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Found 10 results

  1. Saturday 23rd June 2018 took a 14ft pool to the till marked up at £99.99 with the correct item being displayed on the price tag, when we got to the till they entered the code from the price tag clearly stating £99.99 to be told it was £199.99 after disputing they had to sell it at the marked price which was on the tag they called the manager to be told she was the deputy manager and that they didn’t have to sell it at the marked price as it was incorrectly priced, there was another 3 marked up at the same price also in the shop, they said there was nothing they could do and the best they could do was offer us 10% off the correct price, so we ended up paying £180 for a pool that was price marked at £99.99, we took the price tag and asked for head office details and have kept the receipt so we can prove that we have paid more for an item than what was priced, how do we get the difference back and what do we do now? Any help greatly received. ?
  2. After reading the forums and many websites regarding the RLP I decided everyone should have a massive chuckle at what they are trying on with me. first and foremost, I am not paying the RLP a penny and just to make this clear after reading these forums I can clearly see that they are not nice. My case however is slightly different. in February I was called into a meeting at my workplace and informed that I have reduced an item without authorisation and had cost the company £17. The interesting thing to note is that the item in question had already been written off at store level as it was a display item, therefore there was no value to the item already. I cannot recall this incident and have suffered from a couple of lapses during my employment there, it was only when I was shown CCTV of me on the till doing it that I knew I had done wrong. I held up my hands, said it was out of character and said I would happily recoup any money lost. Now you would think after 5 years of employment with little to no issue that this would be that and I would get a slapped wrist right? Nope. I had a meeting 5 days later to be told that I was sacked for gross misconduct. Now here is where it gets pretty interesting. I appealed the decision hoping that they would take into consideration my mental illness (depression and anxiety, lapses) and hopefully reinstate my position within the company. After writing to try and obtain an appeal meeting, a week later I get a letter from the lovely people at RLP. It stated that I had to pay £215 for my actions that caused the company disruption to their business, diversions from normal duties and security costs. I rang them and said I am not responsible for the loss to the company as one the item was already written off at store level AND I was still awaiting my appeal decision (the fact they sent me a demand for payment BEFORE my appeal seems to me like a threat to drop my appeal honestly). A week later my appeal falls through and they stand by the decision to dismiss me. I thought that was that. No, lo and behold I had another letter today from the RLP. Here is where I had a massive chuckle, in the letter they say that the company still has the same position as they did before my appeal and I now have 14 days before civil court action is taken, the usual dribble. In this letter though it states they had made the claim in the previous letter although the last letter was headed "LETTER BEFORE CLAIM", a chuckle there. A bigger one was had when in this letter it also stated "the costs are calculated due to security staff members taking part in the investigation". The store I worked at had NO security staff and fell on all staff to remain vigilant. they are trying to get money for them doing their normal activities. For a final point and this is the funniest and most important part of the story, they have not even filed a report to the police nor have I been contacted by the police never mind been cautioned/warned by them. All in all I wanted to share this story to show how desperate the RLP are to try and get people to cave into their nature. Keep up the awesome work informing people on here everyone, you do stellar work. Also forgot to add, the latest letter is signed by not an individual but by the "claims department"
  3. Casualties in tank incident at Castlemartin firing range READ MORE HERE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-south-west-wales-40279546 My thoughts go out to all those involved and their families. Fear Naught
  4. My Fiance bought an Aquarium Air Pump from our local branch of The Range. Within 48 hours it packed up and stopped working. We took it back (lost the receipt though) and asked for a replacement. They couldn't find the transaction on their system even though we could clearly show the payment had been made using a debit card as it was on the online bank statement. They still refused to replace the faulty pump as they said we could not prove we bought it from them. They told us to contact the manufacturer Interpet to get a replacement from them. In the meantime we went out and bought another air pump from a local pet shop. I contacted The Range customer services by email asking them to find the transaction. I provided all the information they needed to do this and they found the transaction. They said they would contact the store with the contract of sale and that we should get a refund. We went back to the store today and they knew nothing of the contact from customer services, we had to provide all the details again by going through the online statement and calendar dates. They found the transaction then the tills went offline. They took our details and said they would phone once the tills were working again. Got a phone call an hour later saying the tills were up and running again. we head back to the store again. The assistant dealing with the case takes the air pump and says she wants to test it. She takes it off the shop floor for about 10 minutes before coming back and telling us the pump works fine so no refund. We took the pump home and set it up. Yes it works but at a much reduced rate. You should be able to see air bubbles appearing clearly from the air stone but we can hardly see them. A phone call to customer services got me no-where. I was told if the store says it works then thats it. Where do we go from here?
