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Found 20 results

  1. So yesterday I was taking a look at my Noddle credit report and when I checked the section for previous searches I noticed that in early July there were about 21 searches all done on the same date. I was rather puzzled by this and at first I thought something serious was going on, but when I checked the names and Purpose of the searches it began to click. The purpose was mostly "General Insurance" but some were marked as "Identification Check" and "Quotation Search", and the names were things like, "Lexisnexis Risk Solutions Uk Limited Insurance Quote - Www.Lexisnexis.Com/Ukconsumer" "Covea Insurance Plc (Cr Bsb) Provident Insurance (Cr Bsb Api)" "Quote Me Happy.Com" And other Insurancy sounding names. And then it hit me, that was when I was searching comparison websites because my car insurance was coming up for renewal! Now I know I searched a few comparison sites, but 21 searches? Digging a little deeper I found that some of them also seemed to be for my previous address that I haven't lived at for nearly 3 years. It seems that old companies are keeping my details on file and even years later they're running searches, even if they don't seem to be contacting me about it. Even weirder, the date of birth shown on some of the searches is my brothers rather than my own. I have run insurance searches for him with his details, but that was also his name and address (Just in the same browser session) so something seems to be going wrong there with the same browser session not changing all details. This all just seems a little strange to me. Should a comparison site be running credit searches like this just for me getting some quotes? Should insurance companies be carrying out credit searches even years later like this? Could 21 searches on the same day, even if they're of these types, have a potential short term impact on my credit score?
  2. Just checked my credit file on Noddle. Hitachi Capital have run 2 searches on me, 1 in February and again in August. Feb. was marked "Administration Review" and August search was marked "Price Comparison Hdd". I have never had any dealings with Hitachi, and have never had a price comparison for anything that I am aware of. Why have these searches been done? Should I be concerned? I have had no direct contact from Hitachi. Thanks t
  3. If you are thinking of visiting the BA i360 in Brighton I would suggest reading “Tripadvisor “ reports and in particular low rating ones first . I believe there is a member of staff acting outside accepted parameters for security searching , in that this person appears to delight in searching ladies personal belongings , in one report the lady had to stop this person removing her underwear from her bag , clearly this sort of search of ladies personal belongings should only be carried out by a Female member of staff , it is not . This member of staff also is surly and combative if he is challenged when carrying out searches , in my case he was handling my photographic equipment bag in a rough way and I asked him to stop , which resulted in a threat of not allowing me in the attraction . I have written to the Communication Manager at the BA i360 , but as yet not had the curtesy of a reply.
  4. http://www.itv.com/news/tyne-tees/2016-04-13/are-you-the-darlington-dogs-trust-mystery-knitter/ And the advertisement.... https://www.dogstrust.org.uk/news-events/blog/2016/introducing-our-new-special-someone-tv-ad
  5. I've signed up to Virgin Media at my new address. I've gone for Broadband only, no phone line, no TV, so no possibility of calls or pay per view. My bills will of course be for services in advance. So, I'm struggling to see how there can be any aspect of "Credit" here. Yet, they've hard searched me. In fact, according to Clearscore, they have performed two hard searches, one at my new address and one at my old address (I'd think this would count as one, yet apparently Equifax/Clearscore count it as two searches). Is this normal? Can I argue the point with VM as there is no credit facility?
  6. Another one.....unusual circumstances. If you (or I ) apply for Finance on a Broker website...with a simple one minute application. Where they are clearly a broker and only have very limited information about you....can they perform a credit search or 'soft search' without speaking to you and confirming your details and also asking for consent. Just been reading about clear and unambiguous consent.
  7. Advised to start new thread so here we go long long ago in a nope wrong intro had a hp agreement with welcome car finance returned as allowed when over half way through all documentation sent correctly worded so not a voluntary repo no outstanding amounts then usualy attempts to claim it was told to put up or **** up no longer on credit file but then we startgetting letters from Robinson way on behalf of HPH2 ltd demanding payment still no credit file apart from a search record Robinson Way (Sr, R) Robinson Way Bsb ApiDebt Collection 25/08/2015 This really annoys me as there is no debt therefore there is no account this is just a sell on I suspect of "debts" known to be incorrect to a bottom feeder and they not only have done a credit check but labeled it as debt collection. Anyone got any ideas, it seem like an attempt to get around the time from alleged default by pressuring you by putting adverse references on your file
  8. I have just looked at my credit file and in the last two weeks 15 separate insurance companies have done a search on it. I have not contacted anyone for any insurance purposes, nor been on any comparison sites. I do not need insurance. Should I be worried? Could it be identity fraud? What other explanation could there be?
  9. Does anyone know how long searches are showing for, as i know with experian the searches drop off when theyre a year old. Ive only 4/5 credit searches from aug 2012 till July 2013 but on callcredit ( noddle ) they havent dropped off. I still have yet to get my £2 report from Equifax.
  10. As you guys know ive been dealing with Lowell and I though i had finally go the bottom of it. But was i wrong... After checking my credit profile Lowell have 16 entries for searching in the last 2 years... Dates below; 09/12/2013 17/11/2013 16/11/2013 15/11/2013 11/11/2013 04/11/2013 04/11/2013 01/11/2013 01/11/2013 29/10/2013 07/10/2013 09/09/2013 27/08/2013 09/08/2013 01/08/2013 03/07/2013 To me? This seems excessive...What do i do?
