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  1. They first removed it and next day called me to confirm it that its been removed. I've checked call credit too and there is nothing adverse too.
  2. I WOULD like to donate, You guys are a great help. plz share the link.
  3. UPDATE. after three days of submitting online complaint at vf webform ( http://forum.vodafone.co.uk/t5/Contact-Us/Contact-Us/td-p/1994065 ) and sending in post, the default was removed from my Equifax File. Very quick resolution. Thanks to all of you who contributed advising me. ---- Case Closed ----
  4. forum.vodafone.co.uk , This is where the web team has moved. They will answer there and not anywhere else. I have sent a formal complaint letter in post to vf customer services demanding resolution in 14 days. Also emailed same context to customer services cc-ing nick.jeffery and vittorio.colao. I'll give them 3/4 working days to look into it before chasing them up. an automated reply from customer services email was received 5 minutes after sending saying they will respond in 48 hours. so lets see. Thanks obiter dictum and martin2006 again.
  5. Thanks fkofilee Thanks martin2006. Your suggestions really helpful choosing the right way forward. Where is the vodafone web team WRT135 ?
  6. Dear Cagers, I need some advice. On 30th of April 2015, while I was watching my son’s cricket match on ground, I received an email from Vodafone welcoming me on their network with a new contracted account which I never bought. I sensed something is wrong and called Vodafone customer service straight away. They told me after confirming my address and dob that I have just purchased a contract with an iPhone from them. I told them that someone must have used my details so please cancel it straight away. As I responded to this purchase very swiftly, iPhone delivery was also stopped. I was told that account is closed and matter will be forwarded to fraud department. I also advised Vodafone that please flag my details in your system as not to be sold any contract for a certain period to avoid any more attempts. That person later on bought one or two more contracts from Vodafone, one from EE and one from O2. I kept on informing and cancelling every time I get something in my mailbox or letterbox and thanks to all as they were all very cooperative and honest except ONE which is Vodafone. Now, here is the main story. On 13th of July 2015, I received an invoice from Vodafone dated 8th of July 2015 demanding £177.28 as invoice saying that I made two purchases of mobile phone contracts. I called them straight away but their automated call handling system DID NOT recognized the account or mobile number I had on that invoice and didn’t let me choose any option to go further with customer service. On this I thought that because of their computer is not recognizing the account or mobile number on invoice then the account must have been deleted and this invoice would have generated earlier OR in error. But I was wrong, after a week (on 19th jul 2015 ) I received a default notice in post from Vodafone dated 13th jul 2015 demanding same money otherwise I’ll be registered as bad debt with credit rating agencies. This was serious, next day, on 20th July 2015, after much struggle in finding vodafone’s geographical customer number (03333040191) I called and spoke to a lovely lady called ‘Candy’. She was helpful and after listening to me she promised that matter will be pulled back and passed to fraud team and I will receive a confirmation too in 72 hrs. After 2 weeks, A letter dated 3rd August 2015 was delivered to me on the very same day 03rd August 2015 ( How ) in the morning post from a debt collection agency called ‘Collect Direct’ demanding same money £177.28 urgently on behalf of Vodafone. I wrote a letter to collect direct explaining the story and also provided crime reference number which was obtained from ‘Action Fraud’ on these unauthorized purchases. After few days I received a comforting letter from Vodafone saying that A mobile phone account was opened in my name recently without my authorisation and has now been closed. We are now doing everything to prosecute the criminals. Being victim of fraud is worrying but we can’t disclose any further details due to legal reasons. We have also ensured all record of this fraudulent application has been removed from your credit file.’ This was very relaxing and I thought matter is finally put to rest. I never received any letter or email from Vodafone or Collect Direct after that about anything. It’s been a year to this incident now. As I am in property buying and selling business, I recently applied for a mortgage. To my surprise the broker came back to me saying that lender is only offering high rates as you have a default on your credit file. SHOCKED !! never ever missed a payment, how come there is a default !! I didn’t believe the broker and subscribed to Equifax and saw myself. YES, VODAFONE deceived me and marked a default on my credit file with same amount £177 and same account . I reverted back to lender explained all with all the paperwork I have but they won’t change their decision as they only go by the books. They say that they will recheck my credit file in first week of October 2016 (2 weeks from now) and if this default is still there then there will be only high rate mortgages and low amount of lending will be available for me. This will blow me out big time as my whole year’s investment and hard work will go down the drain and might run me out pocket and eventually out of business. My credit file matter at this time is very serious for me. I want to ask; - Is there any ways i could get my credit file fixed asap ?? - Would vodafone or equifax be able to do it before 2 weeks ? I am already started to make a flow chart for word press. SAR, LBA and MCOL procedures are also prepared to kick off but they need 14 days and then so on which will not sort my problem within 2 weeks. I haven’t spoken or written to Vodafone, Equifax and/or any solicitor yet and will do so after some advice on group. Thanks in advance to all who read and comment.
