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  1. So a supervisor told us to go with a new company and put a complaint in which we did We rang back for an update a few days later but couldnt get one, the lady on the phone told me she'd get the supervisor to ring but never did and that there was no way they'd honour the quote she could guarantee it. Went with another solicitor had to go through all the hassle of changing over which has only been finished today. Got an email on weds saying they were going to honour the original quote but not including transfer of equity and the would cover the shortfall to the solicitor. I asked for a quote including transfer of equity but still haven't had a response. Still feel like they should cover the shortfall with our new solicitor. It would be less for them than covering the shortfall with the solicitor they allocated us to originally... It's now been 4 weeks 2 days of delays since we accepted their quote and still no work has been done towards the remortgage.
  2. Yes I've just been trying to decide what's best. Wait for the outcome of their formal complaint to give them a second chance to honour the quote. Or instruct someone else completely and try to reclaim the difference. I definitely don't want to pay the higher fee and commence work with them as they can't even tell me how much the transfer of equity will add on to the quote. But I don't want to make it that we can't claim the difference back by going with someone else either.
  3. Yes the quote is in writing and dated. As well as confirmation that the quote was accepted, in writing and dated. I wasn't offered a choice. They have refused to honour their original quote which left me with no choice. The told me to pay the more expensive fee or find my own solicitor. So I believe they should pay the difference from the original quote to either their more expensive fee or the fee of a new solicitor.
  4. Hi, have another thread similar but not had many responses so I might have put it in the wrong place, sorry. I've had a quote from a solicitor through my bank which I accepted. The solicitor is asking for more than double. The middle man who supposedly provided the quote through my banks website and allocated the solicitor has said it was a technical error and I was provided an old quote which is now more expensive and I'll either have to pay what the solicitor is asking or find my own solicitor. It's took them 3 weeks of being passed between solicitor. Bank and middle man to get this response. I've submitted a formal complain which they say will take up to 4 weeks. This will mean 7 weeks of delay before any work is even started. I've spoke to the financial ombudsman who said usually they'd have to honour it but may be different as its in relation to legal services so contact the legal ombudsman. They said they weren't sure of anything in law but if I'm not happy with the outcome I can pass onto them. I asked for advice because I didn't want to wait atleast 7 weeks before any work was even started on the remortgage. She said there's no reason why work can't be started and them if upheld can be claimed back. I said I didnt want to pay out the £535 and she said I can go with someone cheaper but then there would be nothing to gain or claim back through a complaint. The cheaper company are £435 so still £180 more expensive than the original quote. Can I claim the difference back considering he was there fault I had to go elsewhere to someone more expensive than the quote they gave? On top of how much it is costing us with the delayed remortgage which the money will be used to pay off a loan and fix a leak. Is anyone aware of any legislation to confirm they have to honour the quote? We have confirmation the quote was accepted and they had all the information needed to provide an accurate quote. I've read elsewhere once accepted it becomes a contract? Thanks
  5. Also the fees weren't on a website they were provided online during application and then confirmed in the application confirmation documents.
  6. Thank you. I think we do need it as it's a quote for conveyancing for the remortgage. The transfer of equity hasn't been included. I've just spoken to the ombudsman's. The financial ombudsman said they would usually have to honour the quote but check with legal ombudsman in case it differs being legal services. Legal ombudsman said they weren't aware of anything in law that they have to honour it but if I was to go ahead with the work and then put in a formal complaint and pass it onto them they can look at recovering the additional money for not sticking to the price they gave me initially. But if I go elsewhere then there wouldn't be any money paid to them to recover. But if I continue with them I have to pay out the £535+ or wait 4 weeks for their complaint procedure to be completed then for the ombudsman to investigate get it back if upheld. Which will mean at least 7 weeks delay in total before any work is even started on the remortgage. Really don't know what to do. I'm so annoyed.
