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  1. thank you for your replies. I was lucky that my advisor was booked off. But the woman was very firm in that eid or no eid i was to attend. I get the feeling they don't think we are human beings!
  2. JC decided i should sign weekly. I was meant to sign and see advisor but there was a mistake (surprise surprise) and i signed on with a lady who was clearly narked she had to fit me in between appointments. She told me i would have to go twice to the JC next week, i immediately informed her it was Eid (muslim version of xmas) and she said - 'i know but you still have to attend'. Wonderful as they screwed it up. Thankfully my new advisor turned out to be muslim and be booked off so she had to make an appointment the following week. But really - can they legally do this to people
  3. my partner works full time so basically i get nothing. Just feels unfair i have to sign every week. Waste of my time.
  4. very likely! I suspect me handing them a list of jobs i have applied for every 2 weeks isn't cutting it lol. She did mention courses....if i can get anything accounting wise it would help. There is just so much competition where i live - like 100+ candidates per job - can't do more than i am in all honesty.
  5. I was signing on every 2 weeks with advisor phonecalls also every 2 weeks. I went to sign on today and she said i was going to have to sign on weekly So not happy. I am on contributions based JSA which they are only going to pay me until October regardless of me finding a job or not. Feels like they are doing their best to wind people up!
  6. yup - i refuse to use it after 2 issues with it. Even my advisor didn't get it sorted.
  7. I used to work for a retailer who used Hermes.....well all i can say is its very very likely Hermes have stuffed this one up. But DP need to refund you!!! I would be calling every day until i got a refund. Hermes pays local people to deliver the parcels...and the stories i could tell you....
  8. lol - i have had similar feelings. I hope it goes well for you
  9. Ah thanks - she didn't call me as agreed today. So I called her. I think that was a step in the right direction. I was polite but i think me calling up made her realise I wasn't going to be sitting around waiting for an appointed call all afternoon. Sadly we have not agreed a time for the next call. Does feel like I am at her whim a bit :/
  10. what happened? you didn't apply for what they told you to? I do think they are clamping down on people Its not fair when people like you are genuine; but the way they see it is a job is a job. My adviser does not seem to support me applying for specific roles so i just apply for any old thing to keep her quiet. My advice is - maybe your application for the jobs you don't isn't as smooth as those you do. In the meantime do appeal the sanction - and best of luck
  11. its for JSA - i sign on in the job centre every 2 weeks and speak to this person over the phone
  12. I have advisor appointments over the phone - only they are never at set times and the advisor never calls when we agree a time. I have stupidly not gotten the confirmation in writing so i can't make a complaint about it. Its causing me stress because: 1) the calls are not at regular intervals 2) i am caught off guard, one time she called when i told her i was away at a wedding that day - she called me when i was out and was quite cross with me. 3) today she was meant to call and hasn't 4) she claims my phone has been unavailable - even to the point she could not reach my voicemail
  13. hahaha yes i meant fortnightly....lol. I do get mixed with words at times. Thank you for your reply. I shall continue to grin and bear it. The woman talks for Britain but ah well
  14. I am currently on JSA and my advisor appointments are done by the phone. I have a few issues with my advisor as she doesn't call regularly (ie: 2 week intervals) or at set times. And she keeps accusing me of making my phone unavailable - definitely not - i have no reason to avoid her. I also spent the last call on the phone for 40 minutes. Is that normal? it feels excessive - if i was in the job centre would i be kept talking for 40 minutes in this manner? Can I cut the call shorter next time? She is calling at some point in the next 2 days and i want a little more control of it.
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