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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all When Vodafone 'ported over' my account to their new system (sept 15) they appear to have screwed it up, royally. I have 3 phones on one account. (which seem to have been separated) I have had nothing but misery and stress ever since, I have lost count of the number of times they have restricted access, leaving us all or one after another cut off, in one case for weeks. most spectacularly when I was 100 miles away from home in a hospital with my Father who had been rushed in with a heart problem, No way to call anyone brilliant! I have spent hours both in store and on 191 trying to deal with it all apparently in vain. Last week was the last straw, I applied to borrow money against my property and to my horror was refused point blank, I was advised by Barclays to check Equifax to see what was happening. I had a gnawing in the pit of my stomach thinking ..o god its going to be Vodafone, sure enough it was. My credit score is unblemished apart from them, who have my account as delinquent, credit rating rock bottom. I phoned Equifax and explained I have been having problems with them for 18 months and they advised to contact them and that they, Equifax would put a note on my file and query it with Vodafone. I phoned vodafone to be told sorry system is down I will ring you back, of course after going through hoops to establish its me! I telephone later as I have no real expectation of her ringing me back because, well, they just don't, Guy this time says your account is in arrears by 22.91 you must pay now so i did. I asked him to remove the erroneous entry on Equifax which he apparently did not understand. 3 hours later lady calls back and says you are 12.00 , which I declined to pay when the member of staff on the phone could not explain how, when approximately 3 hours earlier I had been told I was 22.91 in debit and had paid it. The following day whilst in store I was £45.82 in credit, at the time i thought sadly laughable, as the first member of staff appears not to be able to understand a credit on the account. ? so my credit had now doubled. o yes he also said he would add £5.00 credit 'for the hassle' which I had confirmation in a text message. needless to say it was not applied! Checking my Experian account it shows £190 in debit and more than 6 months overdue. Thus placing it in Delinquent status. Which actually tallies with no other amount? I think they pick amounts out of the air tbh. I then receive a letter yesterday informing me they were suspending my account as I was in arrears of £65.30. desperation yesterday I emailed the Member of staff in the store and copied in the CEO attaching the e mails I had sent to the previous CEO in oct 15 and jan 16 which received no response, amazingly I got a reply e mail today saying they would look in to it but if it was urgent to call them, really Vodafone?? so I did. Melanie assured me she has removed 52.80 which was hanging around on my 'Ghost' account since sept 15 and she will remove my status on Equifax. I mentioned to her that not only would I want my credit file returned to its unblemished state before they had made the catastrophic cock up of my account I also thought I should be entitled to compensation for the amount of time and distress caused in the lat 18 months continually trying to sort their mess out, not least the embarrassment and distress yet again of having to try and explain to the lady from Barclays and my husband that I really wasn't responsible. She of course completely ignored this part of the conversation I asked her to send me an e mail outlining exactly what she was going to do, which she did all be it concise. What are the things I should perhaps be doing/ recording to follow this up? I cannot explain how utterly sick and tired I am, how stressful and embarrassing this whole thing has been for such a long time, this is not everything either. I would really appreciate any input from anyone Thank you Sealover
  2. Hi, I have found some info on this question but can't really find a definitive answer. My situation is this:- I have a delinquent account showing on my credit file (both Equifax and Experian) from a Halifax personal unsecured loan I took out in 2007. I am reasonably satisfied that this loan is now statute barred as I have had no contact with them since late 2007. (I have not made any payments or acknowledged the debt since that time). However Halifax did have never registered a default with the CRAs and the account is showing as delinquent with the last update being August 2010. Both Experian and Equifax tell me that this will remain on my file until six years after they eventually decide to serve a default notice. I know that there is some vague guidance to lenders from the ICO regarding when defaults should be registered, but I wonder how much weight this carries. I would obviously like any default backdated to a reasonable date. If anyone has successfully challenged this sort of situation I would be grateful for your advice or possibly the letters used. Thanks George (Please do not make moral judgments, I would not about you and my circumstances are quite unique, and very personal)
  3. Hi could someone help please? OH has had one of his accounts changed to delinquent on his credit file which will effect him for 6 years. The account is for an overdraft on an account he switched. Has been in contact with them the whole time as he has started a new business and been waiting for invoices to be paid. He tried to pay in full over the phone this month but was refused due to the account being closed/frozen. He had to go in branch and pay by cash but could only draw out half from the ATM so this caused more delays to payment. The payment status on his credit file look like this: April: £617 24th May: £521 OK 26th June: £521 (2 months late payment) 29th July: £521 (3 months late payment) August: £521 (5 months late payments - account status: delinquent) The last update happened in the past week or so (between trying to pay by phone and going in branch to pay by cash) but it is dated for: 04/09/2016. This is a date in the future and also a date we have made payment before. So how can they assume we will be 2 months late on payments by then and skip to 5 months late payments and a delinquency status? And how can they go from OK to 2 months late payments within a month? Is this allowed? OH called to complain yesterday and was basically told the delinquency is accurate so tough but not to worry because we're way off a default...But this is effecting his credit score just the same as :-/ Thanks