  5. READ MORE HERE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-37512230
  6. http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/630389/Worst-parking-car-space-Range-Rover-driver?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+daily-express-uk-news+%28Daily+Express+%3A%3A+UK+Feed%29 The PPC managing the car park some how failed to prevent this inconsiderate parking with their ANPR cameras... *not my words.
  7. We at CAG are quick to critiscise a company when they get it wrong and to be honest, most of them tend to screw up royally before they put things right. My case however, is the opposite. Last Wednesday, I went to The Range in Norwich to buy a vertical blind. No problem there. I got it, took it home, cut bits of the head rail to fit my window bay, hung the vanes then found out the turning mechanism was faulty. Should have checked it really. I emailed them on Thursday but got no response so two days later, I emailed the Finance Director. Within hours, I had a response from the Norwich store for my phone number then yesterday I got a call from the store. No quibble, return the head rail only and they would give me another one. Not just one lying about but out of another new item. They also offered me anything else from the box if I needed it but I refused. I have to say, Elizabeth at the Norwich store couldn't have been more helpful and polite. A credit to The Range. Mind you, they still asked for my name and address
  8. Hi, purchased a Range cooker (gas + electric) in June 2012. After about 9 months the central ring started playing up and they sent out an engineer a few times as it would start working and then stop again. After about 15 months the oven/grill selector switch burned out. We purchased the item for £500 and the retailers answer was pretty much what can you expect for £500? I believe that there is some element of the Sale of Goods that says items must last a 'reasonable amount of time' in accordance to the price paid. I'd deem something for £500 to last more than 15 months! I sent the below after doing some research on the internet: Letter was sent recorded post a few weeks ago so the time for them to act has elapsed. My question is - can I proceed with a Moneyclaim online for the amount or is there something else I can do? Quite happy to do the former by paying the fees etc. Thanks for your help all
  9. Hi I brought this Belling celling range cooker just over 18 months ago from Comet. It was hardly used, as we brought it because it was on a deal. We dont really cook. It was only 6 months ago I started to cook in the oven. and that is really just popping things in the oven to heat up like pizza. to be cometelely honest, the oven was hardly used until this January, because I learnt how to cook a few dishes over the Christmas holiday at my mums. We probably used the oven 2-4 times per week. In march (2 months later) the fan in the smaller oven went (bottom left door with the glass window). We called up belling and they said the cooker is out of warranty, but it was funny that she knew staight away what was wrong with the cooker. The engineer came and changed the fan. Id asked what would have damaged it, he said it was probably faulty. And that the fan should last for years, and shouldnt have gone. He also looked at the fan whcih he took out and said that they have changed the fan, so the new fan should last longer. I asked how long and he said it shouldnt go, poeple normally use their oven for years and it doesnt go. if I have used the oven when I got it, rather than waiting for over a year to do so, the fan would have gone out earlier. This means I would be able to claim on my warranty. We have the bigger oven on the range cooker (right door shown in the picture) and the top left hand side of the door was not closing properly. The engineer said that one of the magnets on the door does not close probably, so we can see the heat escape. The engineer said there was a washer which was not installed in it. So the magnet does not fit properly. So he has sorted that. Belling has changed me £180 for extended warranty for 12months. I had no choice but to pay for it, otherwise they wont come out to sort of the problem. As it is clear that the parts is faulty and with the door they missed out a washer on the door. Even though Comet has gone out of business, the item should have lasted longer than it has. Especially when I spent around £900 on it. As it is a cooker as it is meant to be used daily, even if it did get used daily, that is what it is designed for. Let alone the few months Ive used it. Can I Belling accountable for this and get back my £180 they charged to repair my cooker? Any advice would be great. Thanks
  10. Can't believe what I've just seen on The Range's facebook page. S.R.S ranting on about P.E.'s ticketing of customers. I thought all these PPCs were in one big club together.
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