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  1. £854 original quote £891 quote with 6 years … I requested that they escalate a complaint ASAP, I said as I want to exhaust their procedure prior to taking it to the FOS.
  2. I bought a 2nd for the summer, and used Quotezone (through Topcashback) When it came to licence length, I was approx 7 years, so I put 7. There where year options only, no months, or days. So, I now have 14 days cooling off from Day 1, and to also provide my documents. Day 7 - I provide all requested documents via email for them to validate. Day 16 - They email to tell me I am 1 month from 7 years, their premium goes up £185!’ I’ve paid a £200 deposit already, but to cancel the fee is £85, plus brokers 15%.... Any advice? My argument is why didn’t they inform me of any issue prior to the 14 days. The agent told me at the start of the call that they need 3-5 business days to process it. I argue that they had enough time. I know I may have made a mistake, but feels like a trap.
  3. Just found out my brother has stupidly guaranteed a loan on behalf of what was then his GFs brother, who had split up with his Mrs & lost his job. This was in October, and since then, my brother has been paying the loan since Amigo phoned him when they couldn’t take the payment off the one man who took it it out. This man has a nice BMW. What are his options? Im guessing he’s locked in, but my brother lives at home, has no assets, but has a great credit
  4. No, this business is thriving, it is a very large employer turning over billions. It is only an old model going, replaced by a new model. There are 7/8k people on site, and this is just 1 of 1000 or so managers in charge of their micro-factory where it is a their town, their rules, kind of thing. There is no reason for the refusal what so ever. I have been accepted on these agreed terms before, and everybody else is currently. It's a vendetta, to show me who's boss, to rule by fear. A dictator !! On what I have to you all, and you will have to take it at face value, have I been treated unfairly? I will push this as high as I can go, even if it ends up in a court claim. This behaviour is not acceptable in 2016.
  5. We have a certain time to get a job done. The job has been changed, it can't be done in the given time without breaking the "process". All shift agree with this. H&S don't give a ****e as they are firmly in the pocket of the management. This is another issue. And the job is ending in my workplace soon.
  6. Thanks for the reply. There are clear guidelines on holidays agreed by the union. It is a % of the line, with supervisors not included in the head count regarding holidays. The board is there to project the labour to us workers on given dates, so we can book our holidays. This was agreed by my rep that there was NO REASON for a refusal. I did ask him, and in front of 15 people his response was "You're not having them, I make the decisions" .... Witnesses will back this up. The real reason he refused them is my job in particular has issues which they won't address as it finishes soon
  7. I have copies of the holiday board at the time I made the requests, which was clear for the dates I requested. I checked with my union rep that momemt who agreed there was no reason to refuse my request, which was also 5 months in advance. Union rep is useless, and said don't worry you'll get it, but I can't book a holiday, or make plans for family on the strength of "don't worry" The manager also gave somebody else a day I was refused a week later, in fact, the lad that works next to me. The job I do has issues, rather than listen to the lads who do the job, he thinks it's us creating the problems. This is the reason why I've been treated differently. Where do I stand legally with this? The union are just happy to get my holidays sorted, but I want to make sure this manager cannot do this again. He really is like a dictator.
  8. Ok, so the letting agent is not answering his phone. Deposit still not returned. Can she go down the x3 route even if his company is now dissolved?
  9. Sorry, I don't get what you mean? Initial length was 6 months. She paid another fee at 6 months to extend it for a further 12. From then on it just carried on. She can prove this via bank statements, and also a last partial rent payment to the owners account at the start of May.
  10. She made a payment of £90 for a few days rent just after she left. That was to the owner of the letting agent, which was a 1 man band by the way.
  11. A relative had been renting a house since Dec 2009. She was paying by DD until about 12 months before the end, when the agent started collecting cash, as they had a bank problem. This went on until the end in at the end of April 2016. A mistake there maybe, but he did provide a receipt every time, which she did not keep. Her bank statements will have the DD's on when she requests them. The deposit was not protected, she never knew it had to be, so I checked, it ain't. She phoned him continuously, without answer. When he finally answered, he said it takes 28 days. This has now gone, in fact it's 2 weeks past that. No answer again! I checked the company, it disolved on 1st March https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/08781259 Any Idea of how to get her money back.
  12. OH referred me to the physio. My manager never booked me in though hence why I visited my own doc again last week who is sending me for a scan, then said it will be surgery or physio. Work H/S are useless, along with he TU. In the pocket of the management. I got hit in the face by a tool that got tangled in my assistor last year. Their solution was to tell me to move it first, which I have no time to do, so if it happened again I got the blame. Now my job has changed slightly, it is ok to get tangled up. A real H/S would have a field day in there. Managers are paid bonuses for no accidents. There was an agency lad who had just started. A gap appeared in the moving track, he stepped backwards, and fell down it. He could have lost his leg if the emergency was not pulled. The next day he phoned in as his leg was still hurting. Rather than have it as a 'lost time accident', the management sent a car out to pick him up, bring him in for 2 hours, and then take him home. Not the first time this has happened.
  13. Thanks. Yes, I recorded it straight away. Oh right, I get it now. My line has had a head reduction, and too many people are on holiday right now than they can handle. So they are going to try to get OH to bully me into work this week. Sums the place up. Regarding the injury. This I believe this is work related, the doc agrees, he said as the other shoulder is showing the same signs leading upto the tearing feeling I had. Am I right in thinking this is ripe for a claim seeing as though my job has been officially deemed as overloaded, but they have done nothing about it for months, and have not referred me to the physio as recommended by OH?
  14. Injured my shoulder at work 2 months back. Visited occupational health who as it was the end of the shift on a Friday done nothing but request my boss to refer me for physio. I went to my own docs who told me to take anti-inflammatories. Nothing happened, and I was not booked for physio at work, and this shoulder continued to bother me. On Friday, I visited my doctor who has referred me for a scan, and has signed me off as not fit for work for 1 week to rest it as my job is shoulder heavy. My job has been timed by an Industrial Engineer as being 'overloaded', meaning that the time given to do the job, is shorter than the time it actually takes. This creates a lot of rushing around with shoulder heavy equipment, and I believe this is how my injury has occurred. Text the boss Friday to tell him. He said ring Monday night, text not acceptable. I rang, told him I had a note, he said how long has this been going on. I said since the injury 2 months back. He said I will refer you to occupational health, can they ring you on this number? Then to ring him every night. Never been signed off before so wondered what the rules are regarding this. I have a note, and have informed them I won't be in until next week. Is it normal to have to ring every night? And can they force me into work for any reason?
  15. They accepted I had done my best to return my licence as I had provided proof. She said she will not fine me the x3 £100 +£80 police costs + £20 victim surcharge = £400 in the 'book'. Instead, they will allow me to pay the original fine again, and said I had 4 points. i butted in and said "no, it was 3", they corrected it, so i now have 3 points. I had to pay a £20 victim charge though, unavoidably she said. I forgot they retain my licence, so cheekily asked them to photocopy it for me as I am changing vehicle tommorrow and may need it. They said hold on a few mins and we will endorse it right now. Also, the conviction date is the date that matters. Could have been worse. Thanks all for your help.
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