  7. We have a meat shop, we use to buy Meat from a big supplier. Their quality of meat gradually became so bad that we had to refuse four deliveries as the restaurants we supply it to won't accept it. Later on in a month's time the big supplier went into administration. We then realised why they weren't much bothered about their quality anymore. Anyways, asministrators came in and they dug out that those four deliveries which were refused by us are actually invoiced and outstanding. We received a notice to pay from them on which we responded telling them that these deliveries were refused with supplier's consent and they knew it has been refused. Total amount was aprox £7800. Moreover, we also mentioned that there is around £900 also outstanding on previous returned items due to bad quality in last months which we still seek to claim. Liquidators replied that invoices are outstanding as they have proof of delivery but they can offer a settlement in aprox £5000 if we pay in next 2 days otherwise they will seek legal action. We didn't accept it. After a week of that, and after adding their fees to the total, they sent a ' statutory demand under s.123 (I)(a) and s.222 (I)(a) of the solvency act 1986 ' to wind up our company if we didn't pay in full in 21 days otherwise they will proceed through court. We never had any written credit or any other agreement with them. On their notices they are mentioning invoice agreement and all correspondence is addressed to business name. I would like to know where do I stand at this situation and what could happen. I don't mind going to court to defend myself and also don't want to spend any money on hiring a solicitor due to their costs as it's not my fault. I do not have any experience of such things and need serious help here. I hope some one can. I have only 10 days left to finish the 21 days period as it all happened when i was away on easter holidays. Many thanks for reading.
  8. Hi There, I recently called Opus to terminate the business electricity account and they accepted with reading as we were moving out and our 2 year contract was finished 6 months ago. after one month to this they sent another bill for whole month with the reading of full month after I cancelled with them. I called them to find out whats going on and why they send me bill for whole month rather than 15 days (when I gave them notice) they said we can not take your word for it. after your notice we called your business number and we were told you are still there secondly your landlord name did not appear in land registry. so your contract is still in place and not cancelled. I was shocked to hear that and told them that how its possible that some one says we are there when we are not !! I offered them to send someone onsite to meet me. and secondly I don't know who is the freeholder of the property as I was having a sublet from some someone. few days after this I received a letter demanding last month's rent as I cancelled the direct debit after giving notice and now they have put on an extra 7.5% on supply rate plus an administration charge which is unknown. Very soon I will start receiving red letters with amounts piling up. I cannot understand why they are so super glue. Leaving them should be as simple as joining them. They say, they investigate all customers before terminating the contracts. Do they have authority to investigate ??? I need some advice as what shall I do ?? I'm ready to go through solicitors to end it and report them to regulating authorities as its making me panic now. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi, Thanks for referring to andydd. I couldn't PM as person is not in my friends list, sent a friend request though may be then i could. Sorry, not an expert cagger yet.
  10. Freehold Purchase Problem Collective Enfranchisement, nominations delayed. Hello Everyone, I’m in a situation where I need some honest advice. In nutshell, we are late in sending nominations and now freeholder refusing to sell freehold. I, with four other leaseholders are buying freehold of our whole block which is having six flats inside. One of the leaseholder is not interested and he is the only one out. The freeholder company went into administration and appointed administrators sent all of us letters as qualifying tenants under 187 Act Sect 5A to accept the offer to buy and nominate within two + two months. 5 out of 6 of us agreed and sent our names back to them confirming our will to buy within first two months. Later on we started contacting each other as no one was living there in that block, all the lessees had their flats rented out so it took us a while to get together, signing up a solicitor and forming up a company under which we could buy the freehold. When we finally formed up the company and sent the details to freeholder they refused to accept it saying after initial 2 months of offer acceptance (which we did) you had another two months of nominations to exercise your rights which you couldn’t do and we therefore not selling it to you anymore. We have another buyer now and we are going ahead with them. We checked the article 10 of their offer notice as they mentioned and they were right, it was written there which neither we nor our so called solicitor bothered to check and we were approximately 10 days late. Our solicitor spoke to them and formally requested them to start the proceeding of purchase but freeholder’s administrators are not moving an inch from their stance. Looks like they already had a buyer on the back seat and they were waiting for any glitch to arise from us. Now, our solicitor has sent a letter to freeholders stating our intentions to pursue the court if the sale goes ahead with third party. There has been no answer yet as it is only two days old activity. I spoke to another solicitor meanwhile explaining whole situation and he says that we shouldn’t go to court as it might get turned down by court and you end up paying your and other side’s court and legal fees. He suggested that he can get it done through 1993 Act in which we contact the freeholder by ourselves and exercise the right to buy after getting the valuation of freehold done independently. In this route, if freeholder doesn’t agree we can go through tribunal to exercise our right to buy and all that legal stuff. I’m quite confused at the moment what to do. Other 4 freeholders are also behind me. Whenever I update them, they just say to me that we will do whatever you say just don’t let it go. They don’t know much about these things. I don’t want to take any step which ends me up in being cursed by them for always. I’m not very confident about both solicitors either as first one looks not v experienced/competent in these matters and second one could just be looking after his business. That’s why I’m here to seek some honest advice. Shall we go to court to stop the third party sale or shall we choose the 1993 ACT? Which one sounds more promising and what are the chances? YOUR ADVICE IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED. THANKS.
  11. Just to let the readers know, DomGen is still on same stance and not ready to admit their fault rather every time coming up with new reasons of not to admit their repairer's mistake. I am heading to legal intervention now. Lets see. I had more than 10 policies with DomGen which i cancelled last week and decided to put this money in savings for events like this. i m sure i will rather save a lot of money this way.
  12. Thanks Michael, realy appreciate your help. I've just sent you an email, plz check.
  13. Thanks, Policy is in its first year. DomGen normally offers cash settlement as their policy but in my case the boiler is being written off due to their employed repairer's negligence and not because of normal wear and tear.
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