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Found 7 results

  1. BACK STORY - The wife received a letter in the post about parking in a disabled bay with no badge back in november. (the wife said she was in a parent child space) this was the first we had heard of anything so after reading up and seeing alot of literature saying not to ignore it I replied in appeal stating no notice was placed on the car etc this got rejected after further correspodence that has now resulted in solicitor letters in which they have sent photographic evidence which show that the dizzy cow was actually in a disabled bay (next the parent child) and that if the find isnt paid within 14 days it could result in court action i think i know the answer already but just thought id ask after finding this site is she liable to pay? if no payment is made do you think it is likely to go to court? if so what are the reprecussions of this? has anyone had any experience thanks in advance
  2. hi like LFOZ89 I too have received practically the same letter as yourself for very similar circumstances and considering appealing like yourself. You have not posted an update to your situation and I wondered if you were successful or not.
  3. Hi All, I have been reading through a number of threads and it appears "just ignore it" is no longer an option. I have received today (14th July 2014) a letter from UKCPS regarding an unpaid contractual parking charge. The letter is requesting £100 to be paid in 28 days. It states on the 07 June 2014 the vehicle was observed "out of a marked bay" and that a parking charge was fixed to the vehicle. A reduced charge of £60 is no longer an option as I did not pay. Nothing has been attached to the car when I have been to the outlet. I often go half a dozen times in a month and I cannot recall parking out of a bay. I certainly have never seen a parking ticket on the windscreen. I have found a number of templates to appear the charge but does any one have any guidance on my case? Thanks for any advice in advance, The annoying thing is I park in a multi storey car park for work and get really fed up of bad parking. I make sure I always park correctly. I also spend hundreds of pounds in Cheshire oaks and being slapped with £100 for something like this is really frustrating Thanks again
  4. Hi, Anybody who is either a solicitor with experience with dealing with Cheshire or anyone knows of a solicitor who helped them with their case and can introduce them to us? Cheshire repossessed our property a few months ago and we don't believe they have followed the right process (we have issued them with a SAR asking for our file in order to prove they have not followed the process), and they are now also trying to sell the property 100k lower than is price. Is a very complicated case that is why i am not writing too much here and this is why we need some legal advise on how to proceed. I forgot to say that we also believe they produced false documentations and statements to court in order to gain possession of the property (again waiting for the documents after issuing them with SAR to prove that). Any help would be really really appreciated.
  5. Hi everyone, I thought I would post this in case it happens to anyone else on CAG. Yesterday evening my daughter was going on about the "bearded lady" who was going to be on Eurovision so I googled Eurovision and went on to the Daily Mirror site. I was looking at the running order, saw a picture of the "bearded lady", clicked on it, and immediately a "Cheshire Constabulary" website appeared with a box telling me I had accessed child pornography and that my computer was locked, my files encrypted, I had committed a criminal offence and been reported. I couldn't believe it. Over the website was a grey box with two options. I can't remember what the top one said, but the bottom one said, "Leave this page," so I clicked on that and it wouldn't leave the page at all. I wasn't going to hit anything else so I just closed the computer down directly, waited few minutes, started it up again and it was fine, but I was still worried sick. I was half expecting the police to turn up at he door. Actually it made no sense because my computer is protected against any nasty stuff including viruses but I was still absolutely shocked and logic had flown out the window. Anyway I decided I would contact Cheshire Constabulary and as soon as I googled that I could see there were loads of postings about a virus or [problem] and from what I have read I think if I had clicked on the other option (whatever that was) I would have been asked for money to pay a "fine" in order to get the computer unlocked. Obviously I would have realized at that point that it was a [problem] and not paid them, and thankfully there are instructions for removing the virus yourself available on the internet. I thought I would just post this in case anyone else gets it coming up on their computer so you won't be as shocked as I was! DD
  6. A family member went shopping at cheshire oaks on the 17/11/2012 and unawares to them parked in a staff parking area and when they returned to their car had a parking charge on the windscreeen from care parking. i tried to upload picture but this is my first post so couldnt after doing some research i believe that i should tell them to just ignore this companies invoice, is that correct? she is quite concerned (and elderly) that when it gets passed to a debt recovery agency that some one will turn up and try and take her car away. parking attendant also got car colour wrong as invoice states black and log book clearly states purple. Just reading the small print on the back of the ticket and it reads: PART 5 ADMINISTRATION/LAWFULL ISSUE This parking charge has been lawfully issued and the collection procedure will be processed in accordence with the Aminstraion of Justice Act 1970 (just off to read the act now)
  7. Me and my partner went to do some xmas shopping at Cheshire Oaks yesterday, spent 40 minutes trying to find a car parking space, gave up and parked on a pavement at the side of a row of parking bays. NOT causing an obstruction, not causing Cheshire Oaks any losses.. .if anything.. .gaining them money considering the amount of money i spent and it being free parking anyway. This was not a pedestrian pavement. (yes, we should have parked in a bay but WE COULD NOT FIND ONE) Came back to find a PCN from Care Parking slapped on the window. I went directly to the manager who obviously wasn't interested judging from the size of his Tag Heuer watch. Then spoke to a lady who works there who told us "not to worry, enjoy your day, go on the internet and research and appeal...or not...if you understand where i'm coming from?" Something similar has probably already been posted but I was wondering where we stand with not actually parking in a bay of any sort? Do we completely ignore it? I understand the law has changed recently? Was she actually telling us to do nothing but as she works there she cannot actually directly say that? Peace of mind would be nice!
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