  4. Hi I don't know if I can link this to my other thread in Santander but I'm not sure where best to post it. Basically OH closed bank account with £500 OD facility - Santander agreed and told us interest and charges would be frozen. He started a new business and has been waiting on first invoices which have been paid this month. Kept in contact with Santander and been told each time it's fine and note would be put on the system. He tried to pay but was refused to pay over the phone and would have to go in branch due to the account being closed. Went to branch at earliest opportunity (a week or so later) and was refused to pay in full by card and had to pay by cash. Made half payment due to ATM limit and agreed to return today to draw out remaining cash and clear balance. Again told fine no problem. A couple of letters in between to say account still needs paying and interest and fees remains frozen but when he's phoned he's been told everything fine and notes put on system. No default notice or anything. Checked Experian and found account has been recorded as "Default or Delinquent" and score down to very poor. Contacted Santander to find out why and why default notice wasn't sent and they've said it's not a default it's a delinquency so they didn't have to send notice and it's an accurate reflection so it remains. Credit file can't seem to decide if it's a default or a delinquency. We're now really confused what it is and if there's anything we can do? Seems as though a delinquency is a default without having to give any notice or allow us chance to bring the account up to date? Check My File's definition of delinquency v default: Delinquency: Credit slang for a customer not paying on time. A delinquent account is one that is, or has been, in arrears and will subsequently have a negative impact on your credit rating. This will be displayed in the payment history of your credit report. Delinquency will continue to have an adverse effect on your credit rating even if the the account is brought up to date, and will remain on your credit report for six years from the date of account closure. Default: Defaults can arise in two ways. First, for regulated credit agreements, a default may be the result of failing to respond to a Notice of Default issued under section 87 the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Second, for credit agreements that are not regulated under the act, (e.g. mortgages) a default on a credit file simply reflects the fact that the lender considers the relationship between itself and a borrower to have broken down. In the first case, the Notice of Default gives the customer 14 days to remedy the breach of the agreement specified in it - typically payments in arrears. A default notice should be the final letter in the ‘cycle’ before taking action. The default date, as reported to the credit reference agencies is the date specified in the Default Notice, which the customer was told to remedy the breach by. The account goes into default once the breach is not remedied in the specified time. The lender must allow 14 days from service before taking subsequent court action. Most courts expect 19 days overall due to post delays, weekends and public holidays. Upon default, you cease being a customer, but become a debtor. In the case of non-regulated credit agreements, each lender defines under what circumstances it considers that an account is in default in the standard terms and conditions provided when the accout was opened. Non-regulated credit agreement lenders are required to give the customer 28 days to remedy a breach before the account is recorded as being in default at a credit reference agency. Whichever way a default occurs, upon default, you cease being a customer, and as far as a lender is concerned, you become a debtor. It follows that defaulted accounts are regarded as serious arrears and will remain on your credit report for six years from the date of default, after which they will automatically be removed. Would really appreciate any help you can give! Thanks
  5. Please can someone help me? Today I checked my credit report for the first time in years and there is an entry from an old debt I had ten years ago. In 2004 I got into financial difficulties and whilst I negotiated with my other creditors Barclaycard never chased me for the debt so I ignored it and I have never contacted them since. I originally opened the account in 1994 and the final debt was over 10K. The account is marked as delinquent on my report and it is updated every month (non-payment) and the account has never defaulted. Please can someone tell me a) Is this debt statute barred b) Can they collect it should they wish to c) Can I get it removed from my file as it is seriously damaging my credit score? Grateful for any advice - thank you.
  6. I've instigated a complaint with Experian because my credit report shows that I have one delinquent account, but doesn't tell me which account it refers to. Information I believe I am entitled to have access to. That's the background. I wondered whether I'd be able to challenge Experian on whether their holding information that regards an account as 'delinquent', is legal? As I've unable to find anything under the Consumer Credit Act that allows an account to be marked as such, and Experian have advised that their computer systems calculate the 'delinquent' status rather than have it provided by the lenders, I wondered what right in Law they have to use my data in this way? Many thanks
  7. Hi all. I'd really appreciate it if somebody could clear this up for me. I checked my Experian credit report a couple of months ago and realised an incorrect entry had been made by a "credit card" company (one of those pre-pay ones with a credit building facility) around 11 months earlier. I'm embarrassed to say I made a stupid miscalculation which meant I missed the final three payments without realising. I presumed I'd allocated the correct amount of money several months in advance but it seems I had a shortfall of three payments. As soon as I realised my mistake I made the payments and presumed the matter was resolved. I rang them and they confirmed that the payment had arrived but would be recorded as being "3 payments late". Obviously I couldn't dispute that because it was my own stupid fault. The account was closed (I think) in January 2012 but when I checked with Experian in November 2012, I discovered that Cashplus had recorded an inexplicable outstanding balance of £9.00 in January which meant it was regarded as "delinquent" by Experian (but not defaulted). It remained that way with no further activity until I checked in November. I wrote to APS Cashplus to point out their mistake and they have accepted that they'd made an error over the £9.00 and they've corrected it with the credit reference agencies. However, the account appearing on Experian has a status of "3 payments late" with a balance stating "settled". Of course I accept that the 3 late payments must be recorded but I'm not entirely sure they've done this correctly. In a nutshell, what I'm asking is if it's correct that I am being penalised by a "delinquent account" even though the balance has been paid (albeit slightly late) and is now £0.00 and the account is settled? I accept that it was three payments late but I find it difficult to believe that this should still be regarded as a delinquent account on my file for the next 5 years or so. The last two payments on this account have been recorded on Experian as "late" even though the balance was zero on both. I've copied the info below as it appears on Experian. The ones in orange were classed as late payments even though the last two were zero (is it possible to be late paying off a balance of zero?). Balance: £0 £0 £14 £14 £14 £14 £19 £24 £29 £34 £39 £44 Any thoughts and opinions would be very much appreciated
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