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  1. Hello, hope somebody can help me out, please. Took a Gym membership out due to moving away and commute to and from the gym would have been a nightmare I spoke with the Gym who informed me to cancel through Harlands of which I did and they accepted as proof of cancellation. they would not cancel my Gym membership stating I had arrears of £89.98, this included £39.98 for monthly instalments and £50.00 for the admin fees. of which I did offer to meet halfway to resolve the matter with a payment of £45 as I was not prepared to pay the fictitious admin fee. Moved address and
  2. last night got caught out by Sheffield City Council for Stopping where prohibited ( on a red route or clearway ). Which in I'll openly hold my hands up no argument there as in my rush to get parked up and get to the match I stupidly failed to see the bloody big No Stopping sign practically next to where I parked up might I add. However I'm a little miffed off with the whole Do as I Say Not as I Do attitude of Sheffield City Council when I looked at the photos online from the PCN, directly parked behind me is Sheffield Councils Civil Enforcement car. I
  3. Cheers much appreciated with the help, the date and place is 16/06/15 at Sheffield Centertainment and what I remember it was a screen ticket as for the NTK delivery I'm sorry I cant remember that as I pretty much ignored all correspondence until this landed on my lap. Like I said your help is greatly appreciated.
  4. I believe its Valley Centertainment who are managed by Savilles, I have tried to contact them several times via phone but always get answer machine and emails have been sent but no reply back as of yet.
  5. Hello good evening, just after some advice recently received a Claimform dated 01/04/16 from UKCPS LTD for parking out of a marked bay. Particulars of claim stated " Claim against Mr ****** **** for outstanding parking charge issued to a vehicle ******* on land named *********** ********* This land is managed by UKCPS Ltd and vehicles parked at the site are subject to parking restrictions which are set out on signs at the site and form a contract between the driver of the vehicle and UKCPS Ltd. Mr ****** **** or a driver parked the vehicle on **-**-15
  6. Hello, just after some help please, I live in an apartment block where last august I had no power for 12 days due to communal fuses catching fire leaving several of the apartments without electricity and hot water. I contacted Watson property management who run the maintenance of the building who told me at first that this would be sorted over the weekend. Come after the weekend was told that this was a problem with the electricity supplier and that are awaiting on fuses to be fitted, I asked if they would be willing to put me up in a hotel whilst the situation was being rectified and was told
  7. Hi, Wish I found this site before I wrote to CEL, heres my problem CEL contacted me via post saying i overstayed in a CO-OP car park and invoiced me a sum of £90 or £45 if I pay up in 14 days, I immediately wrote back to them with a letter with the effect of saying that I was the owner of said vehicle but was not the sole driver and that i had no control over who and when vehicle was being driven and further more that i kept no records of the vehicle being driven by such persons as well as telling them to cease contacting me. Now here is my dilemma CEL have contacted me again with a lette
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