. What date is on it? Not recieved letter yet, just a ATTENTION slip 2.3. Did the NTK provide photographic evidence? Yes 3. Did the NTK mention Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA) Not one the webpage with all the information and photographs 4. If you appealed after receiving the NTK, did the parking company give you any information regarding the further appeals process? Not
  6. Hi I have recently received a council parking ticket for parking in what appeared to be a parking bay outside of a Premier Inn in Northampton, I paid the correct amount to park in the car park overnight but having come out in the morning found a ticket on my vehicle I contacted the council and was visited by two parking wardens who couldn't explain why i had received a ticket for where I was parked as they too could clearly see the worn markings. Having challenged the fine with the council directly they have rejected my initial appeal as they claim that this isn't a parking bay
  7. Final resting place of a Yorkshire born WW2 soldier killed in the 'Bridge too far' Battle of Arnhem is finally marked after almost 73 years READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/final-resting-place-of-a-yorkshire-born-ww2-soldier-killed-in-the-bridge-too-far-battle-of-arnhem-is-finally-marked-after-almost-73-years
  8. Just discovered that Arrow have marked my credit file in 2016 when I stopped paying my £1 contribution that I had been making since 2010 Can I do anything to remove this? Arrow notified me of a transfer of this debt in March 2016 to Restons Ive never done a SAR on it, is it all too late now? Thank you
  9. Hi I'm new here so hoping I'm writing in the correct place. I was hoping someone could help me with a query I have regarding a shopdirect/very account I have. Back story - I fell into financial difficulty a couple of years ago and have 6 creditors and a large outstanding debt balance. 5 of the 6 creditors have defaulted my accounts and they show as such on my credit file however shop direct haven't, it says 'up to date' but when you go in to the details there's red marks with differing codes that cover the period since I stopped making the contractual pay
  10. Hi all When Vodafone 'ported over' my account to their new system (sept 15) they appear to have screwed it up, royally. I have 3 phones on one account. (which seem to have been separated) I have had nothing but misery and stress ever since, I have lost count of the number of times they have restricted access, leaving us all or one after another cut off, in one case for weeks. most spectacularly when I was 100 miles away from home in a hospital with my Father who had been rushed in with a heart problem, No way to call anyone brilliant! I have spent hours both
  11. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/armistice-day-marked-by-services-around-the-world
  12. Just checked my credit file on Noddle. Hitachi Capital have run 2 searches on me, 1 in February and again in August. Feb. was marked "Administration Review" and August search was marked "Price Comparison Hdd". I have never had any dealings with Hitachi, and have never had a price comparison for anything that I am aware of. Why have these searches been done? Should I be concerned? I have had no direct contact from Hitachi. Thanks t
  13. Dear Cagers, I need some advice. On 30th of April 2015, while I was watching my son’s cricket match on ground, I received an email from Vodafone welcoming me on their network with a new contracted account which I never bought. I sensed something is wrong and called Vodafone customer service straight away. They told me after confirming my address and dob that I have just purchased a contract with an iPhone from them. I told them that someone must have used my details so please cancel it straight away. As I responded to this purchase very swiftly, iPhone delivery was a
  14. Hello good evening, just after some advice recently received a Claimform dated 01/04/16 from UKCPS LTD for parking out of a marked bay. Particulars of claim stated " Claim against Mr ****** **** for outstanding parking charge issued to a vehicle ******* on land named *********** ********* This land is managed by UKCPS Ltd and vehicles parked at the site are subject to parking restrictions which are set out on signs at the site and form a contract between the driver of the vehicle and UKCPS Ltd. Mr ****** **** or a driver parked the vehicle on **-**-15
  15. Hi, I’ve been lurking on the forums without posting as of yet, a lot of info here has helped me take the right steps to VT my agreement with MotoNovo. thanks firstly. Sat the end of Feb 2014 I decided to Voluntary Terminate my Hire Purchase agreement with MotoNovo. It was 5 years HP, and I’d only had the car around 12 months but for one reason or another I needed out and accept I have a present liability to settle up to the 50% mark on the agreement . I wrote to MotoNovo around 20th February informing them I wish to VT. I received a reply around 7 working days later,
  16. http://www.mobilenewscwp.co.uk/2015/08/05/exclusive-ee-recalling-500000-power-bars/
  17. I am in the support group of ESA but I just checked my bank account and I have randomly received a payment of £125 when I am not due a payment till the 14th, it's also marked as JSA and not ESA (not the first time a payment has been marked as JSA). I tried to ring them but I was a few minutes late as they close at 6pm. Obviously this is worrying me, can they take you off ESA and put you on JSA? or is it likely a clerical error?
  18. I did a SAR request on a firm who I had car finance with a few years ago. I have my account number but no other paperwork. I am pretty sure I paid PPI on it as I remember them saying "No PPI No loan" and being very very pushy. The firm is called Private and Commercial Finance, 39 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0EU. On checking the Royal Mail website, my letter has been returned as gone away. On looking further into the internet it would seem that the address has been redeveloped and is up for let. Any advice on how to track them down?
  19. hi like LFOZ89 I too have received practically the same letter as yourself for very similar circumstances and considering appealing like yourself. You have not posted an update to your situation and I wondered if you were successful or not.
  20. I have checked my credit file. some of my debt accounts show default amount but are also marked as settled. what does this mean?
  21. A newbie CRA question ... which CRA should I be requesting data from? I've also moved house recently. I haven't told the DCAs about the move, but a couple have started sending me letters to my new address. Do I need to mention both addresses? Thanks for your help, Sue
  22. After a day out my wife and I returned to our car to find a £70 parking ticket issued by the council. When we arrived at the car park it was quite busy so we pulled up outside on the road opposite the car park along with dozens of other cars. My wife spotted a parking warden in the council car park and went to ask her if we were ok parking on the roadside, we were told that due to the double white line in the middle of the road no cars should park on the roadside and the police would ticket any car it found there. I spotted a space in the council car park so I pulled over the road and pa
  23. If a DCA searches your CRF and leaves a "linked address" How will this look to potential lenders if they recognise the names as DCA's? Do DCA's have to be granted permission by yourself to do this to your file? Or can they just go ahead and do it anyway? thanks
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