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  1. Thank for the quick reply. I was 90% sure they hadn't made a mistake with this but wanted to run it past you guys before contacting them. The only reason I ask is because Experian themselves have an example on their website of a "settled account" which shows a couple of late payments which have been remedied by a third transaction which clears the balance. This third payment is "green" because the balance is zero. I was just curious as to why my zero is orange/delinquent and the example's zero is green/satisfactory. Anyway, here's the link if anybody is interested: http://www.experian.c
  2. Hi all. I'd really appreciate it if somebody could clear this up for me. I checked my Experian credit report a couple of months ago and realised an incorrect entry had been made by a "credit card" company (one of those pre-pay ones with a credit building facility) around 11 months earlier. I'm embarrassed to say I made a stupid miscalculation which meant I missed the final three payments without realising. I presumed I'd allocated the correct amount of money several months in advance but it seems I had a shortfall of three payments. As soon as I realised my mistake I made the payments an
  3. Thank you Ida. Most helpful and much appreciated.
  4. Yes. Hundreds of people have. All complaints appear to be simply added to the pile. What I'm after is a breakdown of the law which applies to online agreements made in this way. It surely can't be correct that they can acquire a person's details from a separate company then activate a subscription when someone does no more than enter their email address and click on an "I Agree" button. Particularly when they refuse point blank to provide any relevant evidence whatsoever.
  5. Thanks for that. They don't actually owe me money but I am intent on making sure they can't get away with what they are doing. It appears that banks aren't refunding money when this company is invloved. By all accounts, they are doing things legally and it's therefore not a "[problem]". No box is ticked during the signing up process. The customer is confronted with a web page offering a "free £10 Adsa voucher" then simply asked to "re-enter" their email address (which they used whilst signing up with the original company) then click on the "I Accept" button. There is a link to the te
  6. The company is RewardsNow. It's one of Adaptive Affinity's brands and they're really not popular. In short, they are tagged onto the end of the signing up process of another company (usually another of Adaptive Affinity's brands) and customers often don't realise they are signing up to rewardsnow and instead believe that clicking "I Accept" is part of the signing up process of the original company. The first you know about rewardsnow is when a monthly payment leaves your bank account and you have to google them to find out who they are. Of course tagging on of rewardsnow is all done
  7. Hi. I'm hoping somebody could offer their advice on a surprisingly complicated issue that I've recently encountered. Does anybody know which legislation applies to online retail companies who charge monthly membership fees and activate accounts solely when the customer clicks on an "I accept" button on their website? The reason I ask is because I've encountered a particularly slippery company who activate accounts on the sly and refuse to provide any evidence whatsoever when challenged. Their standard response is to say "you must have clicked on the Accept button otherwise the a
  8. Does anybody know what the correct procedure an employer should follow regarding the provision of a P45 to an employee? In this particular case the employer sent the employer her P45 (part 1A) but it transpired yesterday that the employer didn't send the other parts of the P45 to the tax office. The staff at the tax office confirmed this. Does this mean the employer hasn't technically been dismissed and is therefore still employed by the employer?
  9. It seems that way to me too. Unfortunately I think this may come down to another "my word against her's" situation. I hope not because it all got quite childish last time.
  10. Ha ha. Hi mate. Yeah it's me again. And unfortunately it's the same employer again. I didn't want to complicate my last thread by mentioning this one but I thought I'd throw it open to you smashing folk. I'm not representing or anything (mainly because her mother is bigger and more scary than me) but I'd like to give her some handy info if I can source any here.
  11. Acording to the employer's response this chat (which should surely be deemed a grievance meeting) consisted my friend being told that her old job "really no longer existed as I had taken on the role of full time chef in order to keep the business afloat" They employer goes on to claim that she offered my friend a bar job consisting of the same hours and days as her job as a chef which would be 12 hours. My friend maintains that she was offered 6 hours of bar work but with a shallow promise that the employer might be able to give her a few extra hours here and there. The offer wa
  12. Hi, I'll try to keep this as brief as possible but I'd really appreciate some advice on this if anybody would be so kind. A friend of mine had a baby last year and had some trouble towards the end of her maternity leave. Basically she was employed as a chef in a pub but her employer informed her that this position was no longer available for her return to. The reason given was that the recession had meant that the employer felt she had no option but to step into the role of chef "in order to keep the business afloat". (shortly before going on holiday for two weeks and employing
  13. I've recently been through a tribunal and I was also not sure about the order saying the bundle has to be agreed. Personally I wrote to the ex employer and included a copy of the bundle with a cover note saying something along the lines of "please find enclosed my proposed bundle for the pending hearing. I would appreciate confirmation of your acceptance that all relevant documentation is included". In my case the ex employer ignored this letter but I felt it was important to at least be seen to be trying to get a bundle agreed between both parties because we were ordered to do so in adva
  14. Thanks for the congratualting messages by the way. They all mean a lot to me.
  15. I must admit that this has been an obsession for me for the last 6 months. 50% was due to my absolute belief that my friend was innocent and 50% was due to the employer's horrible arrogance. The end result is that I know a lot more than I did when I started this. I spent months researching and I was pretty sure I had it all sussed. But in the end I (thankfully) decided to ask you guys what you thought. The end result was that I dealt with the hearing on a completely different angle than I intended to. I was well aware of this site because I personally had an unrelatred court case a
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