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Found 7 results

  1. A few months before my father's death last year, a family member (who frequently helped him with his online banking activities and was therefore privy to his passwords etc) liquidated £145,000 of his shares and transferred the proceeds to themselves. We believe that this was done without my father's knowledge or consent. Barclays advise us that they called to check that this activity was in fact authorised by my father. These phone calls were recorded by the bank. We believe these voice recordings will prove the person claiming to be my father and authorising the transactions was, in fact, the family member who benefitted from these transfers. Barclays has refused to provide copies of these voice recordings and has offered written transcripts of the recordings instead (these have not yet been delivered). Clearly, identifying the person claiming to be my father from a written transcript will be impossible (apparently they answered security questions correctly). It is only by identifying the voice itself that will prove that fraud has taken place. N.B. We have the legal power of attorney to act on behalf of our mother (these were joint accounts in both parents names), as she is mentally incapacitated by Alzheimers and unable to act on her own behalf. Does anyone know of any way to compel the bank to provide these voice recordings?
  2. I had my ESA stopped which is now pending an appeal, I have had to do a joint claim to claim UC, what a nightmare this has been. My original claim was from the the 23rd June and they have in therefore paid me four weeks instead of five, 23/06/17 - 22/07/17 that will be paid on 29/07/17. so in other words they are paying me four weeks but not paying me until the 5th week but not paying for the 5th week. As I have come straight over from ESA the seven day waiting period and as I understand it cannot be used by the DWP so why has a week been deducted and why if my claim started on the 23/06/17 and payable on 22/07/17 not reaching my account until a week later? Any help would be greatly appreciated, and as per norm why do they make the simple things not so simple,.
  3. Hello. I've got a CMD coming up very soon in relation to a disability discrimination claim with harassment and victimisation. I know probably most people believe whatever they have been put through is scandalous and they have plenty of good evidence and my case is no exception. My employer has told some big lies in their ET3 and I already have evidence enough to show that very clearly. The internal investigation has been a cover up and so they were never held to account by that and thought they could pull the same stunt when it came to their ET3. In other words, having lied to the internal investigation and got away with it due to managers investigating each other, they have written the same crap in their ET3 and there is a whole heap of evidence against them. I won't go into the details just now. My question relates to covert recordings. I have about 40 hours of recordings both prior to and after I initially submitted my grievance. It's sufficient to show that they have lied in a number of ways. What is the coo with covert recordings? There seems to be a lot of misinformation around. Will the Tribunal accept them with a transcript from a court scribe or is it not worth it if I have lots of other good evidence? Might I win the ET but lose my job anyway on account of the recordings? Of course no matter how good I think my case is (and I have been given advice on liability at great expense from a specialist barrister) I know it ain't over till the fat lady sings and I might lose the case and my job on account of the recordings if I chose to disclose them? I have to make a decision on whether to use them in order to prove certain events or just keep my gob shut and go with the evidence I've got and the knowledge that I'm telling the truth and my employers aren't and there is already heaps of good documentary evidence to show that? Initially I only recorded them so that I could jog my memory in relation to every conversation which occurred over about 6 months. I didn't think they would be admissible but since then I've heard that in some circumstances they are. Question is, is it worth me taking the chance bearing in mind I still have my job and hope to win in any case? I've read SAR El's opinions on this and she clearly knows what she is talking about. Any further advice would be appreciated very much. Need to make decision on this very soon. Thank you for reading.
  4. Hi, I need to gather evidence for my defence against Safeloans Ltd. They claim I failed to make the repayment of my loan, but I attempted to do so several times, and ealirer than required. Their website said my card was declined. I recently spoke to NatWest. I got a very helpful advisor who sent me transaction logs to prove I had funds in my account. Unfortunately, he couldn't provide details on the Safeloans transactions from 21st December, as there's a 30 day limit. On 21st December, the day I attempted repayment to Safeloans, I called NatWest after Safeloans' site rejected my payments. They advised me that the transactions had been authorised, but the site did not take any money. I need a way of getting NatWest to provide a copy of transcript of this call, as it would prove beyond any doubt that I did make several attempts to pay Safeloans. Thanks
  5. I know you CAGGERS love info on the relevance and admissibility of covert recordings in ET's (are you all really sneaky?). So with this in mind, I thought I would share this post that landed in my inbox today. Not my summary, all thanks for the content go to a company that is a professional information provider. I have no doubt that google + the case name will yield even more. Where a party to employment tribunal proceedings wishes to rely on covertly made recordings, an application for their admission into evidence will not succeed if unsupported by the recordings themselves and transcripts of them, as without that material an employment tribunal cannot adjudicate on their relevance. However such recordings will on occasion be relevant and ought to be admitted in the interests of justice. An application for their admission should be made as early as practicable, supported by transcripts of the material on which the party wishes to rely as well as the recordings of the material itself. Transcripts produced by the party itself will normally suffice. Where there is a large volume of such recorded material, a focused and selective application might be more likely to succeed. EAT: Vaughan v LB Lewisham Regards to all. Che
  6. As I posted on the other threat earlier today I have been surprised that my request for a recorded assessment has been met rapidly by my ATOS assesment centre. I was expecting a bit of a faff and delay but they have sent me a letter confirming that my WCA will be recorded, that they have the equipment ready etc all on the day I am due to go which is about one month from when I submitted my ESA50 form. I was thinking that I was just lucky but know I am worring about how reliable they are when it comes to this sort of thing, is it likely that once they say they can record they will do so or can I expect cancellations and rearranged appointments? One worry is that the person who is able to take me to the assessment works during the day and they have to arranage for a day off work to go with me. I am worried that if I turn up on the day with and they tell me that due to some last minute problem I will not be able to have that appointment recorded that I will feel pressured into having the assessment unrecorded as I would feel bad about my companion having a wasted day. Would it be advisable to call the centre a few days before to confirm that the assessment will be recorded?
  7. Hi there, I recently left a job due to being blackmailed by my employer. I was sent a letter inviting me to an attendence interview after I was signed off work due to an RTA, this was the first attendence interview I had been inviteed to. I decided to record the interview as I have been in interviews before with my employer and they were uncomfortable and offensive. I have it on tape my employer stating that if I didn't resign any future references would be written in a negative way but if I did resign he would give me a glowing report and make sure I got the job. I was told that he was going to follow the 'process' where I would be dismissed if I didn't resign. He also admits a breach of Health and Safety by saying he didn't have time for me to do a driving assessment which everyone in the company must do. I raised a grievence and my employer says they are not going to use the evidence as he did not know it was being recorded even though it clearly shows him blackmailing me. I was wondering if this evidence could be used if the case goes to an employment Tribunal? Any replies would be greatfully recieved
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