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  1. I have had enough on my plate to reply to any one on here I shall not be using this forum again after today. If you read my other post you will see that the he has been to court and the court throw it out as they had not read his medical reports properly he had a accident 15 years ago and had a very bad injury to his leg from his knee downwards and he can walk a short distance with severe pain and he has to keep stopping to release the pain he has metal plates and pins in his lower half of his leg which also stops him from walking with a very heavy limp and he takes his medication often throug
  2. 45002 I could not care less what you think about my post I was ashamed that this was happening to my hubby but seeing as the courts said there was no case to answer after 19 months of worry and depression it is all over and he can walk his head held high and I am really pleased because we knew all along that he had not done anything wrong as he has a injured leg that they had not looke at the outcome of that accident so they were wrong from the start.
  3. smart arse it is not me being done for benefit fraud it was my husband and the case was dropped due to the DWP not not reading his condition right and the judge throwing it out of court . So after 19 months of misery and worry he had not done anything wrong in the first place the DWP walked away with egg on their face. And I thank the legal team who noticed what was wrong with the evidence given. In my first post I put it as my brother because I was ashamed of what was going on but it was my husband not me nor my brother.
  4. where have you got that from I am not on health unlocked
  5. Hi, unfortunately there is no other way of doing it .I have tried to find an email address for you but they do not seem to have one. I would send it recorded delivery . I am sorry you are going through this I know you get sucked in by these people and they should be stopped. Make sure that you quote the consumer credit act 1974 section 155. By law they can legally keep £5.00 no more than that. But you really do need to act fast as they will be taking a daily rate . I would fill in their enquiry form on their website and let them know what you are doing. Hopefully this might stop them ad
  6. Hi, Can anyone tell me where I can make a complaint about the DWP. I received my details through the mail as I was going to Tribunal about my DLA. I was looking through the paperwork the night before my tribunal to find a page with big black letters on it saying "YOUR BANK DETAILS HAVE BEEN REMOVED FOR SECURITY REASONS". Great my personal details not been shown until I turned the page to find MY WHOLE BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS. I do believe I can complain about this but I do not know where to send it . Can anyone else please.
  7. Hi Fuzzylittlething, I am so sorry that you are going through this. They are NOT allowed to keep so much of the money they can keep £5. Send them an email quoting consumer credit act 1974 section 155. They are governed by them. Do not ring email and stick the quotes in form the consumer credit act. They have no rights to keep the money £5 will cover their little bit of button pressing. Stand firm and get that email sent I know there is a contact page on their website send it through on that. Tell them they have 48 hrs to reimburse the money to you . I got 2 refund
  8. Hi, I don't know if I have got this in the right place but here goes. My daughter at Christmas last year started using Love Films so she could watch it on her kindle. Fine not a problem until noticed that love films were not taking 1 lot of money each month but 2 lots and on the same day. I have rung them over and over again asking why they have been taking 2 lots of money but I keep getting told you much have opened up 2 accounts on the same day. I know I am blonde but I know that I did not do the filling in of my card details twice I am not that stupid. My daughter also canc
  9. Hi, Yes I have had success with the company they tried to keep some of the money they took out but I had told them that I would take it further if they did. They emailed me the same form as yourself and I printed it off filled it in scanned it and sent it back within minutes . All my money was back in my bank account within 3 days. Good luck and don't let them keep any of your money x
  10. A guy who doesn't,like my husband rang them and told them my hubby was not as bad as he says . He was a manager where my hubby worked and because my hubby didn't,t take early retirement he held a grudge against him this guy tried all ways to get rid of my hubby. So this was the only way to get at him. My hubby suffers from chronic asthma ostearthirits in his hips knees shoulders and hands he is very bad at walking . What this guy has done this because he did not like my hubby . He knows nothing about my hubbies ailments as he never spoke to him properly and saw him about a minute a day if tha
  11. Hi, My husband has been charged with fraudulently claiming HRM over 9 years he has pleaded not guilty and it now going to crown court. The DLA has stopped payment on top of that they are taking back the 32.000 they say he owes them at the same rate as they were paying him i.e £50.00 per week out of his state pension. Even though he has not been found guilty. Is there anyway we can appeal this deduction until the trial has finished as we are on the whole nearly£100 down .?
  12. Hi, No I have not applied for anything at all I had never heard of these people until I noticed this debit on my account I have tried all ways to get in touch with them but I have not had any luck yet and in the mean time I have been left penniless now until my next pay day my card id MasterCard debit and I have been told I can not get the money back unless this company gives it me back
  13. Thanks it was not a direct debit someone has used my card details and I am finding it hard to get hold of someone at this company smile.
  14. Hi, I looked at my bank account 2 days ago to see that a company called smile finance have took £26.34 out of my account. I have never heard of this company before and I do not know why they have took this money from my account. I have tired to get in touch with them emailed them twice still nothing. I have even threatened to go to the police about this. Can anyone tell me how do I get this money back. I have not given anyone permission to take money from my bank nor have I ever spoke to them. Because they took this money I have now got bank charges of another £25.00. I have spoke to my
  15. Hi, yes they have surveillance showing him shuffling from the left side of his wagon to the right side of his wagon. He is not a long distance lorry driver he did about 4-5 drops a day which the items were put on with a stacker truck or crane and took off the same way. yes he has had time of work due to his knee giving way underneath him and falling braking his arm as well as having dizzy spells. He can not walk any amount of distance without pain his pain killers have increased over the years. I see people who have the higher rate mobility and they can walk far better than he can even r
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