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  1. It almost certainly isn't a genuine Apple Screen, at the very least not a brand new one, Apple do not supply third parties with repair parts, they are notorious for this and it's part of their strategy to boost sales of newer iPad/iPhone models by making older ones as difficult to repair as possible. He will have used either an after market screen or a second hand screen pulled from another iPad.
  2. Also, if it was in Sleep mode then it was turned on, even if in a low power mode. So the previous advice of "Don't leave a laptop switched on whilst it's on a bed" would still stand.
  3. Sometimes you can, but some suppliers will block new customer offers at the same address as the current account in order to stop exactly this scenario, as a lot of people have taken advantage of that loophole in the past with several providers
  4. You're almost definitely a contractor working under an Umbrella Company from the sounds of things. This is a pretty standard arrangement. Your contract is with Payroll company X but you work at the location of Company Y. Under that kind of scenario you are liable to pay both Employer and Employee NIC.
  5. Unfortunately this has been a very common tactic in Currys/PC World for a long time. Basically they give you the service plan first month free, or some other service related item, for 'free' by discounting it from the price of the TV/Laptop. The reason for this is that the stores get better results for selling these services as they're high profit margin items. Whilst individual staff no longer receive commission, the store as a whole are still performance based on these service items and if they sell enough then everyone gets a bonus. It's essentially commission but just shared now. Make sure that you were't signed up for any kind of Direct Debits as well for a recurring service plan. The way their service plans work is that you pay for the first month upfront in the store, then a direct debit continues every month after that unless you cancel it during the first month.
  6. The retailer is responsible. Their "30 day return policy" is meaningless. By law they are responsible no matter what their own policies might say.
  7. You should still be able to get a paperless version of your utility bill from your energy provider via their website. This will be exactly the same as the one they used to post to you, just as a digital file for you to print yourself if needed
  8. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you'll likely need the mortgage providers permission to rent the house out as well. It's also possible that this will result in the type of mortgage you have changing which may result in an increase in the mortgage payments.
  9. It's one thing to try and make people think they're compulsory, but just outright saying "We've booked an appointment to come fit one without even asking" is taking it even beyond that. Just today they sent another two e-mails, one saying "Great News! You can now get a smart meter installed" and another "Please re-book your smart meter installation"
  10. So I take care of Gas/Electricity switching for my grandmother, so her account is linked to my e-mail address as I submit meter readings online for her and such since she's basically a technophobe for anything more than a TV, and when I checked my e-mails this morning I had one from EDF saying "Thanks for booking an appointment to have Smart Meters installed" I hadn't made any such appointment online, and my grandmother had made no such appointment on the phone either, so EDF had simply taken it upon themselves to book a Smart Meter installation for her in 2 weeks time. Fortunately I was able to login to her account online and find the not very obvious link to cancel the appointment (When you go into the appointment, there's huge buttons for rescheduling it to another time, but the link to Cancel is somewhat hidden. It's basically in a sentence that said "Or if you'd like you can Cancel your booking" with the word cancel just being a Hyperlink), but it's certainly worrying that they're now just forcing appointments on people without even asking and, had I not been able to check my e-mails due to being on holiday or away with work then in 2 weeks time some stranger would have just turned up at my grandmothers door telling her he was there to change the meters. The main reasoning behind not having smart meters at the moment is simply due to the number of stories I've seen in the past year or two about poor installation jobs leading to gas leaks, boiler breakdowns, electricity surges damaging equipment, etc. Last thing we want to risk right now is for someone barely trained turning up, rushing a meter swap and leaving asap and then a woman in her late 80s being left with no heating in the current weather conditions. Just thought I'd post this as a word of warning for anyone else with EDF to keep a lookout for.
  11. Not really difficult to trace an IP address back to a specific address. Given that violating the TV License is still a criminal offence then they can probably report it and get the ISP to provide an address of which house had that particular IP at the time.
  12. If you watch them as they are being broadcast live then yes, you need a TV License. Who made or is broadcasting the programmes is immaterial. It doesn't matter if the show is just a repeat, what matters is that you are watching a live transmission, not a live show.
  13. If it's under the £100 s75 limit then there's always Chargeback.
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