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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, Firstly sorry for the long winded post but just trying to summarise our problem and will get to the point eventually lol, hopefully someone can help with my fiances problem, My Fiance moved in with me in July 2014 and she has some serious medical conditions that have been going on for 9 years and aren't going to get any better, She moved from the south to join me up north and we both new it was important to become registered with a local GP as soon as possible with her requiring constant repeat prescriptions for controlled drugs. She approached the local GP surgery and requested registration, was given a form to complete and thought that was that, from there its been nothing but a nightmare. On our first visit to the GP we were informed that the secretary had registered her on a temporary basis and not permanent meaning her files wouldn't be requested and the GP would have no info on her conditions and problems, the secretary said it was done in error but it was ok as after the 2 month period she could register again on a permanent basis, creating major problems as the level of her medication which had been established over the last years with her old GP was under question by the local GP and trying to explain all the medical problems (there are many) seemed to be falling on deaf ears and literally taken with a pinch of salt and disbelief by the GP. As my fiance is on such high levels of meds she frequently had to request repeat perscriptions due to the GP not allowing the levels her previous GP and pain clinic had perscribed as they had no medical notes infront of the explaining her medical history. On one occasion my fiance (who struggles to get out of bed some days and has great difficulty getting about) walked up to the surgery as per practise rules to order a repeat prescription and allowed the 48 hours for processing, as my fiance was unwell and had ran out of her med's for a day I went to collect the script that had been ordered to be told that there wasn't one there and the secretary then looked at her computer screen and said there was no script, and went on to work out how much medication my partner should have left for the time period from the last script (thought this was a clinical decision and not one a secretary should be making or discussing openly on reception infront of waiting patients), despite my fiance being on a sliding amount relevant to her pain, this calculation made by the secretary was wrong leaving my fiance with no med's and told that it would take a further 48 hours to rectify (the med's are controlled drugs and cannot just be stopped), despite this there was no offer to rectify the secretary's error straight away and refused to be able to see a doctor urgently. Obviously we were disgusted and frustrated. On another occasion my fiance had an appointment to see a GP, as she is unsteady on her feet I escorted her to the surgery, her appointment lasted 25 mins to my surprise and on her exit she had a urgent referral letter to hand to the secretary, she informed me that the GP had found a lump in her arm, one in her armpit and one in her breast, the reason for the lengthy consultation was that the GP had to call a second senior GP for a second opinion, the urgent request was handed in and we awaited an appointment. Several weeks passed and we received a Book and Choose appointment to the local Skin Tag clinics, my fiance rang and enquired with the skin tag clinic if this was the correct referral for lumps in flesh i.e lumps in breast tissue and in armpits, she was told it was a skin tag clinic for removal of lumps ontop of skin and to contact her GP surgery and notify them there has been an error as she had been referred to the wrong clinic. upon doing this my fiance managed to speak to the secretary that had made the referral and she apologised for the error but was told that she couldn't rectify the problem and that she would have to go back and see the GP for it to be rectified, an appointment was made for two days later for 11.30am despite my fiance having an hospital appointment the same day for 3.00pm for an endoscopy but due to the worry of an urgent referral that hadn't turned out that urgent in their eyes my fiance accepted the appointment. On the day of the GP appointment and the endoscopy appointment my fiance hadn't slept all night with worry, she fell asleep at 7am. I tried to wake her (which is difficult enough on normal days due to the medication she is on) for her GP appointment but was unable to do so right upto half an hour before the GP appointment, so i rang the surgery 25 mins before she was due there to notify that she wouldn't be able to attend and informed them the reason why, I was told in a not so nice way that I should have called Half an hour before the appointment and that this would go down as an Did Not Attend, despite the secretary being very off in her manner I asked if we could reappoint as the appointment was regarding an Urgent referral that had been made with the wrong clinic and that the referral was supposed to Urgent despite 3 weeks passing and hadn't been rectified. With that the receptionist checked the appointment and informed myself that my fiance had been made the GP appointment but that she had Dropped of the system due to her only being temporally registered and the 2 months had expired so she wouldn't have been able to have see the doctor anyway! Obviously this created great confusion and frustration, my fiance had an appointment booked but had she have arrived at the surgery she wouldn't have been able to see the GP?? and was told before my fiance could have an appointment she would have to go to the surgery and register as a permanent patient, I was then asked if my fiance was available to talk (due to patient confidentiality) I told the receptionist that my fiance had just stirred from her sleep due to her bad night of worry and that she was'nt really in a state to talk but she said its fine if a can just talk to her plz so i passed the phone over to my fiance, i was by her side and could hear the