  7. That's what I said but he didn't believe that either. But yes I'll either be bringing my rubbish home from my nans to put in the fire or buying her a shredder for Christmas
  8. hi sorry I'm not sure where best to post this. We have a remortgage going through with nationwide. During the application process we were asked if we needed transfer of equity and we said yes. It then told us we needed legal advice for this and do we want a quote from one of their solicitors and do we want a quote? We said yes and it brought back a quote of £255, asked us if we wished to accept and I said yes and proceeded with the application. I then got the application summary which states everything: Transfer of equity required? Yes Free legals taken? Yes Solicitor quote provided? Yes, £255 Quote accepted? Yes We then got the quote breakdown from LMS with nationwides logo at the top which included solicitor base cost, telegraphic transfer fee and disbursements totalling. £255 including VAT. But doesn't include transfer of equity. We were then allocated to gorvins solicitors by lms. We received the welcome pack with quote and request of payment for £535. This again didn't include the transfer of equity but had everything in the lms quote breakdown but each item more expensive and other fees such as scanning and file storage. I rang them to query it but they didn't know why the quotes differed but said transfer of equity would make it more expensive. I've been passed back and forth the 3 of them with promises someone will contact me but never does. Until I spoke with someone at nationwide last week who has chased them up for me but rather than reply to her they replied to me. Gorvins stated I'd been provided with an old quote due to a technical error and it is now more expensive but agreed with nationwide. I then spoke to lms who had a supervisor ring me back today and tell me the same thing and that they can only apologise and close the file for me if I don't want to go ahead at the price provided by Gorvins. They said all the firms they work with will be the same price as fees are fixed and they can only apologise and told me to contact nationwide as they were the ones who provided the first quote. I said it wasn't good enough because they've now delayed us 3 weeks without any work even being started on the remortgage and now I have to find a new solicitor. They also asked if the nationwide quote stated £255+fees as it would normally be quoted as base cost for the remortgage(£325)+fees and I confirmed it hadnt and said this was wrong as the additional £210 fees are compulsory for the basic remortgage even without transfer of equity so shouldn't be hidden. She then agreed to submit a formal complaint. I then contacted nationwide to complain to them about the initial quote to be told the initial quote is provided by LMS even though it's their website they work together and solicitor side of it is nothing to do with them and it's fairly new but they've been asked that all complaints go through to LMS's complaints department so they are aware of it and it's happened a few times with others but LMS will be dealing with it. What do I do now? Do they not have to honour the quote that was accepted and agreed? LMS didn't really seem interested and just kept telling me I could decline and find my own solicitor and didn't have to go through with theirs. Should I just go with my own to avoid any more delay or wait for the outcome of the complaint? I've found one for £435 including transfer of equity? Thanks.
  9. The letter wasn't delivered to my nans it came straight to my address. Just to update. I sent them email and called the next day. Apparently it was found in a lot of waste with 5 other people's details. He tried to get me to admit to using a white van man and said he'd spoken to all of us and only one had admitted to using one and they would be getting fined and told me I was living dangerously by using one. He rubbished all my reasons and said how unlikely it is that someone has pinched my nans bin and taken it all the way to Mcr to dump it for me. I agreed and that by the same logic I wouldn't take it all the way to Mcr either. We argued back and forth about it for a while. He was saying it was up to me to provide a reason for it being there in this interview but didn't believe that it could be because my nans bin got pinched. He said the rubbish was from Feb so it couldn't have been the skip company we used as that was after. I got upset out of frustration because I didn't have any other reason but knew it wasn't me and I'd only ever put stuff in recycle bins or licensed skips and asked at what point I stopped becoming liable for it as I couldn't track it 24hrs a day. I told him I would lose my job if i got a caution and he told me it wasn't going to go to court and not to worry about that and their intentions aren't for me to lose my job as I'd only get a caution if it went to court which it's not going to. He then went to meet with his supervisor to go through all the points in my email. He rang me back a few hours later to say they weren't going to take it any further on this occasion but to get details of rubbish removals license in future. I told him I had and he said OK but I still don't think he believed me, eventhough I sent him the skip carriers license details. He said what would usually happen is they get me in and issue a fixed penalty fine. So I assume thats what happened to the other 4, especially the one who admitted to using a man with a van... His/her rubbish probably ended up there in the same way the other 4 of ours did and maybe just a coincidence that they'd had man with a van but will be getting fined for it anyway x
  10. Yes definitely. He did well to make a joke of it at the very beginning to break the ice. I loved how he kept taking you through mini stories and jokes then bringing you back to the main point if that makes sense lol so clever. Email sent. Fingers crossed. Thanks for your help will let you know x
  11. I will thank you. Sorry I was referring to a reply by sgtbush about Billy Connolly by BC. Does it mean something else?
  12. Thank you. I'm considering emailing the accuser with the above points, asking what he found and making it clear all my patients appointments on Thursday will have to be cancelled if they make me attend and I can't help them any further than to give the details of the skip company we used or nans council contact details to confirm the bins were stolen. I tried to contact him when I got the letter, it says to ring or email to confirm attendance but coincidentally he'd just finished for the day. They said he'll ring me on Monday but I'll be in work.
  13. Sorry guess I'm just getting carried away trying to prove my innocence. It just feels so unfair this could literally happen to anyone and if this is all they need to prosecute then real flytippers just have to get something with someone else's name and address on and keep getting away with it. BC was brilliant but I work in neurology and it was difficult to ignore his symptoms creeping in throughout. But that's another reason, I love my job, I'm governed by the health care professions council and chartered. I work with vulnerable patients and all it takes is a caution to be struck off. Why would I risk that to dump rubbish 40 mins away when I could take it to the tip down the road for free?!
  14. I've just spoken to my nans cause I vaguely remembered she had her bin stolen and she's just confirmed that she had her blue recycle bin stolen twice but it was ages ago. She's going to get in touch with the council and ask them to confirm this as she's had to have two new bins delivered. They were stolen from outside the gate when waiting to be emptied. She always thought sothey took them up onto the banking opposite and set fire to them but we have no proof of this or where they ended up
  15. I've just spoken to my nans cause I vaguely remembered she had her bin stolen and she's just confirmed that she had her blue recycle bin stolen twice but it was ages ago. She's going to get in touch with the council and ask them to confirm this as she's had to have two new bins delivered. They were stolen from outside the gate when waiting to be emptied. She always thought sothey took them up onto the banking opposite and set fire to them but we have no proof of this or where they ended up
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