  11. Quick question I had bad credit from years ago. All accounts were defaulted (not settled) and no longer appear on my credit file (they all disappeared years after default). Numerous agencies have tried to chase the debt but cca's etc have kept them at bay. Checked Equifax today and I notice I have 4 trace searches done in the past year or so. What affect do these searches have on credit worthiness as all my other lending is now tickety boo. Can other lenders (especially mortgage lending) see these searches and if so is that my hopes of re-mortgaging ruined? Cheers
  12. Hi All, I know generic checks, id checks, unrecorded enquiry checks appear on ur credit file but are not seen by lenders when applying for credit.. my question is, the searches you do have from searching for credit, do they reduce as time goes on as i have searches from June 6th/7th 2012 and i wondered if they become erased or not.
  13. Hello all and good new year, I applied for a mobile with CPW, I only made one application and was accepted. I applied for a mortgage and was refused as two many applications on my equifax credit report, (£500 application fee lost). On my credit report CPW have entered 6 entries in table 1 search for one application! reason OPT IN. at two address on different dates. ie 3-nov;4-nov and 5-nov. (my current and previous) As I only made 1 application is this legal? I have contacted CPW, they have stated that it was a computer error and contacted equifax and removed one entry, when they should have removed 4 - two at each address. As they have admitted the mistake and I have lost money due to this error, are CPW liable for my losses? THanks
  14. Hi, Maybe I am the only one experiencing this but I looked over my credit files after getting an obligatory Ruthbridge/Cabot threat yesterday to discover searches made by organisations who have not left their name. So on my record they show up as "Organisation: Not Reported" I checked this on checkmyfile and also with Experian. I thought companies had to tell the CRA why they were conducting a search and if that is the case, why is the CRA not reporting the name of the organisation making the search? Getting annoying now. Any help appreciated.
  15. Hi, I am wondering if anyone can tell me what the rules and rights are over credit file searches? I have the same initial and surname as my sister and we shared the same address until quite recently. I got copies of my credit files recently and there are a lot of searches on there by companies like moorcroft, lowell and microcredit etc. I have no problems with my sister I know whats going on with her and she is genuinely sorry that this sometimes has affected me. However, these companies have details of my finances, which in my opinion is none of their business. Do they have the right to search my file? Thanks in advance.
  16. I recently applied for a card. I gave my current address and my previous address. I have a default on one CRA file from an even older address so I would like to know if the credit check would see this default? as it isnt at the 2 addresses i gave on my application. How would this work? thanks
  17. Hi, I spent over an hour looking through various posts on this subject and there doesn't appear to be a definitive answer as to whether lenders can see table 1 searches on Equifax credit reports which relate to 'outstanding debt'. I have a couple from earlier in the year - at previous addresses - though Robinson Way checked on my current address on the same date as an 'oustanding debt' footprint but it is classed as 'unclassified' and in table 2. Confusing. Anyway, my view is that the table 1 'oustanding debt' searches are not viewable to lenders. Even though I have a default registered by Lowell on my equifax report, I recently opened a first direct account and then a gold card for which they only searched Equifax. When they told me on the phone that they were going to do this I thought the application would be rejected but the advisor came back on and said they were "more than happy" about offering me a gold card with a £3k limit. Bearing in mind there are 5 outstanding table 1 footprints that first direct could have viewed, and with their rep for being very fussy about customers, I can only assume that these searches are not viewable - as Equifax says?
  18. Hi there Lowell served me with a SD a couple of months back - I missed the deadline so didn't do anything about it and haven't heard from them since. Today I signed up for a credit check and found tht they have done a credit search on the following dates: 19th July - 3 searches 18th June 16th April 20th March 13th March 6th Feb 13th Oct 2011 Are they allowed to do all these searches? What are the expecting to see? Thanks
  19. I have one table 1 search for outstanding debt on my current address (McKenzie Hall) and 3 table one searches on my previous address (Clarity, Cabot and Mckenzie Hall) I have written to all the DCA's and the only reponse I have had is from Clarity who claim they were acting on behalf of Cabot who searched 3 weeks previously, they stated that it was in regards to a debt outstanding since 2003 ( my marriage broke up in 2003) and I do ot recall this debt, but it is clearly statute barred, Clarity have refused to remove the search on the basis that its "reasonable, they were acting under instruction, and anyway its not visible to other searchers" but this as I understand it it incorrect and table 1 searches are visible. Any advice as to how I proceed would be welcomed, I have disputed all searches with the CRA concerned and am waiting for them to eventually respond. Thanks.
  20. Hi everyone I haven't been on here for a while but I need some advice if anyone can help please. I have several accounts which are very close to being Statute Barred (within the next two months) however these accounts seem to be changing DCA hands like wildfire. Several of these DCA's perform Outstanding Debt searches in Table One of my credit file. The accounts will drop off my credit file shortly, but obviously the debt still exists even if the DCA can no longer take me to court. Can they keep making searches until the end of time? Basically they are affecting my credit for 8 years instead of 6 by doing these searches and if they do one every year I will never be free of them. Also, is a debt actually Statute Barred if the DCA have been trying to make contact by letter and phone? Does writing to me constitute trying to collect the debt and therefore I can't claim it is actually SB? Please can anyone help me? Thanks
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