receptionist being very abrupt and talking down to my fiance, to that my fiance asked the receptionist said 'excuse me iv'e only just opened my eyes, would you mind not speaking down to me like something you've just stepped in and talk to me a little more civilly), my fiance was explained why she would'nt have seen a doctor today if she had attended and told to visit the surgery and register as a permanent patient, my fiance hung up, this was a friday so she could'nt get to the surgery until monday as she had her endoscopy to attend that afternoon. Monday came and my fiance realised that her meds were very low and that she needed to register as a permanent patient to avoid complications as in the past, she rang the Surgery and asked what the procedure was to register permanently and that she needed an appointment due to her med's running low. She was told by the receptionist that the surgery would'nt accept her as a patient due to being Verbally Abusive to staff and she had to find another GP surgery, she was also informed a letter was out in the post notifying her as to the reason why. We never received any letter so we rang and asked the Practise Managers name to address our complaint to and was informed Dr X by the receptionist, so we wrote to Dr X asking for a meeting regarding the accusations and what had happened in the past, Dr X replied refusing a meeting/appointment stating that on several occasions my fiance had been verbally abusive to staff and due to the NHS zero tolerance procedure the practise wouldn't accept her as a patient. So we sent a section 10 Data Protection Act Request for my fiances notes and copies of any documentation including notes of the alleged verbal and abusive behaviour including dates and copies of any referrals made urgent or non urgent and to which clinic, along with the stat £10.00 postal order. we have since been sent a reply from Dr X returning our postal order stating that they no longer hold any records and enclosed a list of dates and circumstances that my fiance was supposed to have been verbally abusive to staff but these are written in his letter not copies and to be honest none of the dates tally with appointments she had and the seems all fictional there's double appointments she has missed apparently after the date her notes so called dropped of the system??? the GP clearly refers to evidence he holds in his hands and on a recent telephone call to the surgery with an enquiry about my fiances sicknotes the typed her name in their system and they informed us of dates that they stared and finished in the past, so obviously something is on their system. We sent a letter notifying DRx that he had failed a s10 Request and returned the postal order and that the days are still counting down, and just had a reply stating that ' we do hold statements from staff regarding your communication and conduct during your contact with the surgery, however as it has been abusive both in the surgery and over the telephone I'am refusing to release those statements to you on the grounds that should I do so, I feel there is a real risk of my staff having further abuse which is not acceptable' and that he has taken advise from his local NHS information Governance Support Officer. We have since found out that Dr X isn't the practise manager as informed although Dr X has taken it upon himself to reply and that Dr Y is the Official Practise manager. (again informed by receptionist that Dr X was Practise Manager???) Can anyone please advise if this is correct??? if we can continue persuing any documentation they hold on my fiance?? the pure incompetence of the receptionists is unbelievable and beyond belief the claims being made are so far from the truth, my fiance has been with her old GP for 13 years and not one complaint made against her but yet she moves here and within 2 months there's two or three and I have been with her in the surgery at the alleged times and also within earshot on the phone.. and none of these alligations are true. Since this farce with the Local Gp and only a week after the refusal to re register there my fiance ended up in hospital for two weeks prior to christmas and this could have been avoided had she her GP to call on... Again sorry for the lenthy post just hope we can get some help/advise Hadituptohere
  2. Hello all, Wonder if someone could help me with a quick question please. I made a S10 request to an estate agent on behalf of my folks. I was informed that Photo ID of folks would be required, is this the case? Thanks in advance.
  3. For obvious reasons I don't want to name the company involved but I am probably going to have to force them to comply with a S10 notice (stop processing my data) I issued. They've come up with a number of reasons why they don't have to stop, none of which are actually applicable as they are probably processing sensitive personal data, a fact which they have so far conveniently ignored. What is the best way to enforce - court or ICO? If it's court, I'm absolutely certain they'll instruct counsel, which I'm perfectly happy to admit scares me to death. The value of my claim at the moment is probably minuscule but if I won the repercussions to this company would be enormous, hence being sure they will defend vigourously. There are a number of issues which I also need to clarify before going any further so would really appreciate if someone could answer some questions :- 1. Is it actually established that photographs can be sensitive personal data? The photographs in question could show my approximate age, ethnic origin, and that I am disabled. 2. Does it matter if the data being processed hasn't actually been disclosed to a third party (other than the company's employees, obviously) yet? If it were disclosed to the wrong sort of person, it could do enormous harm. 3. Does it matter if the data is usually processed automatically, i.e. unseen by human eyes? At some point the photographs are printed and so must be able to be disclosed to a third party. I'm sure I'll think of many more questions eventually, but anyone who wants to contribute has my sincere thanks.
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