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Found 5 results

  1. I’d heard how awkward banks can be with Power Of Attorney so I was pleasantly surprised when I registered the one I hold for my aunt’s financial affairs. It took about 45 minutes and seemed to be plain sailing. Sadly all downhill from then on. I’d set up internet banking for her a couple of years ago when she could still deal with a fair bit on her own and would help her do anything she found confusing. We’ve bumbled along - if she needed things I’d tend to order them and get paid back directly from her account to mine. More recently as she’s gone into care and lost capacity I realised I would have to register this LPA with the bank and take over completely. It’s been an utter disaster. The bank deregistered her internet banking but left something on the system saying she is still registered. Try and log in and it says no longer registered, try and re- register and it says already registered. I have been every which way round with advisors in various departments and they all end up saying it is a fault with their system. This ‘fault’ has the added effect that they cannot verify my details. Her account cannot be accessed by her as I stupidly answered ‘no’ when asked if she has capacity and cannot be accessed by me because their systems cannot verify me for some reason. Luckily I set up her online accounts with national savings etc. so could open a new bank account for her money to be paid into as necessary to pay care home fees and expenses. It doesn't sit well with me that this has to be in my name and I have to spend a great deal of time ensuring funds do not build up in an account which could (should) be subject to close scrutiny because it isn’t my money. When she first asked for my help nearly all her money was in the bank. Thank goodness I suggested she move most of it or we would now be totally screwed. I now wish I’d never tried to do the right thing by registering that LPA with the bank. I could happily have continued logging into her online account to pay her expenses even though she was no longer really approving each transaction as had previously been the case. There are still small amounts which get paid into that Lloyd’s account occasionally and I don’t have enough detail to get them changed. None of it can be accessed until the day I can walk in there with a death certificate and her will. With the benefit of hindsight I would suggest anyone thinking of setting up an LPA goes for the option of adding their proposed attorney as a joint account holder on their bank accounts instead. It could save an awful lot of time and stress.
  2. Hi all When Vodafone 'ported over' my account to their new system (sept 15) they appear to have screwed it up, royally. I have 3 phones on one account. (which seem to have been separated) I have had nothing but misery and stress ever since, I have lost count of the number of times they have restricted access, leaving us all or one after another cut off, in one case for weeks. most spectacularly when I was 100 miles away from home in a hospital with my Father who had been rushed in with a heart problem, No way to call anyone brilliant! I have spent hours both in store and on 191 trying to deal with it all apparently in vain. Last week was the last straw, I applied to borrow money against my property and to my horror was refused point blank, I was advised by Barclays to check Equifax to see what was happening. I had a gnawing in the pit of my stomach thinking ..o god its going to be Vodafone, sure enough it was. My credit score is unblemished apart from them, who have my account as delinquent, credit rating rock bottom. I phoned Equifax and explained I have been having problems with them for 18 months and they advised to contact them and that they, Equifax would put a note on my file and query it with Vodafone. I phoned vodafone to be told sorry system is down I will ring you back, of course after going through hoops to establish its me! I telephone later as I have no real expectation of her ringing me back because, well, they just don't, Guy this time says your account is in arrears by 22.91 you must pay now so i did. I asked him to remove the erroneous entry on Equifax which he apparently did not understand. 3 hours later lady calls back and says you are 12.00 , which I declined to pay when the member of staff on the phone could not explain how, when approximately 3 hours earlier I had been told I was 22.91 in debit and had paid it. The following day whilst in store I was £45.82 in credit, at the time i thought sadly laughable, as the first member of staff appears not to be able to understand a credit on the account. ? so my credit had now doubled. o yes he also said he would add £5.00 credit 'for the hassle' which I had confirmation in a text message. needless to say it was not applied! Checking my Experian account it shows £190 in debit and more than 6 months overdue. Thus placing it in Delinquent status. Which actually tallies with no other amount? I think they pick amounts out of the air tbh. I then receive a letter yesterday informing me they were suspending my account as I was in arrears of £65.30. desperation yesterday I emailed the Member of staff in the store and copied in the CEO attaching the e mails I had sent to the previous CEO in oct 15 and jan 16 which received no response, amazingly I got a reply e mail today saying they would look in to it but if it was urgent to call them, really Vodafone?? so I did. Melanie assured me she has removed 52.80 which was hanging around on my 'Ghost' account since sept 15 and she will remove my status on Equifax. I mentioned to her that not only would I want my credit file returned to its unblemished state before they had made the catastrophic cock up of my account I also thought I should be entitled to compensation for the amount of time and distress caused in the lat 18 months continually trying to sort their mess out, not least the embarrassment and distress yet again of having to try and explain to the lady from Barclays and my husband that I really wasn't responsible. She of course completely ignored this part of the conversation I asked her to send me an e mail outlining exactly what she was going to do, which she did all be it concise. What are the things I should perhaps be doing/ recording to follow this up? I cannot explain how utterly sick and tired I am, how stressful and embarrassing this whole thing has been for such a long time, this is not everything either. I would really appreciate any input from anyone Thank you Sealover
  3. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/saving/article-2895425/Lloyds-life-misery-insisting-DEAD.html
  4. I thought that I should start a fresh thread regarding the on-going, Orange PAYG mobile phone misery as the one started on here by another user, is somewhat out of date, and seeing that problems with Orange remains unresolved for many, myself included; best to re-address the problem again. My situation: I purchased a neat affordable PAYG mobile phone from Tesco Direct in Dec 2012. It had come with a complimentary free £10.00 top-up that, once the new Sim was inserted into the phone, the credit would thus be activated. However, this never occurred, and I had spoken to Orange, who stated that Tesco was responsible for the free credit. I sort of went round in a few dizzy circles with both Orange and Tesco, and never did get that free credit placed on my phone, regardless of who I spoke with. Then, just recently, I topped up my mobile phone with my Orange Top-Up card that has not yet let me down, only to discover that the credit I placed on it, did not go onto my mobile phone. Because I don't have the credit to call Orange - not a free customer service number exists for them; I managed to find their executive's email address and reported the complaint via email to them - I am yet to receive a response, yet a little hopeful of one. As you may be aware, if you are an Orange customer: their website that coexists with EE - it is not a communication platform for general inquiry into problems with phone credit etc. You cannot email them whatsoever, and just click appropriate links if you have had your phone stolen for instance. This now leaves me in a miserable predicament, having to take the issue up with my very trustworthy shop-keeper who topped my phone up, I have since lost the receipt of the transaction that took place on 20/06/2014. However, it clearly went onto the Orange Top-Up card that Orange themselves will have a database log of all consumer purchases they cannot erase at least until six years under the data protection act. The proof of payment is not really the issue here, with the above in mind, yet the fact that Orange have been doing this to consumers since 2008-9 if I read the complaint pages that are dedicated to the Orange PAYG misery - are truly astonishing to read. So what do I do or any other Orange customer, when they are unable to make free calls to their customer-service numbers, other than compose a letter of complaint?. I had once wrote to them before a few years ago about a different phone issues, and sent at least two recorded-delivery letters, they never once responded.
  5. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/axemen-atos-face-40m-payday-1352958
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